15 Feel-Good Wooden Home Décor Ideas, Everyone Can Try

Do you want to remodel your home but have a limited budget and time? Then, here is an easy guide for wooden home decor. We have developed 15 wooden home decor accessories to get you started.  One of the best decorating materials to use in your home is wood, which gives your home a more natural appearance.

Natural wood home decor is simple to install and decorate and requires little upkeep. The list also includes DIY wooden home decor ideas that can be enjoyable and inexpensive. You don’t always have to go out and get something new.  

Your entire home can feel fresh, timeless, and sophisticated with something as simple as a wooden wall clock, wooden lights, wooden TV units, wood wall decor, a wooden dining table, or more wooden home decor ideas for you to pick up on your favourite item. You can easily complete each of these wooden decoration ideas in a matter of hours, and the results will appear to have taken much longer, and don’t forget about the stunning ambience!

01. Effortless Wooden Frame Mirrors

Sunburst Mirror Wooden Frame
Sunburst Mirror Wooden Frame

This is for you if you are looking for a straightforward wood decoration for the wall! Mirrors are an effortless way to spruce up the entire wall. Wooden frame mirrors can liven up even the most boring wall!

Mirrors are commonly used to make a space appear larger and more open, but they are also used to diffuse light, highlight colours or artwork on nearby walls, and enliven areas without windows. The wooden-framed mirror gives a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor wall. A well-placed round mirror wooden frame can be a valuable addition to a space. It would be excellent to have a rough appearance to make a statement about your home.

You can opt for any style; one of the most trending wooden frames is the gorgeous sunburst mirror wooden frame, using wooden paint stir sticks. This round mirror wooden frame adds a lot of drama to your space.

02. Home Decorating Wooden Furniture- Classic Wooden Dining Table

Wooden Dining Table
Wooden Dining Table

Gone are the times when wooden home decor like a wooden dining table could only be found in a traditional, rustic, or farmhouse dining room. Now that the material has widened, even the most contemporary and modern spaces can benefit from the addition of a wooden dining table.

Today’s innovative techniques treat the wood so that it is resistant to stains. One of the best ways to achieve maximum results out of this material is to simply pair it with wicker accessories and furnishings that can give your dining space a warm and earthy appeal.

03. Wooden Home Décor Items: Wooden Lamps And Wooden Chandeliers

Wooden Chandelier
Wooden Chandelier

Want to add something spectacular yet easy to your wall wooden home decor that will be the centre of attention? Choose a wooden lamp! Wooden lamps have become very popular, bringing more depth to an otherwise dull space. Moreover, being sustainable just adds to their inherent charm.

There’s no doubt that wooden lamps are both classic and modern. These wooden lights will also help you bring more warmth into your home decor. From table lamps, floor lights, and wall lamps to antique wooden chandeliers, they can charm their way into the living room design. To get started, select wooden lamps that stand out. You can always go for geometric wooden lamps, such as circular or cube-shaped ones.

04. Rustic Wooden Vase Best Wooden Decoration Ideas

Wooden Vase
Wooden Vase

The rustic wooden vase is a fun concept; go for wooden logs to enhance your farmhouse-style home design. This DIY wooden vase will just take a few minutes and will give your decor a more natural look. All you have to do is fill the bottles with water and add some flowers and twigs. This can give your plants and flowers a distinct appearance when compared to a plastic vase.

If you get bored with this rustic wooden vase, put a coat of paint on it and refresh it.

05. Wood Home Decoration With Wooden TV Units

Wooden TV Unit
Wooden TV Unit

One of the most sturdy and long-lasting TV unit designs is the wooden wall-mounted console. Wooden TV units have a sleek and simple design. The colour and texture of the wood can work well in both large and small living rooms.

While the darker colour of wooden TV units has a more traditional touch, lighter shades of wood make them more modern. You can have a pair of storage shelves or drawers. There are various designs of TV units available, from wall-mounted to floor-fixed, so you can select anything depending on your tastes.

06. Wooden Headboard

Wooden Headboard
Wooden Headboard

The wooden headboard is an ideal example of wooden home décor for the bedroom. It makes your space look elegant and attractive. For this décor element, i.e, the wooden headboard, you must use the best quality wood to make it last for a longer time. For the ideal wooden headboard for your bed, choose wood options such as teak, rosewood, maple, or oak.

07. Wall Wooden Home Décor With Chic Wooden Wall Art

Wooden Wall Art
Wooden Wall Art

How many times have you looked at your wall and thought of some amazing wooden home décor or wood decoration for the wall? You can be creative with wood, and wooden wall art is a great way to let your imagination run wild. They are in vogue for a reason! Simple, easy, and effective would be three words to describe this wooden wall art idea.

For instance, make a wood sign of your favourite quote and personalise the calligraphy. Another idea could be to frame your travel finds and display them in your living room, passage, or dining room for guests to appreciate. You can also accentuate it by using bright colours to complement or match the interior walls.

08. Wooden Sliding Door

Wooden Sliding Door
Wooden Sliding Door

Wooden sliding door designs can give your home a rustic feel. The richness of the solid wood door has a barn-style or farmhouse design that makes it one-of-a-kind. The best thing about wooden sliding doors is how inexpensive they are to install and maintain. Also, the wooden sliding door is ideal for separating zones in large rooms in an attractive manner, without spending a lot of money. Avoid painting these solid wood sliding doors with multiple layers of coat and let the natural charm of the wood spread across your space.

They quickly become a modern and elegant option in interior design. These solid wood sliding doors come in a variety of styles and patterns to enhance the attractiveness of your home.

09. Contemporary Wooden Coffee Tables For Wood Home Decoration

Wooden Coffee Table
Wooden Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture for home that can be found in almost every house, so make it out of wood! You can opt for many styles, like the Scandinavian style coffee table, as they are known for effortlessly mixing wood and subtle white in their home decor. This will give you a perfect balance of minimal and modern design themes.

And if you don’t have enough space for a coffee table and a dining table, there are wooden coffee tables that come with an adjustable leg option to form themselves into a comfortable dining table. You can get them all in one. This allows your coffee table to be both functional and beautiful!

You can DIY wooden coffee tables too: cut, sand, and paint a simple wooden pallet to allow the rich, deep colour of the wood with all of its knotholes and saw lines to take centre stage. It has a modern look thanks to its slightly asymmetrical shape.

10. Wood Wall Decor With Accent Pieces

Wooden Key Holder
Wooden Key Holder

Wood has been a constant companion in our day-to-day activities.  A million accent pieces are made from this exquisite material. It’s no surprise that it has now raised the bar. What could be a better solution for hanging those quirky keychains, hats, and belts than a wood hanger in its natural state? Each accessory’s beauty can be complemented by a rough, unfinished wooden hanger that holds them all together.

Another home decorating wooden furniture is a fancy wooden chandelier. Gone are the days when fairy tale houses boasted crystal chandeliers. It’s time to upgrade to a simpler and more elegant wooden chandelier.

11. Wooden Home Decor with Playful Chalkboards

Wooden Chalkboard
Wooden Chalkboard

Wooden chalkboards are simple, playful, and interactive. They are wooden pieces that are ideal for any type of environment, from a kitchen to a kid’s bedroom. This wood decoration piece will not only increase your productivity but will also add to the natural charm of the space.

A chalkboard in a wooden frame is a great way to take notes and jot down anything you need, and it can be hung anywhere. You can also make wooden chalkboards multifunctional by adding wooden railings, hooks, a clock, and a place to write positive messages to start your day.

12. Simple Wooden Coat Rack

Wooden Coat Rack
Wooden Coat Rack

These wooden racks were popular as wooden-style home decor during the ancient times when everyone wore hats and coats. With the rise of barn and farmhouse-style interior design, wooden coat racks are making a comeback. They’re not only useful in the winter, but they also give a lot of visual appeal to a typically cramped area and are overlooked. These wooden racks can also become an accent to a space if placed and designed accordingly.

If you want something a little more fun and different, you’ll need toys, a tiny saw, glue, scrap wood, and paint to construct one similar.

13. Countryman-Style Wooden Washbasins

Wooden Washbasins
Wooden Washbasins

There’s no doubt that washbasins are an enigmatic part of every kitchen or bathroom. They play an important function in boosting the overall appearance. Wood, on the other hand, is a material that can give anything an exotic and expensive feel. With the natural approach of wooden washbasins, you can upgrade your bathroom with a natural yet modern and elegant appeal. Engineered wood can now make any wood water-resistant, so, you don’t have to worry about designing with wood in humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

For a basic and attractive bathroom environment, you can choose wooden washbasins in any shape you desire, from oval-shaped to rectangular. Unique wooden shapes can give your bathroom decor a sense of refinement and luxury.

14. Utilitarian Wooden Clock for Wooden Home Décor

Wooden Wall Clock
Wooden Wall Clock

Yes, wooden clocks for wooden home décor are still popular. They have their own decorative appeal, which makes them excellent wall art too. They are a simple way to spruce up any barren wall.

Wooden clocks can bring warmth to any room’s environment with their exquisite texture. You can make one for yourself by simply joining the equal-sized wooden squares to form a huge square and then attaching a clock mechanism to the centre square. You can further add a rich chocolate tone to the wood, or you can go with whichever colour scheme you like. Wooden clocks are ideal for any space, from the bedroom to the living area.

15. Carved Wooden Railings Best Wooden Decoration Ideas

Wooden Railings
Wooden Railings

In older homes, beautiful woodwork, particularly around staircases, was nothing less than an asset. When it comes to wooden railings, the options are almost unlimited. With interesting intercrossing beams, arches, and patterns, you can go artistic. You might keep it simple and draw attention to a different part of the wooden railings. Modern interior designs are incorporating wooden railings more than ever.

You can also keep your wooden antique stair railings untreated to allow the wood stain to highlight the grain and carved embellishments.

5 Tips For Creating Home Decor Elements With Wood

Home Decor Elements With Wood
Home Decor Elements With Wood

01. Go For Solid Wood

Rather than engineered wood that can be veneered, opt for solid wood while creating home decor elements with wood. There’s nothing quite like the longevity and quality that come with purchasing a solid wood item. On the other hand, many décor pieces are created with a veneer, which is a thin piece of wood that is often pasted over particle board.

02. Keep Polishing The Wooden Décor

Use a natural wax or orange oil to protect your wooden decor. Extreme chemical cleaners should never be used, as they can affect the natural grains and colours of the wood.

03. Mix And Match

Don’t be scared to mix and match different woods. While it is recommended to combine comparable tones of wood in a single space, different species of wood can be mixed in a single space.

04. Look beyond Traditional Styles

It is not required to utilize hardwood materials solely for a historic, vintage, or rusted appearance. They can also be employed for contemporary themes.

05. Incorporate them in Small Niches

 Look for ways to incorporate modest, signature wood pieces, such as a stool, side table, or bench, into homes.

Wood has evolved into one of man’s favourite natural materials over time. Wood is applicable in a range of applications, from wooden home decor to stunning ornamental items, and wooden home decor accessories. Across the globe, these ideas have been employed extensively to decorate home interiors.

You can easily choose to use wooden décor for your home in this day and age because they are beautiful.

Here’s a video to sum up all the points mentioned above:

FAQs Related To Wooden Home Decor

01. How Do You Maintain Wooden Décor?

Water and other liquids, such as alcohol, food, or cosmetics, should be kept away from the wooden home decor. Allowing water or other liquids to sit on natural wood home décor will leave a stain behind. Additionally, overexposure to sunlight can also be harmful. It causes spots, which appear as black dots on the wooden home decor.

02. Why Should One Go For Wooden Home Decor?

Working with wooden home decor accessories benefits you in both circumstances, allowing you to save money while also improving the appearance of your home. Working on these projects is a great way to make a fresh start without having to spend any money. It will not only improve the appearance of your home but will also increase your crafting skills while creating a modern signature in your home. So be creative and see what you can come up with to improve the appearance of your home.

03. How To Clean Wooden Home Decor?

Dust and smudges can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or a dry, soft, lint-free cloth. Teak oil can be used to clean lightly dirty home decor or wooden furniture. Dampen a soft cloth with a mixture of mild soap and warm water for severely filthy wooden surfaces. Freshen up by sprinkling baking soda on the surface. This will help absorb the odour that old wood might start generating.  

Now that you have a good idea about wooden home decoration, you might also like to know the difference between interior design and décor. Don’t miss our blog on the same.

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