Renovating Your Home for 2023? Why You Should Work With A Painting Contractor?


As the new year begins, many homeowners are considering renovating their homes to go along with the occasion. Welcoming another new year can be a great time to spruce up some parts of your home and try new designs or styles. Among the top home renovation projects most homeowners do is painting their house, which garners more than 32.2% (interior painting) and 24.2% (exterior painting) of the respondents.  

Painting your home also comes with some benefits. According to Painting statistics, around 88% of homeowners want to stay home more in their newly painted house. A freshly painted home can boost your mood, beautify your home’s aesthetic, and increase property value. Let’s read our blog and learn why it’s worth to work with a painting contractor.   

But to ensure you get satisfactory results from your planned house painting project, it’s recommended that you hire professional painting contractors. While painting your walls may look easy enough, it can be messy and strenuous if you’re unsure of what you’re doing or are using the wrong materials. For homeowners, painting is more than just changing the colour of your walls.

Why You Should Work with a Painting Contractor?

Read on to find out why you should work with a painting contractor when renovating your home this year.  

01. Painting Contractor Boast the Skills and Experience

Skills and experience of painting contractor

These painting contractors wouldn’t be doing their jobs today without proper training and formal education about different painting jobs. Thus, choosing to work with a painting contractor means putting your home’s painting project in the hands of an expert. Besides their training and experiences, painting contractors regularly update their skills and knowledge with the latest painting techniques and products. 

And since painting contractors handle different jobs daily, they’ve acquired extensive experience through the years. When you look for a painting contractor to hire, browse their company website to learn more about their location, professional background, certifications/licenses, and years of experience. If you’re in California, you can search for a painting contractor San Diego and visit their website.

Working with a painting contractor will assure you that your home will get high-quality painting results every time. 

02. Painting Contractor Possess the Proper Tools and Equipment

Proper tools and equipment of painting contractor

You’ll need to buy painting tools and equipment if you paint your own house. Chances are that the only tools you’ll probably use are the paintbrush, paint roller, and paint. However, there are still other surface preparation steps you’ll need to follow before painting, such as paint stripping, pressure washing, repairing the surface, and caulking. Your current painting tools may not be enough to do these steps. 

Moreover, there could be other walls or areas in your house that you’ll need to paint, which you can’t access due to their height or narrowness. Professional painting contractors have the tools and equipment to work on surfaces. If they need to paint hard-to-reach areas, they have personal protective equipment, ladders, and other equipment for painting elevated areas. And since they have all the necessary painting tools, they can make their painting job durable and high-quality.

03. Professional Painting Contractors can Help Save Time

Most homeowners lead a busy life, working eight to nine hours daily and dealing with other family matters or social responsibilities. If you’re planning to paint your house, you’re more likely to do it during weekends or when you’re on vacation, which doesn’t sound fun. 

Besides, even if you find a way to make time, the house paint job can take up most of your days, leaving you less time to fulfil your other responsibilities. A house paint job generally takes two full days or more, depending on the size of your home or painting project. If you’re in a hurry to wrap up the painting project, you might compromise the overall quality and result of the paint job.

Working with painting contractors will help you save time. All their time, energy, and concentration will be directed to finishing your home’s painting project, ensuring that your house is newly painted in a shorter time without compromising quality. This also frees up your time, giving you more freedom to focus on other essential tasks.

04. Painting Contractor can Help you Save Money

Saving money is the last reason some of you can think of when considering hiring a painting contractor. Working with a painting contractor can be expensive: It could cost around USD $21.92 per hour. Their service rate may also change depending on the size and complexity of the project. This is why some would decide to paint their home.

However, a DIY house paint job could lead to costly mistakes that will only make you hire a professional painter to take care of the problem. So, hire a painting contractor if you wish to save time and money the first time. They’ll get everything right, sparing you from costly repairs and repaints.

05. Professional Painting Contractors Guarantee High-quality Results

Quality of your home’s paint job

While new paint is meant to spruce up your home, you also have to ensure that the paint is durable and can last for several years. The durability, longevity, and quality of your home’s paint job depend on the surface preparation, painting technique, and the quality of the paint. If you take the DIY approach, you might miss a few steps during surface preparation or use the wrong type of brush, which could affect the outcome.

But if you hire a professional, you can be sure that the job will be done perfectly and accurately, with advanced painting techniques and complete painting tools. Painting contractors will even offer professional advice on the best paint colours for your walls. And whatever concerns or suggestions you may have, they’ll pay attention and see to it that your expectations are met.

06. Painting Contractor Work with Safety in Mind

Painting contractor work with safety in mind

As easy as it looks, painting requires intensive physical work, such as climbing a ladder, maintaining balance, walking on elevated/high spaces, and reaching for hard-to-reach areas. Without prior skill or experience, you could be at risk of injury from falling if you try to paint your house on your own. To protect yourself, leave the job to reliable painting contractors who work with safety in mind. 

Talking about safety while painting external walls, here’s what you must know about:

Wrapping up

To work with a painting contractor is worth as he will guarantee a beautiful and excellent paint job. Their services may be expensive, but their skills and promised output will be worth every penny. In short, a qualified professional painting contractor boasts a high standard of work.

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