DIY Curtain Wooden Pelmet Ideas to Enhance Your Interiors

Are you looking for a wonderful weekend DIY project? Well, here is an interesting one for you. This weekend, make a curtain wooden pelmet for curtains for a medium to small-sized window. It’s really easy to make wooden curtains pelmet.

What Is Curtain Pelmet?

It is basically a shelf on brackets with a strip of hardboard pinned onto the front and sides, but this piece is surely going to grab a lot of attention.

Wooden pelmets for windows are not in trend at the moment, but they do suit a folksy, traditional project like this, and the combination of pelmet and curtains is effective in creating a bold Romany-style statement.

One other added benefit of making a wooden box pelmet is that it creates another shelf in the kitchen and provides a perfect place to display painted plates, jugs or even a vase of flowers.

Before jumping into how to make a wooden curtains pelmet, let’s have a look at the things required to make painted wooden curtain pelmets.

Things Required to Make DIY Wooden Pelmet for Curtains

Things Required to Make DIY Wooden Pelmet
Things Required to Make DIY Wooden Pelmet

Below is a list of things required to make wooden pelmets for windows:

  • Shelving plan of dimension 15 cm X 2.5 cm (measure the width of the window plus 10 cm)
  • A length of the hardboard 15 cm wide or 6 mm MDF – enough for boxing in the two ends and the length of the front
  • Black base coat plus a selection of acrylic colours
  • Curtain rod and 2-end fittings
  • Drill
  • Hardboard pins
  • Long-haired artist’s lining paint brushes (fine, medium and broad)
  • Masonry bit and wall plugs
  • Saw
  • Screws for the brackets
  • Screwdriver
  • Shelf brackets
  • Small decorator’s brush
  • Small hammer
  • Spirit level
  • Strips of paper
  • Tape measure
  • White chalk pencil

Once you have all the things required to make a pelmet for curtains, you can start your much-awaited project, DIY wooden pelmet for curtains

The Step-By-Step Process on How to Make A Curtain Pelmet

Make a simple curtain wooden pelmet out of MDF or hardboard, paint it black and cover it with colourful Romany patterns.

Mark The Position Of The Wooden Pelmet
Mark The Position Of The Wooden Pelmet

Step 1. Measure and mark with a pencil the position of the wooden curtain pelmet 5 cm above the window recess. Check that it is straight using the spirit level. Mark the screw positions for the shelf brackets on the wall and on the shelf plank.

Drill Holes
Drill Holes

Step 2. Drill all the necessary holes, insert wall plugs, and fix the brackets to the wall.

Cut Hardboard To Make Curtain Wooden Pelmet
Cut Hardboard To Make Curtain Wooden Pelmet

Step 3. Cut the end pieces from the length of the hardboard to make the curtain wooden pelmet, then lay all three pieces flat and apply the base coat. Leave to dry, and then apply a second coat.

Mark Pattern On Pelmet
Mark Pattern On Pelmet

Step 4. Roughly mark out the pattern with the chalk pencil on the window pelmets. Avoid using a ruler; use strips of paper as measuring guides where you need them.

Paint Wooden Pelmet
Paint Wooden Pelmet

Step 5. Paint the window box pelmet with all the bands of colour and leave them to dry. Practice the base patterns on paper before applying them to the window pelmets, and when your hand has loosened up, move on to painting the pattern details.

Fix Wooden Pelmet
Fix Wooden Pelmet

Step 6. Paint as much designs as you like, and then fix the hardboard to the shelf’s front and sides. Screw the rod fittings into the inside ends. Use a small brush to touch up any pinheads or exposed edges of the painted wooden curtain pelmets, then fix the decorative wooden pelmets to the brackets.

That’s it! Just six easy steps and your Romany-style pelmet is up and running for everyone to admire!

Now that you have tried your hands on DIY wooden pelmet for curtains, have a look at some curtain decoration ideas that you must try.

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