Décor Ideas that Will Make a Small Living Room Look Cozy!

Stylish Living Room Décor - Blue Velvet Sofa

Decoration speaks a lot about you. It describes your degree of creativity, your way of thinking, your style, your preferences and above all, your personality! Decoration gives a general impression about the people residing in that home! It is said, “You can’t use up creativity. Creativity never depletes. The more you use, the more you have”. Believe it or not but a good decoration definitely has a good impact on your body and mind. Decoration of your home allows you to lead good life-enhancing positive waves. Appropriate decoration of your small living room helps to keep your room organized, clean and even reduce your depression and stress, apart from enhancing its beauty. Better decor ideas for small living room are essential not only to make it look cozy but also to stimulate your moods for a happy life.Size, as they say, is not everything. At the same, we cannot deny with the fact that small rooms/spaces have their limitations. They are confined and they usually look clumsy. Yet, in spite of such limitations, with your artful skills, you can deceive your eyes and make your room look bigger. It all depends upon the colour you use, how you use, and where you use. Of course, light and depth of a room plays a significant role in maximizing the space.

Decor Ideas for Small Living Room

Here are few decor ideas for small living room that can make it look cozy.

01. Painting with Light Colors on The Walls and Floors

White Theme for Living Room

As stated by ‘Terence Conran’ (Author of How to Live in Small Spaces), “when your home is on the smaller side, it is generally best to opt for background colours that both reflect light and are inherently distancing in effect. It serves to push back the walls and create a sense of freshness and airiness.” If you choose white colour for walls and floor of your small living room, it will allow to brightening up the available space. You can place colourful furniture at the focal point of the room so that it will create an illusion as if the walls are at a distance. White colour generates a serene and contemplative mood hence, they are usually preferred.

Pale blue or grey, blush pink or dusky lilac are the perfect shades of colour for the walls of your small living room to give a fresh and attractive look. The light colour of walls helps to reflect the natural light within your small living room, which helps to give a bright and elegant look.

Small variations in tone can make a great deal of difference while you are basing a decorative scheme. The use of colours on walls depends upon the intensity of light the room receives. Blue colour is recommended for the rooms that receive good natural light.

02. Add Several Concepts Within Your Small Living Room

Graphic Wallpaper with Geometric Patterns

You can create a warm and natural look by selecting the graphic wallpaper with natural designs. Patterns can be very effectively displayed as a focal point on a single wall. Furniture and other accessories also play an important role in giving a spacious look to your limited space. Hence, the colour of the furniture and accessories needs to be selected wisely. You can also choose furniture, rug, and pillows with frizzy texture colour to establish a comfortable and snug environment.

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03. Try to Maintain Varieties with Liner and Geometric Prints

Linear Grey Shades for Curtain

You can try implementing varieties of linear and geometric prints for curtain and cover of different things in your small living room. This idea will help you express your structural sense including the illusion of extra length and breadth. The curtain’s fabric and design should not overpower the rest of the furniture and accessories. In fact, it should be in proper alignment with the room harmony.

04. Use Lighting

Washing Walls with Light

According to ‘Terence Conran’ (Author of How to Live in Small Spaces), “Light and its partner shadow are the means by which space is revealed to us. Good lighting is always important in the design of interiors, be it a practically or aesthetically.” Try out light in different parts of the room, particularly in the corners that are presently under lit.Direct light must be applied at the planes of walls and ceilings to create glowing backgrounds. Focusing light upwards towards the ceiling makes it seem higher; washing walls with light gives a room more spacious and radiant look.

05. Choose A Huge Mirror

Framed Huge Mirror

“Mirror mirror on the wall……” We know this prominent line from the story – Snow White and the Magic mirror. Absolutely, mirrors are magical! A framed huge mirror can make an interesting twist in your small living room. The reflection of a mirror will give a bigger and brighter look to your small living room. If you want to create a cozy and a cute look, you can choose color-coordinated objects such as cushions, curtains and rugs clustering together for getting a coherent appearance.

06. Avoid Corridor Effect with A Corner Sofa

Corner Sofa in Living Room

When the rooms are long and slender, it is good to use a corner sofa. By opting a corner or L- shaped sofa, you create a cozy corner that opens up space, thereby avoiding the corridor effect. A corner sofa would sit right against your wall. A corner sofa is a great way to restrict your lounge in an open and airy space.

07. Go for A Large Rug

Rugs for Living Room

Choosing a large rug with a bold pattern is a great décor idea to create a feeling of voluminous room. By placing a traditional sofa or L-shaped sofa, you can expand mileage of surface of your small living room. In addition to giving a better look to the room, it gives a nice feeling to walk, sit and lay on. These rugs also provide shock absorption. Thanks to its flexibility and cushioning.

08. Replacing the Coffee Table with Ottomans

Blue Sofa with Ottomans

You can use ottomans instead of a traditional coffee table and it will be a good choice to manage the space of your living room. You can keep a tray with books or flowers on the top of ottomans. Or else, you can also use them as an extra seating place. While enjoying a quality family time, it can be used as footrest. By choosing leather ottomans, you can make a better out of your small cozy living room.

09. Divert Focus Including Statement Pieces

White Upholstered Armchair

You can select one or two statement items such as a unique armchair upholstered within an attractive fabric, an out-sized table lamp or a striking piece of art. Our eyes are naturally drawn to light. Thus, taking into consideration the fact, you can focus light on whatever is worthy of attention – a fireplace, a decorative display or architectural detailing. You should try to maintain the rest of the room clutter-free. This will allow your small living room display a modern look, thereby drawing away attention from its dimension.

10. Create A Wall of Books with Other Things

Book Shelves on Walls

You can turn your small living room into a mini library by selecting a wall for making space for books. This will not only provide storage opportunities for books; but will give a stylish and an interesting look to the walls of your room. This idea will help you to free the floor space of your small living room.

11. Build Storage Near the Ceiling

Ceiling Storage for Living Room

You can get a clutter-free look by building storage near the ceiling. You can select a camouflaged color for storages to hide the presence of storages on the wall at a glance. Extra storages on the wall will help you keep your essential things orderly and you will get enough space on the floor to utilize it for some better purposes.

It is essential to keep your small living room orderly and fresh by choosing storages wisely. It will help you to keep everything well-organized and clean. Floating shelves, cupboards or floor to ceiling shelves are advantageous to make use of every space in your small living room.

12. Use Spaces Under Stairs

Space Under Stairs for Storage

According to ‘Terence Conran’ (Author of How to Live in Small Spaces), “make the use of under stairs areas for built-in storage. These stepped cupboards can be utilized for storing a variety of possessions. Many homes often ignore this area below the stairs. Another variation on the theme shows individual under stairs lockers used to store crockery in a kitchen.” The space under the stairs has plenty of potential. You should try to use this space more creatively. This area is mostly disregarded, but you can use it wisely and efficiently, even if it is a bit small. You can use it for built-in shelves or drawers, or wonderful bookcases. The skill is all about cleverly using the space and arranging the furniture. And remember it is always challenging to clean the area below the stairs.

13. Keep Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is one of the right selections for your small living room. It will help you to get free floor space. It will minimize the amount of furniture and also serve more than one purpose. For instance, you can choose a coffee table with storage bins, lidded stool or a sofa with the facilities for storage under the seating area, folding chairs, tables and stools.Thus, by choosing an option from the above-mentioned decor ideas for small living room, you will be successful in getting a creative and cosy look for your small living room. One misconception that people often fall prey to when decorating tiny apartments is having focus only on functionality ignoring design. Well, this sentiment cannot be far from the truth. Your home may be short on space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be short on style. In fact, you need to focus on filling your home with the furniture that fits not only your needs but highlight your personal aesthetic while you do so. Combining space-saving ideas and adding multi-functional furniture will express your intelligence and personal style. Your smart choice will provide you with space according to your requirement and will help you welcoming and outstanding look of your small living room. It is always appreciable when your small living room is equipped with perfect elements which are also essential to create sophistication and cosy elegance.

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