Plumbing Safety Tips and Precautions


Plumbers are persons who assemble, install and repair water, gas and drainage pipes and fixtures in residences and commercial buildings. They also install and repair various appliances, such as toilets and dishwashers. The plumbers are often needed for plumbing installation work in the home constructions or its repairs. Plumbers should give proper attention towards plumbing safety tips and precautions during the progress of works so they can reduce the chances of the accident.

During the work, the plumber should follow the following plumbing safety tips and precautions for the safe completion of the work.

Plumbing Safety Tips and Precautions while Plumbing Work:

01. Plumbers should study the detailed drawings and specification so that they can visualise any practical difficulties (possible problems) before carrying out the plumbing work. If they can visualise the practical difficulty, then they can make the necessary changes during the initial planning stage, itself.
02. The plumbers and workers should be skilled so that they can ensure the good workmanship of the plumbing work.
03. All the plumbing work activity should be done in a systematic manner and as per the pre-planning and specification.
04. Plumbers should use proper scaffolding when the plumbing work is carried out on the external face or at the height more than 2m. Scaffolding should be thoroughly inspected to stability. While using ropes/zulas, sufficient care should be taken to prevent accidents. They should be secured properly without fail.

05. All work should be done with proper tools. Worn out and old tools require more manpower and hence may lead to accidents.
06. Coordination with other work agencies is a must. This also helps to maintain the safety of the workers employed by the other contractors.
07. A good contractor should maintain a first-aid box on the site in case of accidental injuries.
08. The plumber should be well experienced to execute the job, and they should have to ensure the safety at every phase of works. It helps to prevent the accident.
09. Arrange the proper lighting and ventilation when plumber has to work in dark or congested place, particularly in the narrow shaft, ducts, etc.
10. The plumber should be fully aware while testing the plumbing line. The plumbing line may break due to high pressure, and there may be a chance of the accident.
11. Always be cautious of poisonous gases from manhole chambers, traps etc. while repairing the sewer line. Small negligence may cost a life.
12. Observe all safety norms when the depth of excavation for the sewer line is more in case of trenches.
13. Plumber or plumbing contractors should be careful while working on the terrace, particularly when parapet of the new house is yet to be done.
In conclusion, the qualified and well-experienced plumbers prevent the small or fatal accident and save the life by following the safety precautions. It is not only the responsibilities of plumbers to follow the plumbing safety tips and precautions, but it is also the responsibility of the homeowners to follow all the above safety precautions and take care of the human being on work.

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