How to Get Rid of Paint Brush Marks Defect?

Repainting your house is one of the best ways to refresh and completely change the aura of your house. They are what set the mood in your everyday life. Applying paint seems very easy task to do but occasionally things may go wrong and paint defects may get observed. Various types of defect like flaking, blistering, chalking, brush marks, etc. may be appeared due to faulty workmanship, or using poor quality paint or tools. These paint defects are occurred before, during or after the paint application.  Paint brush marks is one of the most observed paint defects after the application of paint. It is visible on external as well as on the internal surface of the house.

Paint Brush Marks Defect

Paint brush marks defect is caused due to poor application of the final coat or using a poor quality brush. Inadequately rubbing down the old paint surface can cause this paint defect. We have written a detailed article on causes of paint brush marks defect recently. Have look on it and understand why this defect occurred?

You need to find the appropriate solution to remove paint brush marks defect. Therefore, here we have written precautions and also repairs to remove paint brush marks defect which may be helpful for you.

Precautions to Remove Paint Brush Marks Defect

Precautions to be taken to Remove Paint Brush Marks Defect from the Painted Surface

  • First, carefully prepare the surface and make sure the poor or old paint is rubbed down before the paint application.
  • Always dust off the surface with dampened cloth before the paint application.
  • Apply an adequate thickness of paint.
  • Skilled paint workers are required to prevent paint brush marks
  • Skin often forms in old paint of cans. If you spot it, carefully lift it before stirring.

Tips to Remove Paint Brush Marks Defect

Tips to Remove Paint Brush Marks Defect from the Painted Surface

  • If the surface is too porous, apply a primer coat to ensure a uniform finish.
  • Use thinner before paint application as per recommendation by the manufacturer.
  • Apply the paint evenly and lightly in the same direction.
Apply Paint Evenly to Remove Paint Brush Marks
  • Allow the paint to dry for few days even though it may seem dry after a few hours, only the surface will have dried, not thoroughly.
  • Rub down the paint brush marks areas with fine wet and dry sandpaper. Then wash the affected areas with clean water. Allow them to dry thoroughly and then apply a new top coat.
  • Use good quality brushes to remove paint brush marks defect.

Therefore,to remove brush marks paint defect,always follow proper painting procedure and use good quality paint brushes so that this type of paint defect does not ruin the aesthetic of the house. Understandfully the causes of paint brush marks defect and then get the right solution to prevent it. It will make the paint job easier and long lasting and also defect free!

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