Criteria For AC Unit Installation in Your Home!

How difficult it is to survive in the Asian / Tropical summers where the temperature reaches above 40 degrees Celsius? You might be facing many problems in summers like scorching heat, distracting headaches and sweaty clothes! The only solution to these problems is to go for AC unit installation for your room.
Air conditioners help to control the temperature and humidity of the room. An air conditioner can bring the room temperature lower than 25 degrees Celsius, which is the comfort level temperature for a human being. The temperature outside in summers is very high. Controlling this difference in temperature demands a proper system.

Air conditioners in a room

The role of AC is to provide cool and adequately humid air. The room containing this cool air determines the temperature of the room. So, there are some basic requirements of a room so as to fix an AC unit in it.

Basic Requirements of a Room for AC Unit Installation:

01. The room should be an airtight space. It should have proper functioning doors and windows to avoid leakage of cooled air.
02. The room should be dust-free to prevent the choking up of filters.
03. The room should have an adequate amount of power supply for AC unit.
04. It is preferable to have curtains and false ceiling in the rooms to reduce the heat generation by the external temperature.

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The Criteria for Fixing a Split AC Unit:

For Installing the Indoor AC Unit:

01. The surface required for AC unit installation should be a damp free surface.
02. The surface should be sturdy enough to take the weight of Indoor AC The AC unit should have at least 6-inch thick wall to mount the indoor AC unit. A 19mm thick plywood panelling can be an alternative for supporting the indoor AC unit.
03. The room height should be at least 9 feet (2700mm) (such that a clear height of 7 feet (2100mm)) is available from the bottom of the unit to fix the AC indoor unit.
04. The room should have provision for draining condensed water.
05. There should be a free space of at least 5 inches (125mm) from the side of the indoor AC unit installation. Similarly, there should be a free space of at least 4 inches from the top of the indoor AC unit for proper air circulation.

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For Installing the Outdoor AC Unit:

01. An outdoor AC unit should be placed where it can release heat into the atmosphere. One can use terraces for outdoor AC unit installation.
02. Preferably the location of the outdoor AC unit should not be in exposure to direct sun.
03. The outdoor AC unit should be accessible for maintenance.
04. The outdoor AC unit should have a free space of at least 12 inches (300mm) from the sides and back and 24 inches (600mm) from the front fan of the unit.
05. Two outdoor AC units should be placed side by side with their fan facing outside. Two outdoor AC units can be stacked one above the other but leaving a space of atleast 8 inches between them.

The Criteria for Fixing a Window AC Unit Installation:

01. The window for a window AC unit installation should have a sill of at least 30 inches (750mm) from the floor.
02. The sizes of window AC unit varies depending on the brands and tonnage of the AC. The window should have a minimum clear opening of 27” x 18” (700mm x 450mm) to accommodate the unit.
03. The window should be 20 inches (500mm) away from the adjacent wall to avoid wall absorbing the cooling.
04. The window frames should be preferably of wood to absorb the vibrations of AC unit.
05. Metal framing can create disturbing noises due to AC vibrations. There should be provisions for wooden packing in such metal windows.
06. The window should be accessible for maintenance.
07. There should be a clear space of 20 inches (500mm) behind the window AC

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Now, it is easy to select the room in your home to install a new AC. We would suggest looking at these criteria in your room and select the AC accordingly. If your room does not permit any of the two basic types, you can opt for other ACs like Cassette AC unit or floor standing units.
Nowadays, buying an AC is no more a luxury, but a basic amenity. Nor ACs are room decors but a comfort giving units. Thus, make sure your rooms have these requirements to welcome an AC before you order one.

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