Corner Window and its Advantages

The windows allow natural light and ventilation in the house. The windows also help define the style of the house i.e. whether it is traditional or modern. Different types of windows make the construction of the house, challenging one.

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Corner Window

As the name suggests, the corner window is placed in a corner of the room of the house.  Here two windows meet at a corner or edge of a structure. The two adjacent surfaces of the house contain segments of the window which meet at the edge of the surfaces. The edge may or may not be vertically supported by the window frame.

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This window has two faces in two perpendicular directions. Special lintel has to be cast over the window opening. The jamb post of the window, at the corner, is made of a heavy section. (Perhaps the lintel will rest over it)

Corner glass window gives undisturbed exterior views and maximum interior light and visibility, particularly if the openings are the full height of the room. This window allows maximum light to enter and can be used as an architectural feature. The corner also needs to be watertight.


  • These types of windows provide light and ventilation from the directions at right angles to each other hence provide uniform light all throughout the day.
  • It serves as an architectural feature for improving the elevation of the house.
  • These windows give an attractive appearance to the house.
  • The corner window opens up the interiors to the surrounding landscape by providing a panoramic view. Therefore, it is ideal for a house with pleasant surroundings.
  • It also adds aesthetics of the interior space.
  • The corner glass window is an effective way to bring light to the interior spaces of the house.
  • Corner window adds a fashionable touch to the house.
  • Corner window is suitable for any space which needs day lighting. It is most appropriate for living area, kitchen, dining and study.
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However the challenge would be to design the structure, as at the junction of the window, it won’t allow any load bearing wall or column, needed to provide structural safety to the house. The corner joint would be again subject to some leakage. If these both factors are not dealt with enough seriousness, you may lead into a problem. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an architect or structural engineer.

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