10 Wall Decoration Ideas with Repurposed Materials!

The world you knew in your childhood is changing significantly with fast changing technology, rapid global warming, and pollution. What if you are told that the change can start right from your home? Yes, you can reduce carbon footprint and pollution created by non-biodegradable items with things available at home. From unused plates to discarded plastic bottles, used paper material to old clothing – anything can be used, rather reused to make something interesting for decoration. A famous saying “Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded.”

There are numerous wall décor items available in the market and many of those are quite pricey. But, with repurposed décor pieces, you do not have to spend much money, just a bit of your time and creativity.

Recycled Wall Décor Ideas

To help you with the most creative and easiest ideas of making items by recycling, read below:

01. Wooden Blocks for Some Warmth

Recycled Wood Wall Decor

One of the most easily accessible materials for recycled crafts is wood and you can use it in numerous ways. Cut into small blocks or panels and colour them in different colours – arrange them in your choice of shape such as heart, tree, abstract, etc. and hang on the wall. If you do not want vibrancy, but the actual warm colour of the wood, cut circular pieces from a log and place them together in a similar manner as told before. If you have sufficient storage, for example, a blank space for a rack, try stacking the cut timbers horizontally in layers that give an embossed look on the wall.

02. Discarded CDs and DVDs for Psychedelic Effect

CD as a Wall Decor

With people being dependent on OTT platforms, computers and mobile devices for watching media, CDs and DVDs are almost out of trend. If you do not watch old CDs, DVDs anymore, instead of disposing them off, break them into pieces and stick the reflective sides in a jumbled way on a white or monotonous paper or wood board. This will add a psychedelic effect, especially when light falls on them.

03. Paint on Old Clothes for a Tapestry

Painting Old Cloth for a Tapestry

An old scarf, curtain or bedsheet can be reused for a fashionable tapestry or wall hanging piece. If you have a penchant for painting, bring out your creative side and paint whatever makes you happy and calm on the old piece of clothing after properly washing it. Abstract painting and mandala are quite popular designs for tapestry these days. An old floor rug can also be used as a tapestry by adding twines on one corner and hanging on the wall.

04. Create Origami with Old Newspaper and Hang on Wall

realistic crane newspaper origami illustration

If El Professor can make excellent origami in the middle of a heist, you can repurpose old magazines, copies and other paper materials to create origami pieces. Take help from online videos if you do not know many techniques and you can either stick them stylishly on the wall or pass a twine between some origami to make a origami hanging wall art. That is not all, you can learn to make paper quills or cut pieces of paper in different designs to stick on the wall.

05. Broken Glass Shards for a Textured Wall Piece

Broken Glass Shards for a Textured Wall Piece

Many people hang multiple repurposed old mirrors on the wall to create a reflective wall décor. If you do not have that many mirrors, make use of broken glass shards from an old bottle. You can colour those as per your wish or get coloured glass pieces accordingly. Stick them on the bottle in any particular shape, combine these with a wall sticker or just place them abruptly as described above for repurposed CDs on a framed cardboard, paper or a sturdy backdrop.

06. Stick Shells, Stones and Rocks in a Wall Hanging Frame

Shells and Stones in Wall Hanging Frame

Use natural elements to make your house beautiful and feel close to nature. If you have a habit of collecting rocks, stones and shells during your trips or have an abundant supply of these materials around your place, enjoy repurposing those for decorating the wall. Get a cardboard piece or wooden panel and attach different sea glass, conches, shells, rocks and corals to it. Once it dries up or is properly stuck, put a glass cover on it and hang the frame on the wall.

You can also put wires or twines through the shells and hang them in the same way as hanging origami pieces described earlier.

07. Hang Preserved Flowers and Plants in Amber or Resin

Hang Preserved Flowers and Plants in Resin

Finding fossilized fauna or plants in epoxy or amber is something you can treasure at home, but those are not easily available and come at great price. Why not create your DIY preserved décor with plants and flowers grown around your house? Just get sufficient amount of amber or epoxy resin from a hardware or craft store or check online and put the flowers and plants into mould before pouring the resin mixture. Let it dry and hang the frame on the wall to watch the flora evergreen.

08. Recycle Colourful Magazines for a Mirror or Picture Frame – Recycled Old Mirrors

Recycle Colourful Magazines for a Mirror

Instead of spending money on beautiful picture frames or an extravagant mirror, why not repurpose old colourful magazine pages into rolls to create a unique frame? Not only do these look vibrant, but also have significantly less weight than conventional frames that are prone to break from falling or over time.

09. Melt Crayons to Create a Colourful Picture- Repurposed Crayons

Melt Crayons to Create a Colourful Picture

Discarded crayons can cause serious health issues if anyone swallows those due to the toxin. If you have old unused crayon pieces, melt them at home, mix those as per your choice and create an abstract painting with repurposed crayons. If there is sufficient amount of melted crayons, you can use them directly on the wall with a brush or roller to create different patterns.

10. Use Old Strings and Twines for a Dreamcatcher

Use Old Strings and Twines for a Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are among the most intricate and coziest décor pieces you can have in your bedroom or living room. You do not have to buy one if you just learn the art of making one from old woolen strings and twines. Add some feathers or repurpose unused beads to add some decorations on the dreamcatchers.


There is no dearth of materials that you can use for repurposing and decorating your wall. Used postage stamps, bottle caps, clothing pieces and many more items are there to be reused. Making a change to make the world a better place to live in is the responsibility that is applicable to all.

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