5 Precautions That Should Be Taken During Cement Transport

Cement is one of the most commonly used building materials. It is a binding material which is used to make concrete and mortar. Cement ultimately can affect the strength as well as the life of the structure. Cement is an expensive material and hence should be transported and stored carefully during construction. Cement is a hygroscopic material. Therefore, it is essential to check that during transportation, cement bags do not get damaged. Careful loading/unloading (transportation) and storage of cement bags can save your money.

The guidance given in this article if followed, breakages and losses can be reduced to a minimum, resulting in ultimate savings. Following are the precautions should be taken during cement transport to avoid any problems.

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Precautions During Cement Transport

01. Remove any sharp objects from the cement transport vehicle such as cement bulker, before loading cement bags, so that the bags are not torn or damaged. Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry before loading the cement bags. If there is moisture in the vehicle, then cement will start hardening and lose its purpose and ultimately result in damage.

Ensure the Vehicle is Clean

02. Load cement bags carefully into the cement transport vehicle, making sure that they are covered (i.e. with a tarpaulin) and tied down securely. Always stack the cement bags in the same way (i.e. in alternate directions); even if the bags are not palletised. Otherwise, if any pothole comes up, then cement bags may get toppled down.

Cement Transport

03. Never drop the cement bags from the vehicle. It can damage/torn the cement bag, and it becomes useless.

Never Drop the Cement Bags

04. Do not overload your cement transport vehicle. It may damage the vehicle. It can also reduce the manoeuvrability of the vehicle, which may lead to increase in time of transportation or occurrence of accidents. Load cement bags in limited and permissible quantities.

Do not Overload the Vehicle

05. If rain or fog is expected during a cement bulker or cement truck shipment, the cement bags should be stacked on pallets on the bed of the truck. Bags of cement should not rest directly on a moist truck deck. They should be covered with canvas, and the tarp placed so that water splashing upward from the deck of the truck and will not wet the cement bags.

It is crucial that loading and unloading of cement bags should be done carefully and safely. If possible cement transport must be avoided on days when the weather is bad. After the vehicle has reached the site or the required destination, cement bags must be appropriately handled and then stored in a room.

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