Amazing Adhesive Wall Décor And Fittings To Jazz Up Your Boring Walls


One of the greatest pleasures of owning your own home is decorating the interiors and attaching fixtures of your choice. However, not everyone can afford to own their home for work, financial, or other reasons. One of the downsides of living in a rented house is that the owners will restrict you from making modifications that require you to drill holes. If you drill holes in your rented home, you could lose part of your security deposit. So, how do you solve this problem? Adhesive wall décor and fittings come as an excellent solution here!

Over the years, self-adhesive decorations have become increasingly popular as they are easy to use, remove and leave no traces behind on the walls. While these décor items are convenient for tenants, homeowners also prefer them as they don’t want to damage their walls. Here are some fun self-adhesive décor and fittings you can use to change the look of your home.

Adhesive Wall Décor And Fittings Ideas For A Quick Home Makeover

01. Removable Vinyl Decals

Removable Vinyl Decals

These peel-and-stick wall decals can help you add graphic elements to the walls of your living space. These self-adhesive wall art décors are easy to stick and remove and don’t cause any damage to your walls These decals can add interest to your walls or personalize your room. These self-adhesive wall art décors are available in many sizes, colours and designs (i.e. adhesive bats décor), making them suitable for any room, and if you happen to have a top-quality printer and cutter you can even make the best ones yourself.

02. Removable Wallpapers

Removable Wallpapers

These room décor self-adhesive wallpapers are a great way to add patterns or texture to the wall. These room décor self-adhesive wallpapers are a great way to add patterns or texture to the wall, offering a hassle-free alternative to traditional wall paintings. Like any other removable décor, you can remove them when the designs go out of style or when you want to change the look of your walls. These removable wallpapers are more expensive than regular wallpapers, but they are worth the money because they are easy to install and remove.

These room décor self-adhesive wallpapers are a hassle-free alternative to painting the walls.

03. 3D PE Foam Wall Stickers

3D PE Foam Wall Stickers

These are room décor self-adhesive wall stickers made of polyethene protective materials manufactured in different designs with 3D surface finishing. You can use 3D PE foam wall stickers on smooth surfaces, including painted walls, wallpapers, plastered surfaces with a wall putty finish, wooden surfaces, glass, and painted metallic surfaces. They also work well as home décor self-adhesive wall tiles.

These room décor self-adhesive wall stickers do not work on rough surfaces like unplastered brick walls, damp walls, or walls with seepage problems.

Peel-and-stick 3D wallpapers, like home décor self-adhesive wall tiles, are excellent for adding 3D aesthetics to your space.

If you want to know more about 3D wallpapers, don’t worry Gharpedia has written a detailed blog. Click on the below link to go through-

04. Removable Backsplash

Removable Backsplash

A removable backsplash works as room décor self-adhesive wall tiles. A backsplash is an easy-to-clean material placed on the wall behind a sink, counter, or stove. Backsplashes are used in the kitchen and bathroom. You can use them without going through the hassle of grouting and putting up individual tiles and potentially damaging your walls.

Many kitchen wall stickers are oil-proof and easy to clean as they are made of nonporous vinyl. Apart from keeping your walls clean, this self-adhesive wallpaper home décor is great for adding colour and design to your kitchen walls. The same is true for bathroom backsplashes.

05. Adhesive Towel Rods or Rings

Adhesive Towel Rods Or Rings

You can mount this item in your bathroom, kitchen, or next to the washing sink. Adhesive tower rods or rings are easy to apply and remove and are readily available in the market.

06. Self-Adhesive 3D Wall Edging Strips

Self-Adhesive 3D Wall Edging Strips

This self-adhesive wall décor item can also be make door frames, window sill decorations, or even a cornice. They add texture and character to your walls, doors, and windows. In addition, you can use them to complement your window treatments, curtain hardware, and other furniture in the room. They also work well as room décor self-adhesive wall tiles.

07. Adhesive Brackets And Curtain Rods

Adhesive Brackets And Curtain Rods

If you want to hang up curtains without damaging the walls, you can find ready-made curtain sets that include adhesive brackets or curtain rods. They are easy to install and remove and don’t leave any marks behind.

08. Removable Acrylic Mirror Setting Wall Stickers

Removable Acrylic Mirror Setting Wall Stickers

These self-adhesive wall décors are acrylic wall stickers with a mirror or metallic finish. This type of self-adhesive wallpaper home décor brings the new charm in your home. You can use a few stickers to create a unique-looking reflective surface in your living room or bedroom. With this décor adhesive, you can develop showpieces like vases, statues, picture frames, etc.

09. Self-Adhesive Mirror Stickers

Self-Adhesive Mirror Stickers

These self-adhesive wall décor stickers have a mirror finish, just like acrylic mirror stickers, except that they are more like sheets of paper. They are flexible and can even be stuck on curved surfaces.

10. Self-Adhesive Bathroom Accessories

Self-Adhesive Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is one of those rooms in a house where you need to fix many accessories like mirrors, shelves, soap trays, toothbrush holders, towel racks, etc. Unfortunately, most of these bathroom accessories require you to drill holes in the tiles. Self-adhesive bathroom fittings can save your walls from ugly holes while making it easier to remove them when you need to move.

11. Adhesive Strips And Hooks

Adhesive Strips And Hooks

These wall adhesive fittings are the perfect substitute for nails if you can’t find any adhesive items online. Adhesive strips and hooks are an easy and affordable alternative to hanging up your picture frames, curtains, bathroom fittings, and other wall décor. A great example of these are the strips and hooks sold by Command. Different types of adhesive strips and hooks are available for objects of different weights.

Things To Consider Before Using Self-Adhesive Wall Décor And Fittings

  1. Keep a theme in mind before shopping for self-adhesive décor or fittings. Make sure that the stickers, wallpapers, etc., match the style of the room.
  2. Not all wall surfaces are suited for wall adhesive decorations. Make sure you read the descriptions and buy the right items.
  3. Avoid mounting stickers and other wall adhesive décor items on freshly painted walls.
  4. Plan the location on the wall for the sticker, wallpaper, or other adhesive decoration and clean the area before mounting the product.

Apart from self-adhesive décor products, there are many creative ways to mount décor, accessories, or art on your walls, including pegboards, corkboards, wooden frames, tin ceiling tiles, etc. Adhesive decorations are more convenient and can be used in places where other methods are not feasible. In addition, self-adhesive materials are more accessible and affordable now, making them more attractive even to homeowners.

We hope this article on self-adhesive wall décors and fittings, inspired you to try some of these décor adhesive in your home. Many self-adhesive wall décor pieces are on the market, many of which are extremely expensive. But you just need to invest a little of your time and imagination, and you can use recycled décor items.  You can use the following innovative and simple recycling ideas–

10 Wall Decoration Ideas with Repurposed Materials!

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