Aluminium Paint: All that You Wanted to Know

Aluminium paint is a coating material which is made from a mixture of oil varnish and aluminium pigment in the form of thin flakes which overlap in the paint film and which reflects the sun’s radiation well and retains the heat in hot-air or hot-water pipes or tanks. The resin helps the paint to flow, and gives it strength and durability, while the aluminium flakes give the paint a shiny, metallic finish. This type of paint generally has a silvery finish, and many manufacturers produce only one shade of aluminium-based paint.
In the aluminium paint, the base material is aluminium powder. Aluminium paint is used for painting wood work and the metal surface. This paint is recommended for its good weather resisting and water proofing qualities. It is highly heat resistant and also resistant to corrosive action. It has brilliant silvery shining texture. Therefore the paint has the advantage of being visible in the darkness.


  • Aluminium paints are easy to apply. Aluminium paint dries quickly. It can be applied by brush, roller and spray, too.
  • Aluminium paints are used to paint a variety of materials, including metals, wood, Structural steel, and masonry. It is also used for painting metal roofs, steel sheet, machinery, electric and telegraphic poles or towers, oil and gas storage tanks, hot water pipes or tanks, etc.
Aluminium Paint

Properties of Aluminum Paints:

Aluminium paints have good protective properties with heat resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation. It is long lasting and durable and is one of the best types of paint to use around oil, grease, and chemicals. These materials offer a realistic aluminium finish and are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminium paints are available in 1-ltr, 4 ltr, and 5 ltr, 20 ltr packs. Aluminium paints are available in the market with several different finishes such as silvery, shiny, metallic, bright metallic etc.
There are different products available for wood, steel sheet and metal surface in different ranges and under different brands. Some of the typical products of few known manufacturer companies are listed below.






01.Asian PaintAsian Heat Resisting Aluminium PaintMetal , Wood and MasonryHigh
02.Nerolac Paints Nerolac Aluminium PaintStructural Steel, Steel Sheeting, Bridges, Oil and Petrochemical Storage TanksMedium
03.Shalimar PaintsAluminium Paint
Lustrol Aluminium Paint
Metal , Wood and Masonry
Metal , Wood and Masonry

When you use aluminum paint than observing precautionary notices displayed on the container. Use it under well-ventilated conditions and avoid skin contact. Spillage on the skin should be immediately removed with a suitable cleanser, soap and water.

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