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Modern technological equipment, designed to make our lives more comfortable, requires a responsible approach to its installation. The air conditioning system is no exception in this matter. To enjoy comfortable coolness and fresh air in the room for a long time, you need to fix, install and connect all the parts and components of the air conditioner. Split air conditioners (AC) have two units; indoor AC unit and outdoor AC unit. Installing an indoor AC unit does not come with any choice as it comes along with air conditioning stand (hanging) but installing an outdoor unit does have options and this brings the question of which is the best air conditioner bracket for you? In this article we have discussed about types of ac mounting brackets used for installing an outside AC unit also known as compressor unit. Read further and know about all the available options and then choose the best air conditioner bracket for you.

During the work of installing an air conditioner, one of the most responsible tasks is the reliable fixation of an ac mounting bracket for an outside unit on a wall of a building. Special ac brackets, using which the unit is fixed, are of several kinds, differing in design, assembling, and fixation methods. If you need air conditioning installation, it is recommended to visit the website. Continue to know more about installing outside compressor unit of air conditioner.

Types of Air Conditioner Brackets

Air conditioner brackets for compressor unit are here classified on the basis of their assemblage.

Welded Steel Brackets:

Welded steel ac brackets represent a simple design, the details (steel elements) are firmly fixed to each other by welding seams.


welded steel brackets are inexpensive and do not require any pre-assembly. This is the best AC support bracket for one fixed ac.

Welded Steel AC Brackets

Bolted Steel Brackets:

In bolted steel brackets steel elements are connected by bolts. Such brackets are available as a set of individual parts, which require assembly before being attached to the wall.


These are easy to buy and transport. Mounting the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, with the possibility of assembling the construction, allows you to adjust it to the size of the equipment. This is the best support bracket for air conditioner when you frequently change air conditioners.

Bolted Steel AC Brackets

Brackets with Horizontal Shelf:

Support bracket for air conditioner has a horizontal shelf. In this variant, besides fasteners and brackets themselves, there is a shelf where the outside block of the split system will be placed.


Universality, reliability, and durability of the construction. Best ac support bracket suitable for installation of outer blocks of almost any dimension, and the uniform distribution of weight reduces the load on the fixing brackets for air conditioning units.

Bracket with shelf

Pro Tip:

Correctly chosen anchors (brackets for air conditioning units) and observance of safety rules, allow fixing a bracket of the air conditioner compressor on the wall of any building. But what should be taken into consideration while purchasing best ac support bracket systems to provide safety for expensive equipment?

Basic Selection Criteria

Before buying, check the dimensions and weight of the compressor unit that will be installed on the brackets. Now, choose the brackets where the limit values of the permissible load are in order of the magnitude necessarily higher than the weight of your compressor. This is the option when compliance with the regulatory requirements with “reserve” will extend the life of the fasteners.

Do not be attracted by the complexity and additional functionality of the design. The clearer the shape of the product and the fewer connecting knots on it, the easier it is to install and the more reliable operation wins the race of best air conditioner bracket.

Why, when choosing a bracket for an air conditioner compressor, should you look not so much at the cost but at the level of reliability? The matter is that the weight of the external part of the climate system, in some cases, is up to 150 kg and more. Placing an expensive unit on a low-quality anchorage is unsafe both for its functionality and for surrounding people.

Therefore, when selecting brackets for the air conditioner, you need to pay attention to some points:

1. Thickness:

The thickness of the material of manufacture – artisanal and unscrupulous manufacturers often resort to savings, reducing the thickness of metal or narrowing the mounts. Such changes in the design of standardized models of brackets lead to a loss of the necessary strength.

2. Painting:

Painting is, first and foremost, the appearance of design and effectiveness of protection against moisture. It is desirable to choose a bracket for the air conditioner unit which is powder coated. Such a variant of decorative treatment of the material reduces the probability of chipping during installation and transportation.

3. Welding:

Insufficiently welded high-quality connection of fastening elements leads to rapid breakage at the joints during operation. The presence of jagged edges and uneven surfaces prevents free attachment of the outdoor unit. Holes for fasteners should be made before painting, which prevents the formation of areas of rust and breakage of the material.

Installation of The Air Conditioner Outside Unit on Brackets

Practice shows that a high price does not always guarantee excellent quality, and on the contrary, unjustified savings on brackets can cause a breakdown of an expensive air conditioner outside unit. Therefore, it is better to choose the best ratio – quality materials, reliable construction, and reasonable price. And in this case, you should listen to the advice of the seller or the manufacturer’s recommendations. So, you will be able to choose the right mounts for each specific model of the air conditioner.

In a nutshell, a good bracket for fixing the air conditioner must have the appropriate certificate. Responsible manufacturers provide their products with documents confirming their quality. Any fasteners must meet the basic performance specifications, and the installation work must be carried out safely. And such bracket that serves all these purposes is the best air conditioner bracket for your appliance.  For all services regarding air conditioner and its outside unit installation check this website.

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