10+ Important Electrical Safety Tips to Make Your Home Accident a Shock-free!

A safe work environment is not always enough to control all the potential electrical hazards. You must be very cautious and work safely when dealing with your any household electricals. It is so obvious that all the modern houses are surrounded by latest electrical appliances and devices. While using all these luxuries you also need to make sure that there is nothing more important than the safety of your family. Electrical shocks may occur in the blink of an eye without any prior indication. Thankfully, protecting your home and your family from these dangers is way easier than you might think! Most electrical injuries are actually highly preventable. All it takes is knowing the signs, and ensuring your family members are educated about the correct electrical safety tips for your home. Especially if you have a young family!
Any average household electricals include the gadgets like Air conditioner, TV, Computers, Mixture machine, Washing machine, Dryer, Geyser, Refrigerator, Iron, Microwave oven, Cooking stove, Inverter, Pressure pumps and many more.We, therefore, have to take safety measures to handle the home electrical to ensure your and especially electrical safety for kids! By addressing a few, key issues around your home and taking the proper precautionary measures, you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from falling victim to household electricals. Follow these electrical safety tips and make your home accident a shock-free!

Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home

01. Unplug Appliance / Devices After Use

Unplug all the electrical appliances and devices after use to ensure that they are not switched ON accidentally. Even unplug the appliances that have the auto-shut feature. This is a first step to the electrical safety.

Unplug Appliance Devices After Use!

02. Don’t Overload Your Power Socket & Extension Cords

Do not plug all your heavy household electrical appliances in one power outlet or socket. This can lead to the over loading of the outlet, leading to burning of wires i.e. do not use multi pin socket and plug air conditioner, Geyser, Computer in only one socket!

Don't Overload Your Power Socket & Extension Chords!

03. Check Your Home Earthing

All large electrical appliances like AC, refrigerator, washing machine etc. should be plugged-in using three pin plug where the third pin has to be earthed properly.

Check Your Home Earthing!

04. Wet Hands or Bare Feet: No

Never use or repair any electrical appliance or device or wire /cord with your wet hands or bare feet or while standing in water as this heightens the chance of getting an electric shock! Also, never switch ON or OFF with the wet hands! Try to Keep your household electricals away from sinks, showers, bathtubs and taps.

Wet Hands or Bare Feet No!

05. Don’t Cover Your Hot Appliances

Never cover your any electrical appliances that heat up on using like iron or heater. Always keep them at well ventilated place to cool them down.

Don't Cover Your Hot Appliances!

06. Switch OFF When Spark

Immediately switch off the power supply to the appliance in case of sparking or shock. Call professional for your home electrical repair. Reuse them, once they are repaired!

Switch OFF When Spark!

07. Keep Your Household Electricals Out of Waterlogged Area

Never keep your electrical devices near any water source. Make sure your water decor items are far from your electrical appliances. Always be careful while using a washing machine, small portable fountain etc. which uses both water and electricity in your home.

Keep Your Household Electricals Out of Waterlogged Area!

08. Switch Boards & Sockets are Fixed on Wall

Always make sure that your switch boardsand sockets are not hanging on wall, it should be firmly mounted to the wall. Also, never nail or staple your cords or wires to support the sockets and switches. Do not use wires which are jointed with tapes etc.

Switch Boards & Sockets are Fixed on Wall!

09. Never Use Damaged Wires/Cords

Never use damaged wires or sockets even if they are working. Replace them immediately with a new ones. Make sure you get rid of any appliances with worn out cords and extensions that appear damaged. Also, never use wires whose insulation has started getting peeled off!

Never Use Damaged WiresCords!

10. Be Safe with Light Bulbs

Make sure that all the bulbs and tube lights in your home are tightly screwed to their holders. In case they are loose, get the holders changed or tightened to avoid any home accident.

Be Safe With Light Bulbs!

11. Do Not Use Switchboard When Sparks

If any power outlet becomes warm on using or you see any sparks, do not use it. Get it repaired before you reuse. Also, make sure that there are no live wire out from any point. If you find one, then immediately get it removed or repaired.

12. Call Profession for Major Repair

Switch OFF the power supply while replacing a bulb or doing any minor home electrical repair work. Be on safer side! Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using any electrical appliance. In case of any major fault in the appliances, do not try to open or repair them. Call for a professional’s help!

13. Electrical Safety For Kids

Ensure that your children/kids are well aware of these electrical safety tips and measures! If your kids are too small to understand, make sure that you keep them away from electronic devices and power outlets, plug etc. To ensure the electrical safety for kids, do not let them play with the wires and sockets even telephone or computer wires! Also, do not let them play in the proximity to small or large electric appliances.
Even though the “electricity is an everyday use”, there is still quite a bit of danger associated with improper use. Therefore, carefully observe all the safety measures when using electricity to keep yourself and your family safe! One of the best ways to reduce risk of death from electric shock in your home is to install a safety switch, also called as a Residual Current Device (RCD). However, never try to do any electrical work on your own!
We hope these electrical safety tips will help you to save yourself from the home electrical shocks & accidents!

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