Infographic | Window Shades : All the Things you Need to Know!

Having a beautiful window in the home will definitely enhance the overall look of your home. It not only provides the natural light but also offers privacy and safety to your rooms. Hence, the windows without any treatments looks bare. And therefore, you need to understand the varieties of window treatments which can make your window more pleasing! Window treatments can style your room space to a different level, as there are varieties of window treatments available in the market, such as curtains, drapes, blinds, shades, etc. Choosing the right type of window treatment can be a difficult task, and you may get confused which is more effective? Well, there are so many factors to consider while choosing the right window treatment before you opt! Here we are focusing on varieties of ‘Window Shades’ and its importance for your home.

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Window shades are the most basic style of window treatment. Most of the people are making a common mistake of confusing window shades with blinds; window shades have a thick fabric of full length that pull up and down with cord or lifting mechanism. Window blinds are rigid window coverings with slats that rotate open or closed and let in or block out light. According to ‘Michael Agnes’ (Webster’s New World College Dictionary) the window shades is defined as “A shade for window especially one consisting of a piece of stiffened cloth or heavy paper on a spring roller, with a pull to lower and raise it.” Window shades are an easy way to add a shot of colour, texture and pattern to your home without extending your budget. There are various styles of window shades like roller shades, solar shades, roman shades, wooden woven shades, cellular shades, etc. They provide privacy, reduce noise and light and many other benefits. Let’s have a look at why window shades are an ideal choice for your window through below infographic

After viewing the above infographic, we hope that you have got a clear idea about why window shades are the better window treatment than others. If you like the above window shades infographic, must share your views in the below comment box. And yes, don’t forget to share it on your social media platforms for your friends.

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