19 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Ideas For the Christmas Season!

It would be rare to imagine a house without a Christmas tree during Christmas. Of course, we all love it! A beautiful green tree symbolizing the holiday season is probably the first thing when you think about Christmas. Fresh leaves are always charming, but they also need lots of maintenance. Isn’t it? Well, if you are annoyed by all the periodic yearly maintenance an actual tree demands? An artificial Christmas tree is the answer for you. It not only frees you from maintenance worries but also has many other benefits.

The charm of a freshly cut Christmas tree has been tricky to replicate until now. However, artificial trees design has improved like real ones. Britannica Encyclopaedia traced the history of artificial Christmas tree ideas from the 1930s when they were made of brush bristles to the 1950s and 60s of aluminium and PVC plastic plants to the improved versions of now. These artificial come in handy where it is difficult to find fresh trees. They are also economical and reusable; if maintained well.

Best Artificial Christmas Tree Ideas

Artificial Christmas trees definitely have many pros, but it’s equally vital that you pick up a good-quality tree. If you feel restricted that there would be minimal choices then you are wrong. There is a complete spectrum of fake Christmas trees available. We help you explore these ideas to add to your Christmas décor style.

Now, let’s have look at some best artificial Christmas tree ideas.

01. Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas tree

Do you know what is good about pre-lit Christmas trees? It is pre-made, and yes, it is wonderfully done. Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees have LED lights hand-strung to the tree branches to make your Christmas magical. It also has snow over it. Adding extra lights around the tree is optional. You can replace its bulbs easily in case of any damage or breakage. These Pre-lit LED trees are available in clear, multi-colour or colour-changing effects, giving your Christmas tree more versatility. If you plan to light up your house with LED lights to match the vibes of the tree this festive season, check out the

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Design writer ‘Kristi K’ have listed Fraser fir, silver tip faux fir, doglous fir, and other fir trees as the best option per the “Best artificial Christmas tree idea” article. You may also like artificial fir pencil pre-lit Christmas tree with metal base, including multi-colour incandescent mini lights.

02. Faux Snow Christmas Tree

Faux Christmas Snow Tree

This dreamy frosted faux snow Christmas tree will make your Christmas holiday white. You can opt for this, especially if you live in a warm weather state.

03. Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Fibre optic Christmas Tree

These fibre optic Christmas trees are more in demand and look nicer. The fibre optic lights come from a singular source transmitted and emitted through the numerous microfibres. Here the lights are not limited to white; you can have multiple colours too.

But it would help if you also kept in mind that in case of any defective lights, the fibre optic lights are difficult to replace because they are built into the tree. So if the lights are damaged, you may need to replace the entire branch or tree of the fake Christmas tree.

04. Tinsel Christmas Trees

Tinsel Christmas Tree

The silver colour looks very classy! It can be why some people choose to have a shiny Christmas tree at home. The good thing about this artificial Christmas tree idea is that they are light reflectors, and even if you don’t put up the Christmas lights around them, they still seem to glow. Further, you can decorate it with your favourite Christmas ornaments. You can also go for other colours like pink, blue, golden, etc. These tinsel Christmas tree are much more appealing when installed.

05. Metallic Christmas Trees

Metallic Christmas Tree

These metallic Christmas trees are strong compared to other trees. It is usually an abstract form of a Christmas tree in 2D or 3D; it can be customized as per requirement. You can also hang your favourite ornaments on this tree. They are also available with adorning led lights.

06. Wall Christmas Trees

Wall Christmas Tree

You need not stay away the festive mood even if you have limited square footage. Just find an empty wall or a corner in your studio apartment or condo, and make a wall Christmas tree. It is an ideal space-saving solution for artificial Christmas tree ideas. Furthermore, this festive season ensures that all the prominent corners of your house are decorated; you can refer to 15+ unique ways to decorate empty corners for ideas.

Many objects, like cordless pre-lit garlands, ribbons, fake leaves, etc., are readily available in the market for your DIY Christmas tree ideas. It’s entirely up to you to make it grand by adding your favourite ornaments or keeping it simple. Engineer your space has provided a detailed DIY video to ease the creation of a wall Christmas tree. Jazz it up with some fairy lights, and you are ready to rock.

07. Mini or Small Christmas Trees

Mini or Small Christmas Tree

Mini or small Christmas trees are more like miniature versions that can be placed on a tabletop, some corner, or any empty space in the house. If you already have a huge tree, if your work keeps you busy, or if you plan for a small intimate setting, then these small Christmas trees are the best solutions. This little tree on their dining or living room tables helps create a festive mood setting. They are available in almost all materials, from cloth and wood to metal. It is available in abstract or a proper miniature form. You can also make one at home with the help of step by step video on DIY Christmas Tree Décor.

08. Ceramic Christmas Trees

Ceramic Christmas Tree

If you love minimalist and easily washable trees, then the ceramic Christmas tree works best for you. They are available in various sizes, from table tops to lifesize ones. Remembering the older days, you can opt for this small tree as a vintage to make your festive more striking. However, even modern-day renditions are available with minimal details. It is easy to clean and maintain and can also be used for outdoor décor.

09. Upside Down Christmas Trees

Upside Christmas Tree – 1

Upside down world is a fairytale fantasy for kids and grownups. Well, this Christmas season, give the same touch of imagination with an Upside-Down Christmas tree. This type of fake Christmas tree is becoming popular and eye-catching due to its anti-gravity feel.

Everyone would love the upside-down Christmas tree concept.

Have a glance at a few exciting décor ideas.

Also, add your favourite superhero to it.

Upside Christmas Tree – 2

An upside-down Christmas tree with minimal ornaments suits best for minimalist interiors.

Upside-down Christmas tree - minimalist interior

10. Ombre Spruce Christmas Tree

Ombre Spruce Christmas Tree

A unique ombre spruce Christmas tree is definitely a showstopper for your home. Whether you want to match your room’s colour scheme or plan to create a glam vibe in your home, it is worth adding.

11. Artificial Champagne Gold Christmas Tree

Champagne Gold Christmas Tree

A champagne gold tinsel tree is perfect for your home if you want to add a chic touch to artificial Christmas tree idea. It is a bit glittery than your standard green Christmas tree, but it still looks impressive.

12. Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas Tree

One out-of-the-box idea is the rainbow Christmas tree. All you need to do is add colourful Christmas ornaments in a sequence of the colour of a rainbow to your artificial Christmas tree, and you are done… Then, add a star on the top. You can also make trees with artificial flowers, ribbons or bristles in rainbow colours. Well, this pride Christmas tree would be a great way to represent LGBTQAI+ this Christmas.

Pride Christmas Tree

13. Potted Artificial Christmas Tree

Potted Artificial Christmas Tree 1

How about opting for a potted artificial Christmas tree for this Christmas? Pot can sometimes be small. You can add according to your requirement, be it medium placed in a planter or bucket. You can use them indoors as well as outdoors decorated with Christmas lights. It looks gorgeous when decorated with lights, snowflakes and cranberries. You can also make your DIY planters with help of unique DIY planters article.

Potted Artificial Christmas Tree 2

14. Collapsible Artificial Christmas Tree

Collapsible Artificial Christmas Tree

Another decorative yet efficient artificial Christmas tree idea is collapsible one, i.e. when Christmas arrives, open it and make a tree by pulling upwards and, when not in need, pack it up. Now a days we get ready made collapsible artificial Christmas tree with decorative lights, ribbons and ornaments.

Make sure to store your artificial Christmas tree with care when you’re done with it for the season so you can get many more years out of it.

15. Floral Christmas Tree

Floral Christmas Tree

Yes, flowers can add a dash of magic to everything. So, this Christmas season, let the flower spell its magic with the floral Christmas tree. Put your flower arrangement skills to work and put together your favourite flowers to form the world’s most beautiful fake Christmas tree.

16. Succulent Christmas Tree

Succulent Christmas Tree 1

Have you ever wondered if the succulent on your centre table can make a wonderful Christmas tree? Shocked? Well, take a few varieties of succulents and bouquet them up to form a small conical-shaped succulent Christmas tree. This Christmas tree is surely going to get you a lot of compliments. Even house plant add a wow factor to your indoors.

Succulent Christmas Tree 2

17. Bottle Christmas Tree

Bottle Christmas Tree

You heard it right! If you have a lot of empty glass wine bottles kept being discarded, wait for a while. These bottles can be used to realise your artificial Christmas tree idea. Most of you will have a tree frame welded. All you’ve got to do is place these glass bottles on them, light them up, and enjoy the gazes you will earn from bottle Christmas tree.

18. Twig Christmas Tree

Twig Christmas Tree

This one’s going to be fun! If you have little children at home, put them to work to create fake Christmas tree. Ask them to collect some twigs of different sizes. Once you have all your twigs ready, teach your kids to place them one below the other, starting with the smallest and moving to the largest. Now tie them up in the middle. Hang the twig Christmas tree frame on the wall. Embellish it with decorative pieces, pompoms, laces, or even paint. Add a few glittery lights, and there you have accomplished a mission.

19. Pin-up Christmas Tree

Pin up Christmas Tree

A minimalistic and easy pin-up Christmas tree is for those who believe in swiftly working things out. Take a pin board and pierce the pins in a conical shape. Now run the fairy light string through these pins to form a tree-like image. You can also add pictures to it. Your simple yet elegant fake Christmas tree is ready.

Adjusting the Final Star at the Top

All in all, hope these artificial Christmas tree ideas will make a statement around your space this holiday. In our comment box, you can share your thoughts about faux but creative and pleasing Christmas trees. It would be our pleasure to add your creative ideas to our blog.

Besides Artificial Christmas trees, there are many more things to do at Christmas indoors and outdoors. Explore more ideas for them here and enjoy your Christmas…Happy Holidays…!

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