Wrinkling Paint: Common Defect in Paint

Painting the entire house can brighten the look of every corner of your house. A proper painting also protects the home by placing a preventative barrier against wind and water and other natural threats. However, when you are planning to paint, there are chances of several painting mistakes might be happen, which often leave you with paint defects or problems. There are various paint defects might be observed during or after the paint application like chalking, wrinkling, blistering, patchiness, etc. Wrinkling Paint is the most common paint defects which is usually seen in the finish layers of paint and can be observed during application or after drying of the paint.

Wrinkling Paint:

The surface of the paint which wrinkles and gathers together is called wrinkling paint.  It forms a layer like undulating waves on the painted surface. The main reason behind an appearance of waves can be application of too much paint or the oil in the paint is more than required or drying at high temperature. Wrinkling paint is more noticeable with enamels and varnishes.

There are various reasons why wrinkling in paint occurs, i.e.

  • Poor workmanship during the application of the paint
  • Poor adhesive property of the paint
  • If painting over a contaminated surface, especially one that has dirt build-up or grime, there is a chance of wrinkling paint can develop over time.
  • The difference between the inner layer and outer layer coating
  • Presence of heavy pigments
  • Wrinkling in paint also occurs when painting during extremely hot or cool damp weather. Hence it will cause the paint film to dry faster on top than on the bottom.

Therefore, you need to take care while paint application. To avoid wrinkling in paint, proper attention must be paid when evenly painting the surface with primer and two layers of top coat. Therefore you need to take certain precautions and repairs to stop these paint defects

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