Clever Ways to Hide Your Trash Can in the Kitchen

Trash cans are universally reviled as one of the kitchen’s worst eyesores. A kitchen garbage can might be unsightly and annoying, but there are innovative ways to conceal it while still creating a solution that allows you to dispose of trash. Here are some suggestions regarding ways to hide trash cans in kitchen:

Ways to Hide Trash Cans in Kitchen

01. Conceal Trash Cans in a Deep Cabinet

Conceal Trash Cans in a Deep Cabinet

Trash cans are sometimes concealed in unusual locations, with the under-kitchen-sink area being a common choice. If your cabinet is deep enough, you may store a regular garbage can inside of it for maximum efficiency. The can may be easily stored away by sliding it into the provided opening. If you have plenty of counter space and want to make the most of it, this is a fantastic choice.

02. Add a Trash Compactor to Your Setup

Trash Compactor

If you want to minimize the size of your garbage can, a trash compactor is an excellent choice. You can accommodate more trash thanks to the compacting effect it has on the waste. The fact that it’s hidden away in a cabinet means you probably won’t even notice it’s there.

Talking about the cabinets, do you want to know whether they are installed at correct heights? If yes, here’s to know:

03. Use a Smaller Trash Can That’s Harder to See

Smaller Trash Can

A smaller trash can be the best option if you don’t produce a lot of rubbish. It won’t take up much room, so feel free to put it on a shelf or in a nook. Additionally, the smaller can will be less conspicuous.

04. Hide Trash Can behind Your Island

Trash can behind Your Kitchen Island

Trashcans can be concealed in the base of a kitchen island. If you need a trash can in a convenient location but don’t want to sacrifice counter space, this is a fantastic solution.

05. Use a Trash Can That Doesn’t Look Like a Trash Can

Contemporary designed Trash can

You may always utilize a garbage can for decoration instead of trying to conceal your trash can. Stylish cans from contemporary designers sit beside classics from yesteryear. When finished, the garbage can will resemble a decorative accent rather than an eyesore.


The most important thing is to find a solution for ways to hide trash cans in kitchen that is practical for your kitchen, regardless of whatever choice you ultimately choose. If you’re resourceful enough, you can find a place to stow your trash can out of sight while having quick and simple access to it whenever the need arises.

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