G Shaped Kitchen: Know Its Pros & Cons Before You Go For It!

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G shaped kitchen is really a modified version of the U shaped kitchen arrangement. G shaped kitchen layout makes the room feels more spacious and opens up the wall to the nearby room and creates a pass through or breakfast bar for the family.
G shaped kitchen is best suited to those who want to use every square inch or foot of kitchen possible into their space. Many times the G shape is completed by adding a peninsula area to create the complete G shaped kitchen layout. The addition of a peninsula is an excellent way to make your kitchen more inviting especially if it incorporates seating for guests and serve meals, hold appliances and broadly act as an extra workspace! Peninsula areas are typically about 1.2m wide, providing space for people on either side of the bench! This G shaped kitchen arrangement will naturally increase the storage options that surround the cook from three sides!
G shaped kitchen has its own pros and cons which give you the clear idea for choosing the perfect arrangement for your kitchen layout.

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Pros/Advantages of G Shaped Kitchen Layout

01. Flexibility to Add More Wall Kitchen Cabinets

In this G shaped kitchen design, you can get three side wall space for kitchen cabinets to store your kitchen related items!

02. Provides More Base Kitchen Cabinets

Including wall space you can also have a more storage space for kitchen appliances such as under the counter fridge/freezers or even a dishwasher or the base could just be used instead of the walls units.

03. More Counter/Platform Space

With a G shaped kitchen design, you are able to have far more space for working in the kitchen! This beats a U shape because you have more surface area to work with.

04. Open or Private Kitchen

G shaped kitchen design have two options, you can raise wall of the kitchen to close them off to make it more private or you can make it open to have that feeling of space & connected with other living spaces!

05. Ample of Flexibility

G shaped kitchen layout is the most social and efficient layout, as it has everything that a great kitchen needs such as huge spread of counters or platform, ample of flexibility and more than enough storage space!

06. Peninsula

G-shaped kitchens fit well into the kitchens attached to open plan living areas with addition of peninsula as a frontage for living and other spaces. It makes you connected with your family or guests while cooking!

07. Many Options for Work Triangle

G shaped kitchen layout can have more options to design a kitchen work triangle. As it an ideal way to limit the access to a busy work triangle area. With ample of space it can accommodate multiple cooks!

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Cons/Disadvantages of G Shaped Kitchen Layout

01. Over Stuffed Kitchen

G shaped kitchen designs sometimes makes the kitchen feel smaller or closed than actual, due to its over storage units hang on all the walls!

02. Complicated Layout: Needs Deep Thought  

To use this kind of design, you have to put more thought into how to make the layout, where to put the sinks cookers etc, than a less complicated layout. This is great if you need the storage and preparation space, but not so beneficial if you are trying to keep it simple!

03. Corner Constrain Increases

The corner base cabinet of G shaped kitchen will become hard to reach and remove pots/pans. As there are lots of corner base cabinets to reach, unless you use accessories to enhance its functionality!

04. INs & OUTs Complications

The downside to the G shape kitchen design is that it does limit the access to the main kitchen area. Therefore the care must be taken to leave an adequate IN and OUT to the kitchen work center such that the kitchen doesn’t feel cramped!

05. Too Much Space Believe it or not

G shaped kitchen gives you a lot of room and places to keep items. However, if you are living in a small area then it could be too much to deal with. If you are not going to use everything in your kitchen, then there is really no reason to use this design!
Hope after reading this, you have got the clear idea to choose your dream kitchen layout! If you are not planning for G shaped kitchen, there are many other layout options available on gharpedia. Share your experiences!

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