What are the Wire Mesh Doors?

The doors are the essential part of the house. It gives privacy, safety and ventilation to the occupants of the house. Choosing right types of doors will affect the look and feel of the home. The purpose of the doors is to provide an entry or exit to the inside or outside of a house or rooms of a house. Different varieties of doors are available depending on the material, location, manufacturer, etc.

Wire Mesh Door

Wire mesh doors are fixed to provide free air circulation in the home. They are widely used in house for preventing the insects and mosquitoes from entering into the house. It prevents doors from direct sunlight, dust, raindrops and other environmental changes. So the life of main doors may increase. Wire mesh doors are provided in kitchens, canteens and cupboards used for food storage, refreshment rooms, hotels, sweet shops, etc. These doors are more beneficial for domestic purpose.

Wire mesh doors consist of vertical stiles and horizontal rails into which wire mesh is fixed to the shutter by a bead-bradded or nailed to the frame. The shutters are usually made to close automatically using spring. The wire in the doors are made up of stainless steel, hence there is no rust and gives 100% protection. The wire mesh is made of different material like stainless steel, mild steel, PVC, aluminium, nylon, etc.
Wire mesh doors are more durable and have greater strength. It required less maintenance.

In this type of door, the frame is provided with two types of shutters:

  • Ordinary Panel Type
  • Wire Mesh

In ordinary panel type, shutters are provided on the front side and are made to open outside the room, whereas in wire mesh type, shutters are provided with wire mesh and are made to open inside the room.
Wire mesh panel shall be so designated that no single panel exceeds 0.5 m2 in area.
Therefore wire mesh doors are important for storage in kitchen and for prevention the dust, direct sunlight and for protection against other environmental changes.

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