A DIY Homeowner’s Guide To Decorating A Swim Spa

For numerous homeowners, having a backyard swim spa is a long-awaited desire. Decorating a swim spa enhances the appeal of your outdoor space, facilitates the upkeep of a healthy exercise regimen, and furnishes a pleasant location for unwinding with loved ones. Moreover, a swimming pool heightens the allure of your home while hosting social gatherings.

Although the swimming spa is undeniably the primary attraction of your home, its installation is only the initial stage. Once you have realized your vision of a dream pool, you should purchase high-quality spa pools made in New Zealand and decorate them to allow the swim spa to exude its unique appeal. Swim spa décor ideas include adding embellishments such as decorative items, greenery, or comfortable furnishings can transform the overall ambiance of your outdoor space, giving it a welcoming and inviting appearance. You can convert your swim spa into a delightful and practical living area by incorporating DIY decorations.

Here is a Comprehensive Guide to Decorating a Swim Spa Area

01. Invest In Durable Decor

DIY swim spa makeover begins with purchasing durable accessories and decorations for your open-air living area. You can buy high-quality, well-designed swim spa pools from reputable companies like Trueform Spas.

Durable swim spa pool

After investing so much effort in creating a space that embodies your style, the last thing you desire is to include swim spa décor ideas prematurely. It will deprive you of the opportunity to relish your creation fully. Although a lower cost may seem alluring, it frequently indicates subpar quality or items that lack durability, particularly when exposed to outdoor elements.

02. Add Greenery to Your Swim Spa Decoration

To transform your spa area into a lush oasis reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, incorporating a variety of plants and rocks can work wonders. Consider arranging your plants more randomly and mixing multiple species for added diversity and a more organic look. Moreover, adding lush foliage and trees can enhance your privacy, introduce vibrant hues, and elevate the health benefits of your spa experience.

Plants for swim spa decoration

Alternatively, if you prefer a more refined aesthetic, arranging your plants in a symmetrical pattern and selecting those that complement a specific color scheme can create a cohesive and polished appearance. It creates a tranquil atmosphere that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.

In addition, when decorating a swim spa it’s crucial to carefully select the plants and trees you want to include, considering their ability to withstand harsh winter conditions. While some species may provide year-round privacy, others may require more attention and protection from frost.

03. Set Up A Focal Point With A Feature Art Or Wall

DIY swim spa makeover should enhance the visual appeal of your spa area. This can be done by adding a feature piece of art or wall that can drastically elevate its overall ambiance. You can incorporate natural materials, such as tile, stone, or wood, to construct a striking feature wall that seamlessly complements the appearance of your swim spa decoration.

Art piece for DIY swim spa makeover

It can serve as a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space. Additionally, hanging an art piece or featuring a beautiful sculpture can inject a touch of artistic flair into the area, further enhancing its visual interest. Integrating such creative touches allows you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor oasis.

04. Lighting for Swim Spa Decoration

Decorating a swim spa is incomplete without lighting. Incorporating lighting into your pool area is another excellent way to enhance your outdoor space and ensure your pool is usable all day and night. Traditional clear spotlights or LED lighting can illuminate your pool area and make evening swims more enjoyable. Here are some of the lighting components you can include in your DIY swim spa decoration:

  • Lampposts
  • Underlighting on steps
  • Tiki torches
  • Path lights
  • Lanterns
  • Fairy lights
Lighting for swim spa decoration

For a more unique and eye-catching effect, consider including underwater lighting in your swim spa, like the colored LED lights that can turn in colors and create a mesmerizing glow. Although this may require more effort to install, it can help create an exceptional atmosphere and add a distinctive aesthetic to your backyard oasis.

If your pool is the centerpiece of your outdoor space, ensuring the surrounding area is just as beautiful and inviting is essential. Adding outdoor lighting in your swim spa area allows you to create a magical ambiance that will enable you to enjoy your outdoor living space fully into the night.

05. Accessorize With Cushions And Towels

Decorating ideas for swim spas are inclusive of towels and cushions which are effortless yet impactful means of infusing a burst of color and elevating the comfort level of your spa setting. For decorating a swim spa select towels and cushions that align with your unique taste and the desired aesthetic you wish to attain. You may incorporate complementary patterns or a blended style for a more eclectic feel. Adding these small yet significant elements can further personalize your spa area and make it a cozy, relaxing haven.

Decorating a swim spa with towels

In addition, a towel rack can serve as an attractive and practical ornament for your swim spa area. You can DIY and construct your towel rack, which can be a fulfilling experience. However, if you intend to keep your towel rack outside, choosing a model designed to endure the weather is crucial. It will ensure that your towel rack remains functional and visually appealing for years.

06. Swim Spa Outdoor Furniture – Lounge Chairs

To create a welcoming environment around your swim spa, consider adding a comfortable swim spa outdoor furniture where people can relax and unwind without getting into the water. If you have enough space in your backyard, you can position your seating area next to your swim spa or separate from it.

Swim spa outdoor furniture

Each option has its advantages. A seating area close to the pool area is ideal for group conversations, while a separate one can offer greater privacy.

07. Create Some Shade

While soaking up the sun can be enjoyable, having shade in your swim spa area is essential, especially during the hot summer. You can create shade by adding an umbrella, a canopy, or a pergola.

A canopy for shade

An umbrella is a quick and easy way to add shade to your swim spa area. However, consider adding a canopy or pergola if you want something more permanent. These structures can provide a beautiful focal point and offer protection from the elements.

08. Add A Bar Or Refreshment Station

If you’re fed up with leaving your pool to grab refreshments from the kitchen, a refreshment or bar station could be the perfect fix. Moreover, it can also function as a holder for electric lights or candles, adding to the cozy and serene ambiance.

Holder for refreshment

You can choose to buy a detachable swim spa drink table, or you can place your table adjacent to it. Either way, it will provide you with convenient access to necessities while also improving the appearance of your hot tub area.


Ultimately, decorating a swim spa aims to transform it into a sanctuary where you can feel comfortable and calm in both your physical and mental states. Take your time, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the process of DIY swim spa decoration. With these tips, you can create an enchanting and welcoming ambiance around your swim spa that you can appreciate throughout every season. However, when decorating your swim spa, it’s crucial to prioritize practicality. Ensure that all decorating ideas for swim spas you select are appropriate for use in a spa setting, impervious to water, and won’t disrupt the operation of your swim spa. Moreover, consider the upkeep involved with every decoration because you want to save time tidying up and fixing things.

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