Uses of Different Types of Cements – Infographic

Cement is the most demandable material of construction industry. During the house construction, cement is used for making cement mortar and concrete. Cement mortar and concrete are the mixtures of different materials, which are used to form different elements of a house. Cement mortar and concrete are also used to make precast products like Hume pipes, paver blocks, cement blocks, etc. Concrete elements (concrete beam, concrete column, etc.) and cement components (AAC block, concrete block, mortar, etc.) required specific properties to serve the best during the service life of a house. Even precast products also required specific properties to serve the best during their service life. There are many types of cement available in the market to get the particular properties of the cement elements or components. Here is the infographic which shows the uses of different types of cement. For example you can use Ordinary Portland Cement for general work or you can use rapid hardening cement when early strength is a prime concern.


We hope to visualize this infographic you can judge the most suitable type of cement for the particular type of construction. We have also discussed about the types of cement used in construction which will provide you the basic information of different cement. Share your experiences in the comment box!

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