Why Chair Covers Are So Popular?

Nowadays, chair covers for home furniture have two main functions: protection from dust, as well as updating the interior of the house. After all, if guests regularly visit your home and see the same chair, over time it no longer looks as attractive as before. You need to take this point into account and if you find any external flaws, purchase recliner slipcovers. It’s cost is much less than that of new furniture, and therefore for the time being it is ideal for any American homeowner.

An obvious feature of the slipcover is its versatility. The chair cover will look perfect on any piece of furniture. If you decide to eat on the chair, it will be easier to remove stains from the cover than directly from the furniture. And if those stains can not be physically removed, the cover is always easier to replace the new one. Still, the price will be many times cheaper than a new chair.

In what cases such a purchase is simply necessary? There are the following options:

  1. Reviving an Old Chair: If at a certain stage a person can not buy new furniture, then its stale appearance he can replace it with a protective canvas. The use of a cover in such a case will not only update the interior of the room, but will also increase the life of the chair itself.
  2. Updating the Style: Once every 5-10 years, the average American decides that he needs to make repairs. Subsequently, he may notice that his favorite chair doesn’t match the color palette in the room. Thus, protective fabric can solve the problem. After all, its obvious advantage is that in specialized stores, such as Mamma Mia Covers, you can buy cloths of absolutely any color.

The very addition of the cover to the interior of the room may take some time, but afterwards you will definitely be happy. At a minimum, you will not have to spend at least 1000 USD to buy a new chair.

What Сhair Сovers Fabric to Choose?

To date, covers are made from a variety of material. As a result, they differ in quality and price. Before you buy, you need to understand exactly what kind of cover you need, what exactly you want to use as a protective fabric.

As a rule, covers are made of the following materials:

  1. Cotton: The most popular material. It is breathable and natural, and therefore most American buyers prefer it. Cotton fabrics can be applied any pattern, and that is why it is good to use in children’s rooms.
  2. Flax: It is a dense and safe material that absorbs moisture very well. So, if you accidentally spill water on the cover, it will quickly absorb it. Flax is soft to the touch, and therefore it sits nicely.
  3. Polyester: Elastic material that stretches easily and strongly. Outstanding against the background of other materials is high durability.
  4. Velour: Maximum similar to velvet, but has a shorter pile. Many people prefer velour to velvet because of its low cost.
  5. Velvet: It does not crumple and does not burn out over time. If you bought a case with a pattern, it will be perfectly visible through time. When the sunlight you can see the characteristic shine.

This is not all materials that are used to manufacture covers for home furniture.

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