Floor Components: All You Like to Know!

The floor is that part of the building on which the occupants move and materials are stored.  It is a horizontal component of a building structure, which divides the building into the different level for the purpose of creating more accommodation within a restricted space one above the other and provide support for a building.

The floor which is constructed at the ground level or near to it is known as the ground floor. The other floors which are constructed above the ground floor are first, second, third and so on. If there is any room constructed below the natural ground level, it is known as basement and the floor provided under it is known as basement floor.
There are mainly two types of floor components:

  • Sub Floor or Base
  • Floor Covering or Flooring

01. Subfloor or Base:

The subfloor is one of the most important floor components. It is defined as a layer that provides proper support to the flooring.
It provides strength and stability to make it support the flooring. The ground floor level is first watered and rammed well. A cement concrete bed 10 to 15 cm thick is laid and rammed. While at first, second, etc. floor level, the RCC slab or wooden floor acts as a subfloor. Nowadays, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other services are laid on the subfloor.

02. Floor Covering or Flooring:

The floor covering is a covering provided over the subfloor. The floor covering or flooring provides a smooth, clean, impervious, durable, colourful, hard and attractive surface. It is the cover which has to offer resistance to wear and tear due to human movement and movement of furniture, etc. Flooring consists of Natural stones, Tiles, etc.
In general, floor covering is a finishing material applied over a floor or sub floor to provide a walking surface.
Flooring is very important as the dull floor will affect your mood and hence happiness. The slippery flooring may lead you to slip endangering your safety and a damp proof floor will be injurious to your health.

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