Foil or Metallic Wallpaper to Brighten up the Darker Room!


Oct 19, 2018

Wallpaper is the most common alternative used instead of painting. Wallpaper play a vital role to give more visual appearance in the house. In recent years, wallpapers are very popular across global because they give an amazing look to the interior wall. Home wallpapers are available in a variety of colours, patterns, materials and textures for all types of the room like the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or any area of your home.

In the market different types of wallpapers are available such as vinyl, textile, grasscloth, hand screened, foil/metallic, flock, mural/photo, natural bamboo, embossed, paintable/anaglypta, woodchip, lining, liquid, cork etc.

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Here we explain foil wallpaper/metallic wallpaper in detail.

Foil Wallpaper or Metallic Wallpaper

Foil wallpaper is made out of a metallic sheet. It is created by applying a thin sheet of metallic foil to a paper backing. A design is printed on the top surface of the metallic finish.

Foil Wallpaper or Metallic Wallpaper
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Foil wallpaper/metallic wallpaper is available in plain colour but the most popular are gold, silver and copper.  In the market, various types of foil wallpapers or metallic wallpaper are available like silver metallic wallpaper, gold foil wallpaper, grey metallic wallpaper, white metallic wallpaper, cream metallic wallpaper, blue metallic wallpaper, bronze metallic wallpaper etc.

Types of Foil Wallpaper
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Foil wall covering is available with a pattern similar to the traditional wallpapers, but the foil wallpaper design is screen printed on the metallic surface.

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Did you know What is Screen Printing Process?

Screen printing process means to create an image on a paper pressing dye (colour) over a screen where ink is impenetrable in certain areas through the stencils to transfer a design to the paper. The screening process can be done manually or by using the machine.

Due to the screen printing process, the patterns never repeat, and it cannot be matched in foil wallpaper.

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Did you know What is Pattern Repeat in Wallpaper?

The pattern repeat is vertical distance between one design element on a pattern and the next occurrence of that design element.

Pattern Repeat

Foil wallpaper comes in various textured finishes. The surface of the foil is textured with pigmented dyes which gives the effects of marble.

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rble Effect on Foil Wallpaper
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Before hanging the foil wallpaper or metallic wallpaper, make sure that the wall is completely flat and free of dirt. Because every imperfection on the wall will be visible on foil.

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While installing foil wallpaper or metallic wallpaper paste should be applied to the wall and not to the foil. A very sticky surface is required for permanently holding foil wallpaper. Always use a lightweight paste and make sure that paste is mixed thoroughly to remove all lumps because that may show through the foil wallpaper.

Installation of Foil Wallpaper
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Foil wallpaper is not easy to hang, because the foil is a very thin material and hence it wrinkles and tears easily. Foil wallpaper is never put under any strain during the installation, by twisting or folding it otherwise wrinkle will develop which may be impossible to remove.

Wrinkle Develop in Foil Wallpaper
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This wallpaper is difficult to remove from the walls.

Note: When applying foil around light switches and outlets or near any electric point make it a point to cut material at good distance away, as metal foil conducts electricity.

Some types of foil wallpaper can be polished with the dry cloth to maintain their shine.

Foil wallpaper or metallic wallpaper is used in the bedroom, living room and hallway. This wallpaper creates a look that is classical with a modern twist. Metallic effects can really enhance a wallpaper design.

Foil wall covering is a unique material and it also adds dramatic, contemporary look to any interior room.  Homeowners should choose foil or metallic wallpaper for its durability and washability. Foil wallpaper has own unique quality to bright up any darker room and due to this quality, it makes it different to other wallpapers.

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