18 Desk Setup Inspirations for Those Working From Home!

Desk Setup ideas for Working from Home

Whether you are working from home year-round or have been forced to work from home due to covid-19 outbreak. This article has something for all out there who either preferred or forced to work from home.

The increasing cost of travel, lengthy commutes, the intricacy of concentrating in a bustling office, has forced many people to prefer working from home. Whatever the reason, the prospect of working remotely has become an appealing one for many employees. But are they adequately prepared to do so? Some have setup their office on their beds, while others have migrated to couches or kitchen tables-and with the lack of proper working desk setup, can lead to annoying and disturbing working condition. To avoid this, check some home office desk setup ideas below to turn your home working space into productivity and sanctuary of focus.

Home Office Desk Ideas to Work From Home

01. Make the Space Comfortable for Working at Home

Make the Space Comfortable

Instead of being nostalgic for lack of unlimited office supplies and co-workers, enjoy the advantage of the fact that you’re going to work from home. You can do this by setting up your space with only accessories of their kind that would make you smile. For instance, for your wrist, you can make a DIY, for better back support, by bringing in a throw pillow, and getting your dream chair.

But for the more extended period, if possible, choose a chair that supports your spinal curves in which you can adjust the height of your chair so that your feet rest flat on the floor and your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your chair has an armrest, which gently helps to relax your shoulders. To know the right size of your furniture, you make check-out our blog written on Measure yourself for a Better Posture before buying Furniture!!!

02. Attach File Holders to The Wall Next to your Working Desk

Attach File Holders To The Wall

For the files, bonders, or paperwork that you access daily, attach them up on the wall for easy reach. It will not only spare you from the clutter on the desk, but it would also save you from the fracas with the cat in case it jumps up to interrupt you or when your spouse chooses your space to eat on it, or a wandering kid comes by.

03. Label as much as Possible to Your Home Working Space

Label as much as Possible

One step of setting up your home’s small working space is having a lot of well-labelled storage. Nothing can be worse than misplacing important papers. Have you ever had such an experience? If not, don’t wish to have it. Can make you go nerds. It’s much easier to make such a mess when working at home, especially if you’re not doing separation of your daily receipts and junk mail.

04. Use Hanging Baskets on the Wall Near to Home Desk

Use Hanging Baskets on the Wall

Fit the walls above your desk even more. Hang larger, roomier baskets. Maybe, you may not need all these stuff over your desk, but it’s the right choice for an open corner. In case you’ve enough space, add them to your desk’s sides. You can opt for the DIY dressed-up wire baskets. They’re cheap and can be done on a tiny budget.

05. Put Up Small Corner Shelves Next to your Home Working Space

Put Up Small Corner Shelves

Regardless of what you do for a living, you require a stow space to keep more boxes or books. To a nearby corner, add small rectangle shelves, or for quick access, bring together some right over your desk. This would be a bonus since it is one of the best ways of comprising energy-boosting aroma diffusers in your desk setup.

06. Introduce Hanging Storage Near to your Home Desk

Hanging Storage

Keep pencils, pens, and other materials and work tools out of the way. You can hang them on a bar at the back of your desk. What you need here, is an easy rail, or an extension rod and a few small, cheap buckets or baskets. This might seem like you’ve hung on the wall an entire lot of stuff; however, keeping clutter from touching the surface would make it easier for you to stay productive and focused.

07. Hang Pegboards on the Wall

Hang Pegboards on the Wall

If you know that you’ll require more supplies or tools in your workspace, add an entire pegboard instead of adding one bar to your wall. This would facilitate easy, customizable storage. To add some charm to your space, hang art or any other decoration up alongside with your gadgets.

08. Designate an Area for the Printer on Your Desk

Area for the Printer

If you make use of a printer, set it up under or alongside your desk, entirely with extra paper and spare ink cartridges. By doing so, you’ll not strain when you run out of supplies when you’re engrossed in your work since you’ll have all you need nearby- so you’ll not be forced to leave your workspace until you’re done. This will help you in utilizing your time well.

Nothing will force you out of your working zone faster, like trying to trace a spare cartridge inside a box underneath your bed. To avoid this, use a cheap magazine holder to make the organizer by yourself.

09. Create an Organization Station 

Create an Organization Station

Ensure that you’ve adequate space on the top of your desk to write, read, and work. You can do this by hanging organizers directly to your wall. To keep a schedule, to-do list, or your calendar in clear view, attach a cork and fill up all of your office supplies in a mason jar.

10. Keep Your To-Do List Handy 

Make To-do List Handy

If you’re a fan of paper and pen, ensure that you in no way run out of writing room. To avoid this, attach a stick-and-peel chalkboard tape directly to your desk. It will enable you to write notes down with a chalkboard pen and clean them away whenever you have new ideas.

11. Push Accessories Off to One Side   

Push Accessories Off to One Side

Every desk needs a pencil cup, a knick-knack or two and a lamp. However, putting all scattered across your desktop makes it hard to work efficiently. To avoid this, ensure there is adequate space to keep your computer and enough empty desk space for spreading out and writing.

12. Optimize Your Storage Space

Optimize Your Storage Space

To keep your home office organized, you shouldn’t rely on your desk itself. You can use the nearby hooks, cubbies, and baskets to keep the clutter off your desk. This would give you a lot of room to work in.

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13. Arrange Supplies By Colour around Your Home Working Space

Arrange Supplies By Colour

Keeping function and style in mind coordinate your office with craft and color supplies in matching bins and clear jars. Instead of using up a significant desk space take advantage of the free wall space, and stick them on lined shelves.

14. An Efficient Working Internet Connection  

Efficient Internet Connection

The days of being able to work with a dial-up connection are gone. Nowadays, to work efficiently online, an Internet connection is now definitely a home office essential. Consider wiresless router if your laptop and computer are located at different parts of your home.  If you have only laptop and you cannot afford to buy wireless connection, you can always opt to use your mobile’s hotspot to your laptop. Now a days the speed of mobile internet is very decent in all countries. This may be the cheapest options as most of the people are opting for this option worldwide.

15. Lap Desk for Compact Space

Lap Desk

Nowadays, the trend is shifting & people are choosing to work from home. Due to the unavailability of proper working space, people are doing their work by seating on bed, couches, sofa or armchairs. Therefore the wrists get hurt from typing at odd angles and your computer gets so hot in your lap. With the right lap desk, you can make comfortable seating in your home work as a workstation.

16. Ready Desk Table for as a Home Desk

Ready Desk Table

You need to make sure that your desk has a large empty area for you to work or you need to dedicate some space elsewhere. There are a various types of desks that you can buy. Ready desk table are the best option for those who are new to work from home.  This type of desk can fit well into a corner if you need more space to lay out your work.

17. Bluetooth Speaker  

Bluetooth Speaker

When you are working in your home office, a good music will make your surrounding live and also keep you in fresh mood. For that, you can use Bluetooth speaker which is presently in trend. You just need to connect it with your mobile phone Bluetooth or with laptop.

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18. Indoor Plants on Working Desk  

Indoor Plants on Working Desk

Researchers have found that employees are 15% more productive when their workplaces have a few houseplants. Plants can get you psychologically engaged and promote happiness, which will result in better work. So put indoor plants on your desk to keep your mood live.


Home desks come in different setups, budgets, and sizes. By creating an excellent working atmosphere for your remote work, it will enable you to acquire a destruction-free environment and a slight work-life balance while working from home. Keep on working. This CORONA spread will bring tectonic shift in working style & lifestyle globally. So start rehearsing from today itself!

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