9 Relaxing Indoor Pool Design Ideas and Its Maintenance


Water has always been associated with peace and tranquility. The swimming pool has become the go-to place to find peace in a hectic city.  Going to a peaceful place gives you the same calm to relax your nerves. Creating an indoor pool design that projects the same essence is required for such a Zen element. It elevates and intensifies one’s experience in the space.

Getting Into the Groove of Zen with the Swimming Pool

Immersing in to indoor pool experience

There are various unique factors that contribute account for an individual’s experience of a swimming pool design preferences. Do you want prefer it to be entirely indoors, or partially indoors or have a complete connection to the outdoors with walls opening up in every direction? The location of the pool depends on how much coverage you prefer. It also matters whether you prefer a cold swim or a hot bath, as the temperature can influence your mood. Design engineering is vital in creating a hot swim, impacting design, construction, and equipment costs. Also, if you are looking for a property with an outdoor or indoor home pool, take a look at

Exploring the Themes for Indoor Swimming Pool Design

The tiling on the pool interiors and the deck floor can influence how you perceive space and register touch and feel. Furthermore, different elements used in indoor pool designs, such as colour, roofing, artefact placement etc., create a one-of-a-kind ambience. Incorporating all these elements brings the indoor pool room ideas completely in sync with your Zen.

9 Soothing and Inspiring Indoor Pool Designs

Let’s explore 9 such swimming pool room ideas and themes of combinations that could evoke the same in you.

01. Extending Home Decor to Indoor Pool

Influence of Roman interiors on Indoor pool decor

For the majority of us, a home is a place of comfort. Keeping this in mind, you can create an indoor swimming pool architecture that is an extension of the same. It entails incorporating elements from your living space into the swimming area. That can include everything from the flooring design to the ceiling light fixtures that complement the theme of the living room.

Home decor extended to the swimming pool

Showpieces such as vases or sculptures that represent your style and regular lounge chairs made of waterproof material can be added to the indoor pool.  Seating spaces can also be arranged along the indoor pool design’s length. The lounge space can even be left empty to highlight any intricate detailing or painting that adorns the walls of your living space. Mouldings can add a regal touch to subtly designed spaces. Of course, given its proximity, water damage is possible Still, there are water damage signs that everyone should be aware of in order to prevent things from getting worse.

02. Whimsical and Contemporary Pool Decor

Contemporary Pool Decor

Many people will always associate the classic retro blue and red theme with nostalgia. You can create a Zen-inspired contemporary pool interior area by drawing inspiration from the retro theme. The retro-themed red lounge chairs accentuate the classic blue mosaic-tiled beautiful indoor pool.

Whimsical indoor pool design

You can further expand the indoor pool idea by designing an inbuilt, red-tiled seating space. The ceiling can be covered with bright yet subtle coloured lights. Checkered wallpaper or tiles decorate the walls opening to the outdoors. The walls can be given a classic white background. It also provides a more nuanced approach to a retro theme.

03. Traditionalist upcoming with Vernacular Elements

Indoor pool decor with vernacular elements

Traditional and more eco-friendly materials, such as wood, lend a rustic vibe to the space. You can welcome the Zen by creating this mystical vibe with natural materials that we connect to. It would entail constructing the house or the part with the indoor pool design out of timber. The walls can be used to showcase nature by opening them up and letting in light. Author Ghisleni C, concluded in his article “What is Vernacular Architecture?” that vernacular elements incorporate the cultural aspect of the region and borrow resources from the surroundings.

Traditional flavor of indoor pool

The goal of vernacular architecture is to accommodate local culture. Pitched roofs with local roofing materials, rustic or natural material structures, and openings designed for local conditions are some benchmarks that will assist you in creating credible vernacular decor. The pots can be made of clay or mud to go with the theme of natural materials. Lounge chairs made of sleek metals can provide a contemporary pool interior aesthetic that contrasts beige and brown in an urban setting. In a rural setting, furniture can be made of wood or cane. Lighting can be the icing on the cake, with lantern-like or mid-century-inspired fixtures, or get innovative with local lighting ideas.

04. Sleek Modern and Technologically Advanced

Modern sleek indoor pool design

One way to achieve that ultimate relaxed mood in the modern indoor pool design is to use the technology we humans have developed.  When paired with a modern and classy interior space, you have the perfect combination to lift your spirit and relax you. The linear pool interior that stretches out with finishes such as granite, stone tiles or simple contrasting colour tiles can create a modern and minimalist theme.

Indoor pool decors lighting

When combined with recessed lights that change colour according to the circadian rhythm, you are presented with a personalised indoor pool-designed area. . These lights and colours change moderately according to our internal clock, allowing us to relax and enjoy our pool time. Extend this personalized indoor pool idea to include a separate seating area so that you aren’t interrupted by anyone else entering the indoor home pool area. If the concept of automation excites you, take advantage of the 14 benefits of home automation technology.

05. Luxury in the Making of Grand Indoor Pools

Luxurious elements of the pool decor

We frequently associate relaxation with luxury, and incorporating the same elements into an indoor pool house design environment can elevate the Zen in the space. Going for subtle yet rich colour combinations that are in harmony with intricate textures is one option for a luxury indoor swimming pool. Pool flooring, for example, can be made neutral and off-white to enhance the calming and subtle colour of the water. Furthermore, as a subtle transition from the intricate detailing on the wall to the pool interior, the deck flooring can be tiled to a beige-brown shade.

Moroccan indoor pools

Small and repetitive designs inspired by Moroccan culture can add a sense of opulence by using rich dark colours such as pink, orange, blue, etc. These colours maintain the Zen theme of indoor pool architecture. These designs can be part of a white and bright wall that lets the light accentuate the detailing of the space. Woodwork or a similar intricate design that ties in with fixtures in a darker, woody tone can also be used to decorate the ceiling. To increase the ambience, hanging light fixtures that continue the design can be provided. If you want to extend this luxurious indoor swimming pool feel to the whole house, please check out the

06. An Indoor-Outdoor Swimming Pool Experience

An indoor outdoor pool

An indoor pool design space is something we can use in the comforts of our homes regardless of the weather. This, however, prevents us from fully appreciating the outdoors and the pool Zen. There is a solution to have a piece of both heavens. An indoor-outdoor pool idea has an indoor and outdoor pool area connected by a transitional river. The pool design becomes a journey that you can embark on from either end.

Extension of indoors to outdoors

The indoor unit can be surrounded by relaxing, comfortable beds.  The outdoor unit can include a deck space for making drinks and hosting small dinners by the pool. A barbecue with some shaded lounging space can also be added. It is also possible to take a theme and transition from a modern, sleek interior pool space to a rough and earthy outdoor space.  Materials play a defining role in indoor and outdoor pool ideas. Metal fixtures, built-in podiums for soft cushions, and copper pots to hold planters can be used to decorate the interior. At the same time, a stone table, wooden seaters, and chairs with stone-finished flooring can complete the outdoor space. We have 14 tips for buying building materials to make sure that you make the best choice.

07. Accented Colors for a Sleek Dark Indoor Pool

Dark interiors for indoor pool

For a Zen atmosphere in a modern indoor pool design, classy and sleek black may be your go-to. Interiors completely smooth and dark, with black as the primary colour, can be pretty striking.  However, giving it more life can help amplify your Zen experience. Using a contrasting colour, such as subtle blue with tiling, can create a uniform yet soothing effect.

Accentuated indoor pool decor

You can add accent colours and textures to the walls of the indoor swimming pool design to highlight its vastness. Choosing tiles for the walls closer to shades of blue or beige can bring out the black or dark shades even more. With metal lighting fixtures and slender yet sturdy furniture, the indoor pool idea can be made classy and chic with metal lighting fixtures and slender yet sturdy materials for furniture.

08. Indoor Pool Wrapped in Green and Irregularity

Greens around indoor pool

Nature is the most effective element to incorporate when it comes to being in a Zen environment. So why not include more green space indoors, in addition to the swimming pool? Stone flooring and an extension of nature outside can be used where the planters are placed in your indoor pool garden.

Pool with planters

Instead of using pots, you can place soil and plants in niches, corners or embankments around the beautiful indoor pool. You can also leave patches of the floor exposed on the ground for easy planting. Creepers and climbers can be used to decorate a green wall. Simultaneously, the space opened entirely to the outdoors, similar to an indoor infinity pool. Finally, there are a few design ideas for rustic gardens to add more greens.

09. Balinese Swimming Indoor Pools

Bali has grown in popularity as a laid-back luxurious travel destination, which is very appealing to incorporate into your house. A tropical feel is created by an indoor infinity pool, tropical plants, and stone statues. One of the most important décor elements is the Bali swing; here are

Balinese indoor pool

In the book “Bali by Design”, designer Inglis K[403] listed thatch roofing, coconut, bamboo, handmade tiles, crafted wooden furniture, etc., as a few elements of Bali – inspired design. The use of wood and recycled wood, stone, bricks, pebbles and indoor pool gardens are also important elements. The shades and hues that they use are all derived from naturally occurring elements, such as leaves, wood, clay, and various metals. Pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, and other bright floral colours are added to the indoor pool design colour palette.

Bali vibes brought to an indoor pool

Swimming Pool Maintenance

These incredible indoor swimming pool designs will inspire you to experience a Zen-like state of mind. But to ensure that the ambience remains intact, we need to maintain these beautiful indoor pools. The Occupational and Environmental Health Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Report provides insights into swimming pool maintenance.

  • Make sure that the temperature of the water is maintained between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius. Exceptions are made for some spas and saunas.
  • For maintaining the humidity of a room, cross ventilation in an indoor pool design room is mandatory. 

Swimming pool maintenance revolves around four major components. They work together to make the pool run smoothly. The components, their functions and their issues are listed below

01. Filter System of Pool

Pool filter system

02. Skimmers and the Returns

Pool filter is the system’s beating heart. It is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the pool’s water circulation. It also aids in the protection of water from algae and other bacteria.

Skimmers and returns in the pool

Skimmers are holes on the side of the outdoor or indoor pool design that pulls back water to filter. Clean water is collected using the returns. It is important to keep the debris at bay because it can obstruct water flow.

03. Walls of Swimming Pool

Walls and floors of pool

Water is constantly in contact with the floors and walls. There is a tendency for algae or bacteria to grow regardless of the material. Regular scrubbing is required to maintain the pool. Also, the chemical balance must be maintained to prevent the growth of undesirable organisms.

04. The Water of the Pool

Chemical balance of pool water

Creating chemical balance in the water is critical for swimming pool maintenance. The PH level, alkalinity, chlorine, salts, stabilisers, calcium hardness, phosphates and dissolved solids in water must all be balanced. Furthermore, floating leaves and other debris are carefully removed. Floating leaves can be found in both open pools and indoor pool designs that include gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Swimming Pool

01. How Does One Save The Water Being Used on Pool Facilities?

Covering and checking the leakage in swimming pool

 Water-wise, Queensland has outlined a few key points for conserving water, including ensuring that scheduled swimming pool maintenance is carried out in accordance with the guidelines outlined above. First, make sure there is no leaks in the system; it can help you conserve pool water. Check that the chemical level in the water is within acceptable limits. In that case, it will protect the water from algae and other potential damage, reducing the need to change the water. To reduce water waste, use backwashes only when necessary and run them off into your lawn spaces. Water is saved from evaporation when the pool temperature is reduced when it is not in use.  You can also cover your pool when it is not in use to reduce water loss throughout the week. The indoor pool designs take care of the temperature and cover with minimal effort. 

02. Where is The Perfect Location to Keep an Indoor Pool?

Ideal location for indoor pool

The ground floor of your home, or a separate space out in the back if you have extra backyard space, is the ideal location for an indoor pool design.  This way, you can construct a detached pool house and have a relaxing zone separate from the rest of the house. The sewerage system, of course, should be nearby. Standards for Swimming pool, Design and Operation[404] recommended a 1-meter area around the pool for ease of maintenance. Hiring the right structural engineer will help you create the ideal swimming pool in the ideal location.

03. How Often Should The Pool Water Be Changed?

Filter for changing pool water

Engineer Perkins, H. P[405] author of the book ‘Swimming Pool’ has stated that changing pool water is dependent on the climate of the location. For instance, if it’s a freezing winter, it may be necessary to drain the pool before the freezing period begins. It is also important that the pool water is circulated every 8 hours; if this is followed, you can go up to 5 to 7 years without changing the pool water. Taking care of the water and the surroundings is essential for a healthy swimming experience.

Last Lap Swim in the Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor swimming pool for zen feeling

Indoor pool design reflects the Zen theme that resonates with you. If you are a nature enthusiast, bringing in more natural materials and plants can elevate the Zen of the indoor pool. On the other hand, if you want a modern and minimal aesthetic, go for a darker finish with subtly contrasting colours and minimal fixtures. A spa day for a queen? Then definitely choose to incorporate intricate, repeating designs and crafty fixtures. The options are endless, with elements to combine and build, analysis of your wants and Zen to create the perfect swimming experience for your wind-down days.

Along with the swimming pool, if you are also looking forward to styling your home, do check out.

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