10 Landscaping Tips for Your Home Garden That Can Save You Money!


You may be proud of your garden, but its quality speaks a lot about your personality. The moment a guest enters your home, he is able to judge whether you are an organized or a dishevelled person. However, do not worry. You can always take some immediate steps to add beauty to your garden.

Money-Saving Landscaping Tips Exclusively for Your Home Garden

Here are 10 pro landscaping tips that can give you a gorgeous garden and can also save you money.

01. Reform Your Garden

Garden Tiled Patio with Garden Concrete Tiles

When it comes to renovating your garden, you may be tempted to discard everything and start building it from scratch. Of course, you can do so, but if you don’t want to spend a lot and save time, then try using the existing bricks from a planter and form a new pathway that looks distinct. You may be having old fence pickets. Use them to createyour new gate. Any perennials that you planted can be shifted to a new bed to make it appear as a new addition to the family.

02. Swap Plants of your Home Garden

Exchanging plants with Neighbours

Here is another tip to help you save money while up lifting your garden. If you have a neighbour or a relative who is as passionate as you about garden you can swap plants for example, you may offer him some of your salvias and get some irises in return. In case you want to do this on a larger extent, you can organize a neighbourhood get together where such plant exchanges can be conducted without any problems. And remember you can very easily swap pots.

03. Make Adjustments

Garden Design

Make adjustments according to your area and local weather.  For example, if you live in a dry area and want an English garden look, it would be tough for you to keep the maintenance cost low. To avoid over spending, you can plant your roses in front of an evergreen hedge and ensure that they remain blooming forever. Apart from that, you can use a common water source for a hedge and an ever green tree. That way, your plantations would get nourished, and you would not have to spend much for the up keep.

04. Take Advantage of Slopes in Your Home Garden

Slope in the Garden

If you have a slope in your garden then moving the entire soil in that region is just not possible nor advisable. So, instead of fretting over the problem, find a way out. You can use erosion free cloth to stabilize the entire area. Inside the cloth, you can plant any kind of stuff like a vine, succulent plants, herbs, etc. Since there is so much spacing in the cloth you can expect your plants tothrive well without taking much efforts.

05. Think About the Future

Colourful Home Garden

When planting new bushes and shrubs in your garden, think about how they would grow in the next 4-5 years. Start plants with cuttings, plant a few of them in small pots and sow seeds that are bound to grow to a healthy height moving ahead. You willnot have to spend any extra money, yet you can see amazing results. All this can be achieved just by some thoughtful planning in the initial phases.

06. Loot the Junk Shops

Decorating garden with Inexpensive antiques

While you are looking for ways to decorate your garden, you do not have to buy expensive stuff and items. Check out for junk shops, sales, and salvage yards to find out some antique-looking pieces for your yard. While you only know how much you have spent on such items, others would think it is your idea of adding a rustic look. Whatever you do, it is just going to add to the beauty of your garden, and you do not have to burn a hole in your pockets for it.

07. Small Details Make A Big Difference

Maintain garden with unique look

To make your garden appear unique, pay attention to small details ou can add inexpensive accessories which look different and add a shine to the garden. It could be the way you place your house number, a cute mailbox, bird feeder. All can lend a significant visual effect to your garden. If you receive enough light there, then play around with glass accessories which lends sparkle and aura.

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08. Repair/Restored Instead of Replacing

Repainting the old Furniture to make it new

Instead of replacing any broken fences, chairs or any other furniture present think of repainting and repairing them. It saves a lot of money as purchasing anything new is going to cost you a good amount. However, this hackworks only whenthe wood is still in a condition that would last for some years. If the wood of the fence is already in a dilapidated condition, then maybe you would have to opt for the expensive method.

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09. Using Native Plants

Native Plants

You must understand that planting trees that are not native to your region would require a lot of maintenance. It means that you first need to inquire whether the plants you wish to plant would be able to sustain the weather conditions in your location. You can find out this information from the nursery you are buying the plants.

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10. Bulk Purchases

Bulk purchase of Potting soil & fertilizer

For items like potting soil, fertilizers, mulch, etc. you can invest a little extra money and buy things in bulk. These items can be stored easily and you will have easy access whenever you need them. According to Reader’s Digest (Published in Landscaping for Less: 8 Money-Saving Tips), potting soil is less expensive when you buy the largest size. Get together with a friend and buy mail-order plants and bulbs in large quantities.


If you do not wish to spend extra bucks on each of your landscaping plans, then use the above tips to save your pennies. However, keep your options open in case any of your plans do not work as they should. In most cases, at the end of it, you would be able to get a beautiful garden with minimum cost and efforts.

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