30 Best Christmas Table setting Ideas for This Holiday Party 2020!

Setting the Christmas table?

It’s Christmas party season and Christmas table decorations will set the tone to your holiday party. So, what you are waiting for!

Nothing is more important on Christmas evening than the tablescape. That’s why we are offering an inspiration for you to pick out your own design, whether you prefer a traditional spread or one that’s totally modern!

A Lovely Rustic Table Setting with Vibrant Shades of Pink

A Lovely Rustic Table Setting with Vibrant Shades of Pink

We all know, Christmas eve is one of the few holidays when the whole family gathers around the table. And now you yourself can create the Christmas spirit, if you decide to surprise your friends and family, simply steal the ideas given below.

Dining table decorated for Christmas and Evergreen Centerpiece

Dining table decorated for Christmas and Evergreen Centerpiece

White servings with gold or bronze plates make the table look very new, not only somewhat antique! Isn’t it?

Let me take you to the key centerpieces and festive ideas that will add cheer to your Christmas holiday dinner.

Christmas Table Setting Ideas

01. Hang Wreath Chandelier 

Hang Wreath Chandelier

Hang the wreath chandelier over the table with natural trimmings like pinecones, berries, branches and holy leaves for more real look. Hang it up by using rustic rope!

02. Filled Glass Container on Wooden Trunk Slice 

Filled Glass Container on Wooden Trunk Slice

A five-minute DIY for your tablescape! Adorn your table with glass container filled up with nuts, cranberries, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, dried citrus on a centred polished wooden slice.

03. Adorned Wreath on Dining Chairs 

Adorned Wreath on Dining Chairs

Tie mini wreaths to your dining chair frames with ribbons. It will make every person at the table feel like an honorary guest.

04. Bottlebrush Trees 

Bottlebrush Trees

Bring holiday cheer by just DIY some bottlebrush Christmas trees which evokes a childish delight and just perfect for a whimsical party.

05. Succulents on Wooden Table Setting 

Succulents on Wooden Table Setting

Keep rustic wooden table live with succulents. Keep it casual as a centerpiece and over every dishes.

06. Colourful Table Decorations  

Colourful Table Decorations

Decorate the fun colourful ornaments on your table. No greens must be included. Just make it totally colouful. But, don’t forget to have different hues of dishes too!

07. Repurposed with Old Wine Bottles    

Repurposed with Old Wine Bottles

Wrap your empty wine bottles with a silver or golden paper and lush of ribbons for a holiday candleholder. Yes, you can do it!

08. Plates Wrapped in a Bow

Plates Wrapped in a Bow

It’s a simple way to dress up your party dine for gatherings. It is quicker and look stunning with various ribbons.

09. Snowy Winter Wonderland Settings

Snowy Winter Wonderland Settings

Give your table a burst of life of this winter by turning them in to a white and silver décor. Add some snowflake coasters, white painted pinecones and snowy Christmas trees as a centrepiece.

10. Christmas Tree Napkin

Christmas Tree Napkin

Wrape your large linen napkins in to Christmas tree with creative folding technique.

You can DIY, it is very simple. Try it!

11. Sparkling Pinecones

Sparkling Pinecones

You can dress up a simple place setting with a pinecones and name tag cut from scrapbook paper and attached to a whitewashed pinecone. You can also place pinecone tree as a centrepiece that dramatically changes the way the dining looks.

12. Chair Swags

Chair Swags

You can cut the pieces of shiny or attractive fabric to tie into graceful loops on your chair backs!

13. Cross-Stitch Your Napkins Swags

Cross-Stitch Your Napkins

You can bring a touch of modern-folk art to your table by simply stitching your napkin with different patterns which is an adorable addition to your holiday dinner.

14. Decorative Tray

Decorative tray
Decorative Tray - Table settings

A fancy vintage silver tray becomes a standout centrepiece when dressed with glowing tea lights, fresh cedar branches, several glitzy ornaments, and a single pinecone!

15. Sky-high Christmas Centrepiece

Sky-high Christmas Centrepiece

A 3-tiered dining centerpiece decorated with eating items makes your eve my eatery & hungry.

16. Colourful Balls of Fun

Colourful Balls of Fun

You can create a colourful centrepiece by simply filling a shallow bowl with glittering coloured ornaments with chocolates.

17. Use Fresh Flowers

Use Fresh Flowers

You can create your own customized flower composition by covering glass cans with wrapping paper and embellishing them with ribbon.

18. Focus on Your Family

Focus on Your Family

You can make family photos for your table centrepiece. Simply choose pics from Christmases past for a trip down memory lane and place two photos back-to-back on memo clips, so you’ll be able to see a picture no matter where you sit!

19. Natural Touches

Natural Touches

You can use decorative wine and ornamental balls, with feathers, garland and white bird to carry the woody natural centerpiece in to a fascinating table displayed.

20. Bountiful bowl

Bountiful bowl

You can use fresh loose greens, large pinecones and red pears for a natural look.

21. Sparkly Candles

Sparkly Candles

You can add some homemade sparkle to your candles. It adds flavour to your table settings and yes brighten-up your dine.

22. Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

An oversized bell holds the personalized name cards for each guest. Try it for this year.

23. Rustic Elegance

Rustic Elegance

You can treat your guests to the luxury of using different plates and bowls for each course. Serve the soup in a wooden bowls, followed with a salad on a delicate plate and finish with dinner on a square wooden plate. Get it more natural with cinnamon aroma.

24. Red Berries

Red Berries

You can fill a glass jars with red cranberries and some evergreen branches over it to give your evening a special emphasis with reds and greens.

25. Woodland Table

Woodland Table

For an unique focal, think about a live moss as a focal point with a green mound and stones. The moss stays green for weeks, but it does shd. You just need to lay a protective surface under it. You can also scatter some pinecones and slender candles around it.

26. Lantern light

Lantern light

You can surround your table with lanterns along with fresh greenery and pinecones for a classic, elegant centrepiece!

27. Forest Creatures

Forest Creatures

You can create a pretty winter scene on a white plate covered with artificial snow and set a plate on a shallow bed of artificial pine twigs. Add tiny trees and deer statues or other animal figures for a complete forest – woodland look.

28. Wrapping Paper Trees

Wrapping Paper Trees

You can trim the dining table with paper trees in a different colours and patterns. For the simplest tree, simply wrap paper around a foam cone.

29. Game Greeting

Game Greeting

Using a Scrabble game tiles, can spell out your seasonal message. Place it on a platter and accent with ornaments, fresh greens, nuts, berries or ribbons for a whole look.

30. Christmas Song Lyric Table Runner

Christmas Song Lyric Table Runner

This creative design is a brilliant DIY project to bring charm to your dining table!

You may also love to look for the various Christmas tree decoration ideas for this season.

All in all, I just wanted to say, use these gorgeous tablescapes as an inspiration as the most of them are easy to pull off so you can spend less time on finding the right table decorations  and more time on perfecting your Christmas recipe. You can share your creative ideas of table settings in our comment box, we will share your idea in our blog.

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