The Importance of Getting the Exterior of Home Cleaned by Professionals

House cleaning is a crucial task for all homeowners, which includes both the internal and external parts of a building.

For internal cleaning purposes, personal efforts can be employed. The basic tasks of interior cleanings, such as vacuum cleaning, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and wiping, are doable by most family members or with the help of their maids and house helpers.

The exterior parts of a building are often subject to great weather forces that cause deterioration over the time. These damaging effects make the cleaning process increasingly difficult. Due to the difficulty involved, apparent neglect to the cleaning of a building’s exterior impacts an overall depreciation.

Hence, homeowners that take the overall maintenance of their homes should seriously consider outsourcing their exterior cleaning projects. Exterior house cleaning must always be done by professionals, such as First Class Clean, Shack Shine, Russell Roofing and Exteriors to avoid getting a shoddy job done.

In this article, you will learn the importance of getting the exterior of your home cleaned by professionals:

01. Know the Best Approach to Be Used for Exterior House Cleaning

Professionals never go on a hunch or a quick guess of what needs to be done. Typically, professional cleaners, such as a power washing company, will carry out a quick investigation on what needs to be cleaned on your structure, like a full diagnosis of the building in question. This is opposed to starting the work in a rush and running the risk of leaving something out, which is a general practice of non-professionals.

With the results of this check, they make a recommendation for the scope of work that needs to be done. Following a mutual agreement with the homeowners, the cleaners would proceed to work based on the recommendation they’ve made.

This approach puts the homeowner’s mind at rest knowing that the job will be done accurately and at once.

02. Must Have Comprehensive Information on How the Exterior Cleaning Should Be Carried Out

After carrying out an appraisal on your building’s needs, the next thing is how to go about the job. It is another aspect professional outshine quack cleaners. Professionals know the best approach to use for different external dirt on your building.

Different chemicals are utilized in external house cleaning, and using this in the right combinations is essential. This is what a professional cleaner ensures on projects.

This ensures that you get a cost-effective cleaning budget. Also, such detailed cleaning processes assure that your building is not further damaged.

03. A Good Array of Equipment and Experienced Workers for Exterior House Cleaning

A Good Array of Equipment like Pressure Washer and Experienced Workers for Exterior Home Cleaning

Lack of equipment and unskilled labour can prove disastrous to the eventual result of an exterior cleaning project. Knowing what to do and how to do it without the necessary equipment to be used can result in poor workmanship for just any project.

Improvisation would not suffice for such a detailed project as outside house cleaning. For example, specific temperature and pressure ranges are required to carry out power washing on a building. Without the right equipment, these values cannot be attained.

Therefore, professionals must be employed for exterior cleaning as they possess an excellent array of equipment, with a wealth of skilled and experienced labor to get the job done.

04. Hiring Exterior House Cleaner Can Save Time and Money

Hiring Exterior House Cleaners can Save Time & Money

The systematic approach of professionals to their work saves time in the long run. Their due process of investigation, procurement, and execution pay off in terms of time spent. Since they know what they want to achieve right from the start, they’re not slowed at any point on the job.

Also, the comparative costs of a routine exterior cleaning of your property and not doing so will save you a lot of money. By cleaning your home’s exterior regularly, you stand to prevent significant damages that would otherwise be impacted on the structure.

If you avoid routine exterior cleaning, full-scale repair work is imminent. Sometimes, exterior cleaning exposes building sections that are in the process of being breaking down, which needs to be addressed quickly. This will save you from having to overhaul the entire exterior of your building eventually.

05. Brings A Lasting Solution to Your Building’s Problems

Usually, exterior cleaning doesn’t have to be done too frequently. The standard period between exterior cleaning jobs ranges from 6 to 12 months. The reason being that most exterior surfaces are built to withstand harsh weather conditions but take a hit after a while.

However, if professionals don’t handle your exterior cleaning job, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be repeating the entire process within a shorter time.

Work done by professional cleaners guarantees a thorough cleaning process that won’t have to be repeated in a very short while.

06. The Structure’s Life is Preserved by Outside House Cleaning

Various external elements pile onto a building regularly, such as bird droppings, algae, mould, and mildew. These very unattractive elements affect not only the appearance of a building, but also impact considerable damage to your home’s structure.

For example, mold and mildew often grow on wood. These give a discolored look and retain dampness on the wood, thereby weakening it. They’re removable with a pressure washer and effective when done right. This will prove to preserve your building’s life in the long run.

Surface finishes, like paints, are also protected better with effective power washing. The right application of pressure on the surface would ensure that the paint is not peeled off or faded along the line.

07. Increases Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Resale Value

Increase in Home's Curb Appeal and Resale Value with the Exterior House Cleaning Professional

One of the significant factors that increase the resale value of a building is a good curb appeal – the attractiveness of your property and its surroundings. Thus, even when you’re not considering selling your home soon, a professional exterior house cleaner would inadvertently increase its resale value.

Also, a good curb appeal provides a welcoming atmosphere of your home to visitors. It also makes the home a wholesome living environment for the inhabitants.


Carrying out the exterior cleaning of your home might prove to be not only stressful but also ineffective and expensive. By employing the services of a professional cleaner, you stand to benefit in so many ways.

Due process is followed and a detailed project overview given to the client by professionals. Some professional cleaners even offer a follow-up check on your building after job completion. It is, therefore, essential that homeowners employ the services of a professional for their home’s exterior cleaning.

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