9 Custom Pergola Ideas To Enhance Your Outdoor Space!


When your house has a beautifully landscaped backyard garden or front lawn, you can arrange a relaxing and pleasant outdoor space with pergolas. Custom pergola ideas are customised to add class and style to the regular ones.  According to Denise L. Caringer and Larry Johnston (ed.) (2004) (Authors of the book “Trellises, Arbrors & Pergolas: Ideas and Plans for Garden Structures” by Better Homes and Gardens) sometimes, especially when the hot summer sun beats down, it’s nice to have it made in the shade. And that’s a primary benefit of adding a pergola to your landscape-you can create your own shady retreat.

What Is Pergola?

These are small sitting or decorative structures with a roof, pillars or walls as the supportive framework, and a properly constructed hard floor. Although pergolas come in various architectural designs, they won’t add a bespoke and unique statement to the setup. Therefore, you must customize the designs and add a personal touch to increase the space’s appeal and relaxation.  In the following article, we will introduce you to some of the best custom pergola ideas that you can try to design a bespoke wooden pergola for your backyard or lawn and showcase unique pergola designs.

Nine Bespoke Pergola Ideas

01. Awning Shades

Awning shades are excellent for enhancing the beauty of your pergolas. According to Peter Jeswald (2008) (Author of the book “Patios and Walkways Idea Book”), if you live in a part of the country where hot, sunny days are the norm, or if your patio has a southern or western exposure and sometimes gets unbearably warm, consider installing an awning.

You can get the usual café-style awnings with a solid, dark colour base and thick vertical white straps. But if you want to add more comfort and enhance the décor, go for light monochrome shades such as green, pale yellow, pink, sky blue, beige, golden brown, light ash, and more.

If you want to make a statement, you can try out customized awning shades that you can design to your taste. For full shade coverage, choose between a single large awning and several smaller ones (for layering). This way, you can create custom pergola ideas and try your own unique pergola ideas.

Awning Pergola

02. Wooden Pergola With Roof

Nothing beats wood for decorating any space, whether it is the flooring inside, your furniture, or the patio. Wooden pergola ideas are evergreen. Add a charming statement with your pergola, go for a contemporary wooden setting. For example, you can make the pergola floor out of laminated wooden planks or include a rough-textured wooden table in the centre. Make sure the other décor elements meet the sophistication standard because contemporary is supposed to be the epitome of elegance and grace. Such contemporary pergola ideas will definitely make your house attractive.

Wooden Pergola

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03. Creating a Cosy Bedding

Planning to spend some quality time outdoors? Design a bespoke pergola with a cosy bed inside. Avoid more extensive beds, which are typically found in bedrooms. Instead, opt for a Divan bed or a small, circular bed with a comfortable mattress and fantastic upholstery. If you want to try custom pergola ideas without adding any furniture, simply place the mattress in one corner of the pergola, and cover it with a beautiful sheet. You can put some intricately designed pillows to bring out the best of the entire look.

Pergola with Bedding

04. Installing Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains is one of the best option if you want to feel enclosed. Such a curtain is made from translucent materials like crochet fabric, sheer cotton fabric, smooth satin fabric, and more. A bespoke pergola idea can easily enhance the elegance of the area while making sure you can spend your time away from prying eyes. One thing to remember is that the pergola should be surrounded by walls on two adjacent sides, with the remaining two openings for hanging the curtain.

Pergola with Sheers

05. Including Green Elements

Plants have become one of the most preferred décor elements. Thanks to the freshness they offer, the vibrancy of their brightly coloured flowers and leaves, and, of course, the excellent level of peace and serenity they provide. Incorporate garden pergola ideas by adding few plants and creepers. If the area is large, place a few potted plants at the corners and wrap the pillars with vines. When the space is limited, opt for a vertical garden wall, a bowl of succulents placed right in the middle or hanging flower plants. Garden pergola ideas not only make your place lively but also attractive.

Pergola with Greens

06. Outside Dining Arrangement

Another excellent modern pergola idea for creating a bespoke pergola is to include an outside dining table. If the place has a rustic feel, go for a wooden table with bar stools or wooden chairs. On the contrary, for a modern arrangement, go for a dining table with a metallic frame and a thick, transparent glass top. You can pair it with the high or low-back bar stools or the metallic garden chairs.

Outside Dining Pergola

07. Wicker Furniture and BBQ Station

Small backyard pergola ideas are great for throwing a small BBQ party with friends or family. To make the place ideal for barbecuing, you can add a couple of wicker furniture units, such as small, round stools, a wicker swing, and so on. Then, add a small BBQ station, a fire grill, and a music system to round out the set. Keep open space for smoke from the BBQ station and grill to disperse in the atmosphere when installing small backyard pergola ideas.

Wicker Furniture Dinning

08. Covered Ceiling with Hanging Lights

If the pergola’s ceiling is made of a rigid material, such as wood, concrete, steel, or aluminium shade, hanging lights can enhance its beauty. Installing a substantial inverted pendant light from the centre of the ceiling or adding a rail of platform lights on two opposite edges of the roof will be a great option. These lights will not only illuminate the area subtly, but they will also act as décor elements in the wooden pergola with roof. A floor lamp is also a wonderful choice if you have an accent chair or a lounge, high-back chair.

Lighted Pergola

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09. Poolside Pergola

You can create custom pergola designs for houses with a modern exterior and an outdoor pool by planning a pergola by the pool. It will add an incredible landscape and double as a relaxing spot by the poolside where you can gossip with others or simply nap. However, make sure that the deck surrounding the pool is large enough to accommodate the pergola without looking clumsy.

Poolside Pergola


Custom pergola ideas can enhance your outdoor space’s comforting and soothing vibes, but only when they have unique features. If you want to make your pergola design ideas stand out,  try some of the above pergola ideas attached to house that we have explained above, as well as custom pergola designs based on your needs. After all, it would be quite a loss if you missed out on the serenity and peace of being outdoors in nature. We’ve also included some garden design ideas. Check the links below for more information.

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