26 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas for Your Home Decoration!

“Christmas isn’t a season; it’s a feeling” someone rightly quoted. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the right time to start the preparation for the festive season and also, it’s the time to plan decoration for the Christmas and the holidays around. Christmas decoration starts with decorating your front doors, and it can be popularly done with the Christmas wreaths.
This year 2020 has brought up a “different Christmas” due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has already changed the way people celebrate holidays and festivals & it seems this year Christmas would not be an exception. It has limited the social interactions and most importantly travelling. However, Don’t Panic, people are adapting to this ‘new normal’ life. Well, the goods thing is, at least no one is stopping you to put up a Christmas wreath on your front doors. The only difference you may experience that this year you should not expect many guests. But decorations are always a part of your Christmas celebration…

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Christmas wreaths are traditional but unique way to embellish your wall décor. Actually, there is no formal way as such to design a wreath but certain creative ideas mentioned in the article will surely help you to kindle your festival with pleasantly decorative wreaths for the front door of your home.

Christmas Wreath on front Door

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Here we have come up with some amazing and great DIY Christmas wreath ideas that you will surely enjoy. For your safety we have also added wreath ideas that would be totally safe to make in this Covid-19 pandemic: STAY HOME – STAY SAFE

Christmas Wreath Idea1 – Go Tagging

Gift Tags for Christmas

This is a unique idea. Rather than going with a customary round wreath, go ahead with two entryway labels or tags that states “Merry” in one and “Christmas” on the other and balance them with either a nicely decorated rope or a beautifully colored ribbon strip on the front door way, and give your house that instant Christmas festive ambiance. For your safety & convenience, make sure to order these prior to the Christmas so that you can keep them for some days and sanitize well before you use them.

Christmas Wreath Idea 2 – Ornaments and Ornamentation for Wreaths

Ornamentation for Christmas Wreaths

Amplify his eye-catching decoration for your door by adding beautiful trimmings & ornaments to a readymade synthetic wreath. You can play a mix-match method with warm shades such as dark pink, red, orange, yellow, blue and gold and soothing tones, such as, light blue, purple, green and silver or you can divide the shades in two sections.

Christmas Wreath Idea 3 – Retro is back

Christmas lights on Trees

The vintage Christmas lights are not something to be buried in the storage room rather we can always reuse those lights in designing the Christmas wreath with Christmas cheer to light up your house. It is indeed a colorful idea with the vibe of vintage style Xmas special craft.

Christmas Wreath Idea 4 – Candy Cane Love

Candy Cane Wreath

Making Candy Cane Love is one of the most loved ideas for Christmas decoration and it is a cost-efficient décor idea too. All you need is to arrange candy canes to make the wreath, fixing ribbon to hang it, and maybe you may add some pretty little snowflakes to help in making it popping. Or you can also glue the straws side by side around the wreath layer wise. For the second layer, you can cut the straws in half and glue them on the top of the first layer.

Christmas Wreath Idea 5 – Frame It Up

Framing the Wreath

Framing the wreath is so simple yet it looks so classy at the same time. All you need is a picture frame for this wreath coupled with a few spare ornaments and a lovely ribbon. Assemble all of them in a decorative arrangement and you will get quite a beautiful wreath readymade for the door.

Christmas Wreath Idea 6 – Bottle Corks for Sure

Bottle Corks Wreath

You always don’t need to go on a shopping spree to buy a wreath for your door, sometimes you just need to look around at home and collect some spare wine corks and put them to use. As the corks would be already present at your homes, there is no risk of any carriers coming in your homes. Start creating your wreath by gluing them all with some Christmas decorations to make it pop a little, and you are all set to celebrate the holiday.

Christmas Wreath Idea 7 – Cookie Cutters on the Way

Cookie Cutter Wreath

There is another great, adorable and yet inexpensive idea to decorate the home in this Christmas season. All you have to do is to pull out those cookie cutters, and use them making something more than baking some cookies. Rather, you can create wreaths in go as you like shape you love to do with ribbons and colourful decorative papers.

Christmas Wreath Idea 8 – Mongolian Wreath

Gather up some magnolia branches and a florist’s foam wreath. Soak the wreath in water for a couple of minutes and then push leaves from the magnolia branches into the foam. You can then paint the leaves with colors such as silver or gold or in any other color you prefer.

Christmas Wreath Idea 9 – Peppermints Wreath

Wreaths Covered with Peppermints

A Peppermints Wreath is always a child’s favorite, but adults are no exception too. This wreath is wonderful yet sweet literally. Just glue together some painted wooden cut outs in the shape of peppermints and decorate them with striped ribbon and pom-poms for an instant decoration. Tie a bow with the same striped ribbon, and it will definitely enhance the look of the wreath.

Christmas Wreath Idea 10 – Ribbons for Christmas Decorations on Wall Décor

Ribbon Christmas Wreath

In this DIY process, you have to buy a wire and create a wreath-outline and then you have to add some ribbon on it. Then go on decorating the wreath following your décor plan. To prepare such beautiful wreaths at home, you can view and follow the video from Mass Art and Craft for your online help. It will surely help you in making beautiful Christmas wreaths by a simple DIY method.

Christmas Wreath Idea 11 – Star Studded Christmas Wreath

Christmas Star Wreath

You can create a star lit wreath using the springs of eucalyptus combined with some wire. Use some ribbons to hang them up and may be you can fix some lights as well here. It will surely look good and it is easy to create also.

Christmas Wreath Idea 12 – Frost is Hot

Frost Wreath

You have to combine some sticks, twigs, and pine cones and you have to attach it further to a foam wreath. Following the same, you may apply a soft coat of white spray paint that will give a snow-covered effect on the wreath.

Christmas Wreath Idea 13 – Honeycomb Wreath

Honeycomb Wreath

Paper rolls can act as a great help as you can use them by transforming into a subtle wreath. Just add some gold bells and your Christmas décor is ready! Now let Santa Clause to enter your home all the way down.

Christmas Wreath Idea 14 – Bow Show

Bow Wreath

If you are good in wrapping gifts, here is your turn to bow your wreath into a colorful and decorative one. Just create a wreath structure by wiring and cover them up with bows. If the Christmas gifts are presented well with ribbons, and you are left with extra ribbons and bows, then it is the high time to turn up your creativity and make a bow wreath out of it.

Christmas Wreath Idea 15 – Glitz and Glitters

White Glittery Wreath

It’s Christmas time, and the best time for offering gifts and presents! Don’t let your beautiful wreath be behind! Just wrap some shimmery wrappings around a foam wreath and it’s will look all glittery all the way.

Christmas Wreath Idea 16 – Candies Wreath

Candies Wreath

We all love candies, so, why not incorporate some candies into the wreath by wrapping the paper towel rolls with colored cellophane wrap and glue them up into a wreath structure? The idea may seem slightly unique, but it’s worth try.

Christmas Wreath Idea 17 – Forest Feel

Natural Rustic Wreath

How about dabbing a faux wreath onto some hot glue and brush them against some leaves and mini tree branches? In addition to it, you can sprinkle some artificial snow and welcome Christmas with your faux snow-clad wreath! Bingo! The best way to create wreaths is using natural materials or the ones available locally. It not only lasts long but will also prevent the risk of infections carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Christmas Wreath Idea 18 – Painted Leaves Wreath

Painted Leaves Wreath

Grab some colors and papers which you can cut out in the leaf shapes and randomly color the papers. Fix them up with some hot-glue onto a wire wreath frame. You can prepare these wreaths at home also. There are few beautiful paper wreath DIY crafts by Little Crafties (It is a YouTube channel sharing tutorial on making DIY crafts) that are also very simple and budget friendly to make these décor pieces at home.

Christmas Wreath Idea 19 – Pictured Wreath

Pictured Wreath

Pictures tell stories and we all love those pictures. We all have some collections that we planned to put in photo albums so why not for a day tape them together for an emotional roller coaster ride. Pictured wreath is a special way to celebrate Christmas with family members and create special moments with family.

Christmas Wreath Idea 20 – Asymmetrical Shape Wreath

Asymmetrical Wreath

The wreath does not need to be always symmetrical. In fact, asymmetrical designs can be created using some fresh flowers and greenery hanging on one side. It’s organic and will look beautiful with colours and creativity hand in hand.

Christmas Wreath Idea 21 – Snowman Fever

Snowman Wreath

A snowman is everyone’s fascination especially during the festive season of Christmas. You might think that making a snowman wreath is a difficult take but it is not that tough actually. Combine three wreaths and make a friendly snowman. Snowman’s wreath is also called Christmas wreath trio as it combines 3 wreaths. It adds the vibes of merry making on your door and the wall décor.

Christmas Wreath Idea 22 – Glittery Pink Wreath

Glittery Pink Wreath

Pink is the color of love and Christmas is a season of spreading love and warmth all around. Staple some sequins during the holiday season on a foam wreath and you are good to go. You can make it with quick turnaround time, and these wreaths are completely maintenance free.

Christmas Wreath Idea 23 – Presents all around

Wreath with Presents

You may wrap up some boxes and paste them onto a wreath structure as if small gift boxes are hanging from the wreath. Presents are appealing to both young and adults. Nothing can be welcoming than this arrangement as it speaks of merriment, fun, and exchanging gifts and good wishes with the closed and loved ones.

Christmas Wreath Idea 24 – Go Natural

Natural Wreath

Nothing is better than a dose of nature and so how about using some fresh seasonal fruit and foliage to decorate them into a classic natural wreath? It is best to decorate Christmas wreath naturally to provide your doors a safe decoration. The wreath will be enveloped with leaves and soothing coloured flowers in this design. It will look simple and elegant, and it will be a low maintenance design as well. If you love enjoying calming neutrals and clean lines, this is one of the best homemade natural wreaths for you in this Christmas season.

Christmas Wreath Idea 25 – Cupcake Love

Cupcake Wreath

Cupcakes are pure bliss and so are the wrappers, which you can use to create a wrapper garland by flattening the cupcake liners. It is really simple! You have to fold them in half and eventually you need to arrange in stacking them to form a “tree,” and then secure the arrangement with hot glue.

Christmas Wreath Idea 26 – Go green

Green Wreath

For a chic look, use herbs to decorate the wreath and what looks even more beautiful is when the herbs dry out and give a different look. What is better than to keep your home safe using a natural wreath?

In a nutshell, the first thing every Christmas lover chooses to do is design the wreath which is usually placed on the front door of the house. And of course, everybody loves to get creative and do something different every year! So, try out something new from these easy DIY Christmas wreath ideas and make your visitors awestruck with your creativity. At the same time, maintaining your hygiene is also a must. So, create a beautiful and unique natural themed Christmas wreath which is totally safe for you and your family. Do you have any new creative ideas? Please do share with us via the comment box.
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