Thinking About Tackling a Major Outdoor Renovation? Here are 3 Things to Consider Beforehand

According to a new report by People Magazine, a great number of homeowners invested in new plants, garden updates, and new outdoor seating during the pandemic. However, for those looking to undertake major outdoor renovation projects that involve land development, successfully planning ahead can aid in determining the cost of the job in addition to what you’ll need to do so safely — and whether or not the project is worth the effort in the long run. In this article we have highlighted major three factors that you should consider while outdoor space planning.

01. Breaking Down Backyard Renovation Cost

When looking to undertake a major outdoor renovation, creating a comprehensive plan and reviewing outdoor renovation ideas, as to what you’d like to do with the space can aid greatly in gaining insight as to how much the work may wind up costing. “Backyard costs range significantly based on the scope of work,” Adam Messner, a licensed landscape contractor and Yardzen co-founder and COO tells Architectural Digest. “But we also have clients who spend $10,000 and are able to completely change the look and feel of their space with new plants, refreshed hardscaping, and styling. Usually, though, we recommend that most homeowners budget $20,000.” To get a better idea as to what your individual renovation cost may be, being realistic in what you’d like to include in your renovation plans is a great idea, notes the AD article, with making a list of must-have features being one place to start, according to landscape architect Kate Anne. In turn, this will allow you to break down individualized costs of outdoor home improvements, and will allow you to further dive into researching alternatives if needed.

Break down individualised cost

02. The Value of Research And Professional Help

When looking to renovate outdoor spaces, larger projects will require additional considerations. Clearing land in order to install a backyard feature (such as a swimming pool or a concrete patio), for instance, might sound simple enough, though may involve restrictions depending on your location — therefore making it imperative to conduct research beforehand. For example, in the City of Tualatin, Oregon, it is noted that the removal of trees on private property is regulated by Chapter 33 of the Tualatin Development Code — bringing to light the fact that tree removal may require approval before cutting

Trees on private property

In addition to potential restrictions, safety is another issue regarding tasks like land clearing, highlighting the importance of involving a professional clearing service. Whether the property is located in areas with an abundance of trees, like Little Rock, or only has a singular tree that needs to be removed for redoing backyard, getting a professional involved is ideal in ensuring that the tree is removed and cleared in a safe and proper way. An Arkansas tree removal company further highlights the benefits of involving professionals, which includes the use of state-of-the-art equipment that allows for efficiency in addition to experience in navigating challenges like stump grinding/removal.

03. Thinking about the Future

When planning to undertake a costly and major outdoor renovation, it’s important to consider the long-term effect the outcome may have. Installing a swimming pool is just one great example of this, with The Spruce recommending taking the time to consider valuable aspects of such a large and costly project before taking action. For instance, considering whether or not the pool will raise the value of the home is imperative to consider should you plan to sell down the line, while considering whether or not the property is your ‘forever home’ can help in preventing an unnecessary renovation if you plan on moving in the coming years.

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Backyard swimming pool

All in all, planning to tackle a major outdoor renovation can be an exciting endeavor, and can yield stunning results. Whether you wish to install hardscaping, an in-ground swimming pool, or another feature that requires significant land development, creating a detailed plan, doing your research and getting professionals involved can help you effectively prepare.

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