20 Trending Ideas of Best Colours for Living Room

Are you thinking of changing the colour of your living room walls? Do you also think that choosing the paint colours for living rooms is a big deal? If yes, then you are at the right place for the reason that we are providing you a detailed guide on 20 best colors for living room…!

While trying to find the best colour for your modern living room, you need to analyze what is the function of your living room and what all activities take place in it. A modern living room is a multipurpose part of a home where the family members sit, interact, watch television, come back after work to relax, a place to entertain guests and get involved in different indoor activities. Usually, it is a busy room involving lots of activities and also a place where you spend most of your time. Hence, the paint colors of a modern living room should be vibrant, which keeps the mind uncluttered and happy. 

Wall colours can create a positive vibe around. So, you have to select between neutral to dramatic effect as discretion. 

Usually, the Living room is a common area used by all the family members, and it is the first place for the guests to enter. The selection of the living room wall colors should create a happy go like or feel-good vibes here.  The design, lighting and living room color ideas involve an important role in the psychological impact of living room. 

Paint Colours for Modern Living Rooms

The colour scheme for home walls is all about the latest trend. But for living rooms, some archetypal colours can create an immediate facelift and a friendly ambiance. Let’s check some trending paint colours for living rooms:

01. Lemon Yellow – The Sunshine Colour for Your Living Room

Lemon Yellow Living Room

Lemon yellow is the colour of smile and brightness with a bright, mellow effect. It looks beautiful on living room walls as the color is full of positivity and energy. The best outcome of this color is vibrant energy and warmth that suits the ambiance of a comfortable living room. You can pair the color with other blue, green, and grey shades. These are the best paint colors for small living rooms as well.

02. Classic Blue – A Relaxing Touch to Your Modern Living Rooms

Classic Blue Living Room

The colour blue is a unique shade that brings peace and balance to the mind. If you are a happy-go-like person and you wish to offer a vibe of peace and poise for your guests, the blue colour is just perfect for your living room. You may try a fusion of blue colours in your living room, which will magically boost creativity and a total effect. It is one of the best living room paint colors.

03. Coral & Charcoal Colour – The Shade Speaks Of Incorporating Warmth In Your Living Room

Coral and Charcoal Color Living Room

It is an excellent living room wall colour combination of deep shades. Coral is a warm color, and charcoal is an evocative color. The combo of both colors is engaging enough and will decorate your living walls with a friendly vibe where your friends and family members will love to enjoy each other’s company. 

You can experiment with different shades of these two colors; however, the combined effect will be decorative in all ways. 

04. Dreamy Peach – A New Inspiration in Your Modern Living Room

Dreamy Peach Living Room

If you look at the peach color itself, you will love its softness, no doubt, but there is a friendly approach embedded here. The peach color looks pretty and warm with its mellow brightness. If your living room lacks light, the color will brighten the area.

Suppose you have a sunny area like your living room. In that case, the color peach will brighten the entire space. Both big and small rooms will get a fast and complete makeover with the peach color: you can try both deep and light shades of this vibrant color. 

05. Colorful Lilac – Add A Sweet Harmony Around Your Living Room

Colorful Lilac Living Room

Lilac color offers an ambiance of eclectic spark with its mono-color effect. It is one of the soft and subtle living room colours that provides an opulent outline to your room and the furniture placed in that room. No matter if your living room is a small area or a comprehensive and expanded walled space. 

The color lilac creates a sweet ambiance, which is confident, friendly, and tranquil in its effect, which looks fantastic for a living room.

06. Neutral Color -A Dynamic and Adaptable Touch to the Modern Living Room

Neutral Colored Living Room

If you love using lots of lights and wall-hanging items, a neutral color on the living room walls will look perfect and seamless. Regardless of whether you have a well-decorated room with an asymmetrical furniture range or you have an asymmetrical arrangement of furnishing, the color neutral looks friendly and comforting. The dark color furniture looks good against neutral color and offers a specific dimension to its furniture arrangement. 

07. Cream Color – An Ageless Sophistication for Your Living Room

Cream Colored Living Room

The cream is a color that nurtures a sophisticated ambiance around. If you love to décor your living room with a magical touch to make everything well-contoured, the color cream can do a wonder for your space.  

One of the significant advantages of cream color is its adaptability. You can match any colour of furniture with this colour to create a total effect in the living room to make it more inviting. It looks elegant, sophisticated, and balanced. 

08. Raspberry – A Friendly Color to Add in Your Modern Living Room

Raspberry Colour in Modern Living Room

You can make your living room concurrently friendly and inviting with the benefits of Raspberry color on the walls. It offers a tinge of extra boldness and brightness, but at the same time, the shade provides a unique absorbing capacity in it. Another advantage of using that raspberry color is its adaptability. You can place different types of color furniture in the raspberry-colored room to create a total effect.  

09. Olive Color – Go For The Traditional Vibes Around Modern Living Room

Olive Colored Living Room

Olive is one of the best wall colour ideas if you are fond of a traditional ambiance in your living room. It is indeed a classy look, but you can create an incredible visual impact with this wall color without making the air dramatic. No matter if the space is limited or it is a widely expanded area, the olive will suit the need positively. 

10. Amethyst – The Color Of Harmony in Your Living Room

Amethyst Colored Living Room

It’s all about a reddish-purple hue around. The color of amethyst is a color of calmness and purity. If you want to add trust and grace to your living room ambiance, amethyst is the right color for your walls. If you have lots of wood furniture in your room, this is the right color for your living room. 

11. Peach Color – A Happy Color for a Modern Living Room

Peach Colored Living Room

Peach colour on the wall creates a fresh combo of energy, light, and poise. It creates an impact of clarity and harmony and a healthy vibe around. It is a colour of quiet glamor and gusto of peace and balance in mind. 

The peach colour on the wall of your living room is a wise choice if you want to create more space in your room. The bright and dynamic colour creates a comfortable and feel-good ambiance in your living room. 

12. Sage Green – Soft And Subdued Tinge for Your Living Room

Sage Green Colored Living Room

Sage greens are soft greens with gray tinges. They are soft and somehow passive-type colors and can be either warm or of excellent effect. It is a popular color, but if it is misused on the walls, it can be as dull as beige – a deep sage green colour pairs well with earthen tones, like brown shades and others.

13. Light Grey – A Soft Touch to Your Living Room

Light Grey Colored Living Room

Light grey is a popular color for the modern living room because it pairs well with a modern and traditional type of furnishing. The color is soft in tune, and it never overpowers the room décor. It has a distinctive and sophisticated appeal, which is simple and consistently outstanding. Overall, it is a unique color that is soothing and offers an aesthetic appeal altogether. 

14. Bright Red – Add Dynamic Glamour To Your Modern Living Room

Bright Red Colored Living Room

The bright red color is the emblem of high energy. If you want to paint the walls of your living room in red color, you have to make it active and vibrant with lots of positive energy. The bright red color is a welcoming color that radiates a friendly vibe all around. 

If you want to create a dramatic effect in your drawing room, red is a wise choice for living room paint ideas.

15. High Gloss Aubergine – Add a Shinny effect in Your Modern Living Room

High Gloss Aubergine Colored Living Room

It is also called the brinjal colour. It is deep and shiny in effect and makes the ambiance vibrant and friendly, which suits the get-up of a living room. You can pair both wooden and non-wooden furniture with this colour. 

You can combine white or yellow with this colour to bring an excellent contrast in the wall décor. Regardless the room is big or small. The shine can make the room sunlit and vibrant. 

16. Limestone – A Natural Look Altogether for Modern Living Room

Limestone for Modern Living Room

When you put a natural limestone color on your living room walls, it creates elegance and sophistication in one go.

If you have kids at home, you may find it a little tough to maintain the limestone colour for your living room. The colour helps you to get a more daylight effect. Even at night, it looks better under illumination.

17. Daffodil Yellow – Add a Bright Touch to Your Modern Living Room

Daffodil Yellow for Modern Living Room

It is a blooming colour. It is a mood booster wall colour that can easily uplift the vibrancy of the room and the get-up. Although pleasant, it is a bold colour and can add a layer of elegance and sophistication to the ambiance. You can use the soft tone of the colour, which will offer you a calm demeanor that is soothing for the eye and beautiful for the mind. 

18. Light Oak – A Versatile Color for Your Living Room

Light Oak for Modern Living Room

Light oak is a soft colour, and it is a versatile colour that goes fine with all shades of furniture and upholstery. The colour imposes specific stability in the room décor and creates ambiance. However, the colour matches well for a bigger living room and not with the small narrow area used as a drawing-room in your home. 

Unframed artworks look good on the walls painted with light oak colour, and wood flooring looks fabulous with it.  

19. Salmon Pink – Give Your Modern Living Room a Dramatic Effect

Salmon Pink Modern Living Room

Do you love pink shades? Do you love to add a dramatic effect to the walls of your living room walls? It is a pinkish-orange type color that is gorgeous and adds a boldness in the ambiance that suits the get up of a living room no matter it is a high traffic zone or not. Easy pairing is one of the best features of this wall color.  If you are looking for living room paint colour ideas, then this colour is one of them.

20. Teal Blue – A Modern Touch to Your Living Room

Teal Blue Colored Living Room

Teal blue is a modern colour itself. It brings subtle a modern touch to your living spaces. It will help you to brighten your room while still providing you a modern look. The choices you make sets the tone for your living room. Teal blue is one of the cool choices for interior paint colours you can make for your living rooms.

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Summing up:

On a final note, choosing a perfect wall colour that suits your living room is essential because it totally changes the feel of your living room. Additionally, it gives you a possibility to highlight the details of your room.

These are the 20 best modern colors for your living room you can go for. While searching for the best color, always check the nearest shade available in the shop, and you can consult a color specialist also for an expert recommendation depending on the furnishing and upholstery of the living room you are planning to paint. 

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