Curtain Embellishments: 6 Curtain Decoration Ideas You Should Try

Curtains are one of the few elements of a room that you can play with and change to suit your tastes, personal preferences and moods. They add character to any room in your home. However, purchasing unique and stylish designed curtains can prove to be costly, especially for your entire house. But on the other hand, creative curtains can take your room to another level. Trending interior designs need not necessarily be costly, as long as you put in some effort, your time and creativity in it. So, one of the ways to change or improve the look of your curtains is by using curtain embellishments. In this article, we will look at how these curtain decoration accessories can turn your curtains into a work of art.


What are Curtain Embellishments?


Embellishments are decorative objects used to add interest to curtains, shades, and drapes (not blinds!). They provide contrasting colours and textures as they are applied around the edges of the curtains and help define their shape.

Curtain additions

Fringes, braids, tassels, and buttons are good examples of these curtain additions. Trims, tassels and fringes are the icings on the cake which add a traditional touch to your plain curtains. The fun thing about them is that you can attach them by hand!

Let’s look at some innovative curtain ideas to customize your curtains and spice them up with embellishments to create a statement piece in your homes:

You can go about embellishing your curtains or drapes in two ways:

  1. Adding elements to all the edges or the bottom
  2. Adding embellishments to the top

Adding Curtain Embellishments to All the Edges or the Bottom

Embellish your plain curtain

In order to make your curtains more interesting, you can embellish your plain curtain by adding elements to all the edges or the bottom of the curtain. Here are different ways for curtain embellishment ideas:

01. Define Curtain Edges and Headings with Cords or Ropes

Add texture to your curtains by hand-sewing cords or ropes along the leading edge of your finished curtains. The cord/rope can be of silk, cotton, or a combination of both. They can also be sewn across the heading of your finished curtains.

02. Give Your Curtains Character with Tassels and Button Tufts

Character with Tassels

Make your finished curtains fun by adding a row of button tufts or tassels along the bottom edge. Sew them a few inches above the bottom edge for them to hang nicely. Wool, cotton, or raffia makes for appropriate tassel material. Tassels and button tufts go well with most types of curtains, including sheer curtains and blackout curtains. Tassels are more fun when they are of a contrasting colour. For example, you can pair white curtains with navy blue tassels or maroon curtains with gold tassels.

03. Contrasting Curtain Borders or Pipings

Contrasting Curtain Borders

Add a border or piping to the edges of your curtains or drapes. The colour of your embellishments should match with the curtain or elements in it or a nearby decorative item. If your curtain is a neutral color, you can make things fun by adding a border with a contrasting colour. You can also eliven up a plain drape by adding an embroidered or patterned border.

04. Give Your Drapes an Oomph with Fringes

Drapes with Fringes

If you feel like your curtains or drapes are missing definition, you can jazz them up by sewing on some fringes along the edges. Liven up your plain curtains with contrasting fringes. Go crazy with metallic fringes for a shimmery effect, or go subtle with pastel or muted colors.

Adding Curtain Embellishments to the Curtain Top or Headings

Embellish your curtains

You can embellish your curtains by making small modifications. Glam up your curtains with the elements that can be added to the curtain top or headings to give a new look. Here are different ways to add embellishments for the same:

01. Pelmet Border

Pelmet border

Make your drapes more interesting by sewing a border across the front of the heading so they look like pelmets. If you are using a fabric different from your curtains, make sure there is a colour link in the two pieces. By adding pelmet border, you can know how to renovate old curtains.

02. Mini-Drapes


You can use embellishments at the top to hide the heading like a mini-drape. Hang a patterned or plain fabric from a pole above your curtains to achieve this look. How to embellish plain curtains? If your curtain is plain, you can add character to them by adding a patterned fabric as the embellishment. If you are not into patterns, you can make the mini-drape a solid contrasting colour or use a muted colour for a more subtle look.


Look at curtains as your canvas. Use any of these DIY curtain embellishments to splash your creativity on your window treatments. We hope this article on how to make curtains look elegant and curtain decoration ideas has been informative and fun!

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