10 Ways of Handling Cement Bags Manually

Cement is one of the most famous building materials in the modern world. Cement has replaced all other building materials, like clay and lime, which ruled high for hundreds of years, in construction from last century. It can hold the structure together.

Generally, cement bags are stored on site temporarily during construction of a building. To avoid poor quality of construction; careful transportation and handling of all the building materials is essential. By following proper precautions for cement bag handling, breakages and losses can be reduced to a minimum, resulting in saving of time and money. Here we have information on cement bag handling at the site to avoid wastage.

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Precautions for Cement Bag Handling

01. Never Drop the Bags

Never drop the cement bags from the head height as this can weaken the paper sack considerably and may cause breakages soon.

Cement Bag Handling

02. Pick up From the Bottom Side

Bags should be picked up with the hands supporting the bottom side of the bag. They should never be pulled over other products or ground. The last layer of bags on the pallets should be rolled off first and not pulled. Particularly, care should be taken not to roll bags onto the corner of the pallet.

Pick up From the Bottom Side

03. Roll Over Before Lifting

Cement bags should always be rolled over before lifting. This will loosen the consolidated cement within the bag and reduces the possibility of the splitting of cement bag. In addition, this also allows for the underside of the bag to be checked for any damage before lifting, thereby avoiding further damage to the cement bag.

Roll Over Before Lifting

04. Pick Up Correctly

Heavy bags like a 50 kg cement bag if not picked up correctly, then can cause extreme stress on the spine and could result in a back injury. Anyone handling the cement bag should be well trained in using their legs and arms to raise the load. Where possible, two workers should pick up a cement bag to prevent personal injury and also damage to the cement bag.

Pick Up Correctly

05. Carry Properly

Bags should be carried at waist height or flat on the shoulder.

Carry Properly

06. Do not Hold From the Ends

Never hold the cement bags from their ends. Not only will this be very stressful on the arms, shoulders and back, it will also cause the bag to sag and rip. This is why cement bags should always be supported on the underside.

Do not Hold From the Ends

07. Never Step on the Bags

Never walk over the cement bags as it can tear/damage the stack.

Never Step on the Bags

08. Lay the Bags Properly

Cement bags should not be stored on their sides or standing upright. Lay the bags on their broad, flat sides when stacking.

Lay the Bags Properly

09. Use the Trolley Correctly

When using a trolley, ensure that it has extended tines to give complete underneath support for the cement bag, even if it is being moved for a relatively short distance.

Use the Trolley Correctly

10. Carefully Place Bags on the Trolley

Be careful not to tear the bag by banging the trolley tines into the side of the cement bag. Never pick up the bags directly from the floor with the trolley. Always lift bags onto the tines.

Carefully Place Bags on the Trolley

These are some tips for cement bag handling which a contractor must instruct and train the labourers to save time and money. These precautions will also help in the safety of the labourers.

Image Courtesy – Afrisam

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