Window Blinds vs Curtains: Choose the Right Window Treatment

When it comes to decorating your room, one of the big challenges is which window treatments to go for.
There is number of options but the question arises, which is better, blinds or curtains? Before you choose one of these window treatments, understand the basic difference between curtains and blinds. Window curtains and blinds are available in varieties of materials, colors, size, etc. But they are different in their mechanism and material.

Here we give you a comparison of blinds vs curtains which will help you to make the correct choice:

Window Blinds vs Curtains

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Window Blinds
Window Curtains

01. Operation

  • Blinds are hard window coverings composed of vertical or horizontal slates which are opened or closed using a cord. It controls the amount of light entering the room.
  • Curtains are a piece of fabric, hang at the top, to form a screen, typically movable sideways along a rail and found as one pair at a window.

02. Material

  • Window blinds are made up of hard materials wood, plastic, aluminium or composite materials.
  • Curtains are made up of varieties of fabric. According to your need, you can choose from varieties of fabrics, i.e., cotton, silk, polyester, linen, lace, etc. and mostly natural fabric.

03. Designs

  • It is available in the horizontal and vertical orientation which has a plain simple look.
  • It is available in varieties of colors, styles and patterns.
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04. Types

  • Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Panel Track Blinds, Mini Blinds, etc. are various types of window blinds.
  • Various types of curtains are Flat Panel, Tab Top, Grommet, Rod Pocket, Thermal or blackout, etc.

05. Light Control

  • The slats can be turned at different angles. You can control the amount of light and adjust window blinds according to your need.
  • Curtains filter out some light but they won’t filter out all of it and thus won’t keep your room totally dark. It will however depend on fabric that you may choose.

06. Sound Control

  • Blinds provide less sound control as gaps in between the blinds unfortunately; allow sound to pass through easily.
  • Window curtains provide more sound control than blinds.

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07. Advantages

  • Window blinds give you more control over the amount of light entering the room because you can cover the entire window or just part of the window according to your needs.
  • Window blinds take less space.
  • This style of window treatment suit to small rooms and rooms with lots of windows, as they don’t appear as large window covering than curtains.
  • Window curtain styles can keep a room warmer during the winter periods.
  • Curtain options are endless. There are curtains in every imaginable color, pattern, fabric, and style.
  • When done with bit artistic and creative way, it greatly enhances the beauty of a room.
  • Curtains typically require less cleaning than blinds.
  • Installing curtains is easier than blinds on your windows.

08. Disadvantages

  • Blinds are difficult to clean. You need to clean them one by one, which seems like wastage of time, and is cumbersome and tedious.
  • The slatted design may allow light to leak through even when they are fully closed.
  • The individual slats can bend or break easily, especially if you choose aluminium or plastic blinds.
  • Window Blinds are less efficient at keeping in the heat.
  • You cannot expect to match the color scheme that easily as is possible in the case of curtains.
  • Long curtains can easily get messy.
  • Window curtains get dirty easily and need washing and drying because they attract dust particles.
  • Curtains take more space as compared to blinds and therefore it makes a room appear smaller than it really is!
  • If control over light is matters, it is not possible with curtains.

09. Application

  • Window blinds are used in the commercial application like offices, hospitals, etc.
  • Window curtains are most commonly used in the  residential application, i.e. Bedroom, Living room, etc.

10. Cost

The cost of the window blinds depend upon the material, style and size of the window.

The cost of the window curtains depend upon the material, style and size of the window.

Special Comments

From the above comparison of window blinds vs curtains, these window treatments are different in their mechanism, material, style and size. Window curtains are more suitable for residential application whereas blinds are most commonly used in commercial application. You need to make a right and judicial choice according to your requirement and budget!

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