8 Energy Management Apps that is Most Suitable for a Smart Home!

Everyone loves a smart home technology and the versatile methods which can improve a person’s everyday life as well as his home. Are you aware of the fact that there are numerous home appliances, which are controlled through tablet apps and Smartphones? These devices perform vital tasks like, notifying you on turned-on appliances or lights and/ or crucial developments at home. Apart from these, there are also other crucial outliers with their specific purposes, and it is good to know how to avoid being left behind, when it comes to improving your smart home energy management.

You can try to take a closer look at each application which has its own unique purpose for you to make the correct choice of the one which will be suitable for your smart home. While exploring the best smart home energy management applications, you should keep a keen eye for a number of aspects which will suit your lifestyle perfectly. Not all the apps are designed the same way or for the same purpose, but with just a little variety, you can automatically get the perfect fit. Below are the variations of most suitable smart home energy management applications, which can bring a sense of comfort and ease in your smart home.

Energy Management Applications with Devices

01. WeMo

The WeMo App in Smart Phones

The WeMo app enables the users to control electronic appliances from a remote distance in the confines of your home. It has been made to be used with compatible user-friendly products over the internet from your tablets or smartphones. The application is also well-matched with the IFTTT app. It comprises of several functions, such as, a master switch which helps you turn every light in the home on and off. It also consists of insight switch, which shows you the amount of energy your device/ devices is/ are consuming. It also has a NetCam, which activates all the home automation features immediately at the moment you have entered the house.

02. Nest

Nest Thermostat and App in Smart Phones

Nest App is a Smartphone application, which lets you program and adjust the temperature at your home from any place consisting of internet connection. It shows how much energy you’re using every day and creates a monthly report accordingly. It enables you to craft an enhanced plan to be more efficient where energy consumption is concerned. You can also set a detailed schedule using the Nest app with a lot of ease when compared to the way you’ve been programming a thermostat. It tracks your real-time location, and automatically adjusts the Nest thermostat whenever you’re away from home. It can also be used as a pet cam or a remote baby monitor.

03. AT & T Digital Life

AT & T Digital Life app and devices for home
AT T Digital Life app and Devices for Home

AT & T Digital Life app is a vital application in your smart home. It monitors the security of your home through door control, video monitoring, energy management, and also water detention. It is also designed to suit various other functions which will work in synchronized manner, to control your home from the ground up. Cameras and sensors are directly connected through the internet which enables you to keep tabs of whatever is happening within your home. It gives alert to its user in case of an occurrence of any suspicious activity and makes sure that the thermostat and lights are correctly programmed and as the way you like it, from any part of the world or wherever you are at the moment.

04. ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse with Home Security System
ADT Pulse App in Smartphone

When it comes to security and energy management issues, consider using ADT Pulse. Its designing was majorly to deactivate or activate security systems of ADT and notify you in case of any broken sensors and whenever your system is not armed. It gives you video surveillance which enables you to see whatever is happening in your home from any part of the earth through the internet. With this, you can also set up motion sensors to activate the recording and send you clips straight to your Smartphone for to check whether there is any energy mismanagement and the whereabouts of your smart home.

Smart Home Applications

01. Control 4

Control 4 App in Smart Phones

With Control 4 app, you can use your tablet or Android Smartphone as a master remote control, such as to control electronic devices including light, entertainment devices, thermostat, home security systems, and cameras. You can control it by automating it and connecting it to a Smartphone. It is compatible with over 8,000 products like Sonos, Sony, Roku, Nest, and many others. With the variety of control options, it enables you to centralize command of all different smart home devices, and its automation application systems are linked to an operating system which is suitable for your home.

02. Samsung Smart Things App

Samsung Smart things App connecting devices of the Home

It is a Samsung free app found on Google, Apple and Windows stores which gives you notifications of your home regardless of where you are. It sends you an instant alert of different conditions like smoke, unwanted entry, floods, or any other thing that you have set in this app. It has an excellent compatible camera which can capture video footage of what is happening at your home. You can control your compatible smart devices with just a tap of your finger using this app. It connects with the Samsung smart devices to make them work together thus, helping to make your home smarter and more efficient. According to ‘Smart Things’, (Published in Main features of the SmartThings Classic app), it enables you to control your devices from anywhere. It also helps to keep tabs of your home by giving you notifications at regular intervals.

03. Philips Hue

Philips Hue - Light Control App

Philips Hueis a light control app. This app works well with Apple Home Kit technology which allows you to control the lighting in your house with the use of Siri. It also helps in forming custom scenes, in-home setting control. Through this app, you can automate the lights, hence, making it look like you are at home while you are away. You can also control the lighting from wherever you are, whether in your office or in your bedroom. If you like, you can set the lights according to your preference i.e., from the relaxing warm night lights to cool daylight tones using the Philips hue app. According to ‘Koninklijke Philips’ (Published in Philips hue – Making lighting wireless and personal), Philips Hue is a smart and connected lighting system that allows people to play with tone, brightness and colour.

04. Insteon

Insteon App in Smart Phones

It is an app which has been designed to work together with the Insteon Hub, and is among one of the numerous similar devices which tie your smart home devices together. Insteon is available in the majority of Smartphone brands. Its purpose is to enable you to control all identified devices, from wall switches to light bulbs, thermostat, and outlets. It sends notification alerts to its user from the sensors attached with the app, like the motion detector, the windows, and also the water leaks.

Summing it all up, choosing the right energy management applications from a wide range of choices can be quite overwhelming. But you should not worry about this, as we have compiled and reviewed for you some of the best choices in the market at the moment. In so doing, we have left no room for second guesses by doing an extensive research and going through the customer reviews of the buyers. We now leave it up to you to make your own choice and download the home application, which will suit best to your requirements.

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