Top 8 Types of Kitchen Layouts for Modern Homes!

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The kitchen is an important corner of the house, which never gets much attention. While most people decide not to pay close attention to kitchen designs or types of kitchen layouts, interior designers would beg to differ. According to experts, ignoring kitchen design, layout or renovation can hamper the aesthetics of the entire house. Besides, with no planning, the area will be nothing less than a mess, with clutter blocking your passageway and cabinets having no further space for stuffing additional items.

So, the best way to achieve a perfect kitchen look is by remodeling it, based on a model. When you make the plan step-by-step, it will become easier for you to work on all elements simultaneously and come up with an eye-catching and remarkable design. Therefore, we have listed here some of the most preferred types of kitchen layouts while explaining their features and other related aspects to help you make a well-informed decision.

The arrangement of counters in the kitchen varies according to the size and shape of the kitchen with the relative location of the work center. The kitchen design layouts should permit the continuity of kitchen activities, such as:

  • Gathering the materials required for preparing food from storage
  • Cleaning, cutting, and mixing for the initial preparation of food
  • Cooking
  • Storing and serving the food at meal time
  • Cleaning utensils
  • Storing utensils

Types of Kitchen Layouts for Modern Homes

The following are the most popular types of kitchen layouts; each has its Pros and Cons.

  1. Single Wall Kitchen Layout
  2. Corridor Kitchen Layout or Galley Kitchen Layout
  3. Island Kitchen Layout
  4. U Shaped Kitchen Layout
  5. L Shaped Kitchen Layout
  6. G Shaped Kitchen Layout
  7. Peninsula Kitchen Layout
  8. Open Kitchen Layout

Let’s have a detailed look-

01. Single Wall Kitchen Layout

Single Wall Kitchen Layout

The single wall kitchen layout or arrangement is suitable for a house that is narrow and has limited space for a kitchen. Single wall kitchen arrangement includes a sink in between the stove and refrigerator. A single wall kitchen layout has only one platform. If the platform is large enough, it may also accommodate one or two appliances such as a mixer, grinder, citrus juicer, microwave, and so on. A straight-line kitchen arrangement is typically simple and sombre. It saves space without compromising on functionality. Cupboards can be provided under the platform to store kitchen accessories and utensils.

Want to see some more amazing single wall kitchen design, below are some marvellous kitchen designs from Gharpedia’s exclusive best home design section.

Single Wall Kitchen Layout Design
Single Wall Kitchen Layout Idea

02. Corridor Kitchen Layout or Galley Kitchen Layout

Corridor Kitchen Layout

A galley kitchen layout is a configuration that consists of a series of parallel platforms and cabinets. This style of kitchen is referred to as a parallel kitchen design or galley kitchen arrangement. A corridor kitchen layout works best when doors are necessary at both ends of the kitchen and when there is plenty of space. If space is not an issue, the galley kitchen can be a very functional and productive arrangement. Most home chefs prefer a corridor kitchen or galley kitchen design, as it works well with the kitchen work triangle.

Galley kitchens have several work areas. It provides a working space for more than one person to work. The galley kitchen layout is best suited for a small to medium-sized family of 5 to 10 people.

Below are some parallel kitchen design ideas from Gharpedia’s Best Home Design.

Corridor Kitchen Layout Design
Corridor Kitchen Layout Idea

03. Island Kitchen Layout

Island Kitchen Layout

Island kitchen layouts are perhaps the most popular design that you can have in your traditional or modern kitchen. In this kitchen island design, you have a freestanding countertop right in the middle. The main cooking station can be L-shaped or U-shaped, according to the available space inside the kitchen. Use wood or stone to construct the entire island and your cooking counter space for a traditional look. But if you want a modern or modular look, use plyboards to build the framework and add a seamless slab of quartz, marble, or granite for the kitchen countertop.

You can add a kitchen sink to the island, provided the countertop is large. This type of kitchen usually doesn’t require a separate dining area because you can use the island as a dining area. However, ensure a custom-designed chair or stool matches the island design and allows everyone to have their meal comfortably. Adding kitchen light fixtures such as two to three pendant lights over the island countertop will not only exemplify the look but will also attract focus and attention. Keep both sides of the island free for controlled traffic movement within the kitchen. You can also add a mini wine cellar to this island kitchen layout.

Below are some more island kitchen ideas:

Island Kitchen Layout Design
Island Kitchen Layout Idea

04. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U Shaped Kitchen Layout

From the name itself, you can understand that the kitchen will be in the shape of the letter ‘U’. Here, two long parallel kitchen counters will run on both sides of the wall with a connecting space. This connecting area must be perpendicular to the countertops running parallel. You should design the kitchen in such a way that there is enough space left between the two countertops for your free movement. A U-shaped kitchen layout is an excellent option for large homes. It can facilitate access to your guests and family members while you are preparing/cooking meals.

If you have the smaller, it is better to use panel lights or a train light for maximum illumination. Another feature you must consider is below countertop cabinets. If there is a space crunch and you have numerous elements to stuff, design the counters so that you can easily store all utensils, crockery items, and other essentials. Design sliding drawers, cabinet door shelves, and a hidden pantry to save more space. The U-shaped kitchen layout is not very common these days.

Below are some more U-shaped kitchen design ideas:

U Shaped Kitchen Layout Design
U Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea

05. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

L Shaped Kitchen Layout

An L-shaped kitchen layout is ideal for places where space along two walls is sufficiently long to accommodate all the necessary work centers. In this kitchen layout, you must have a free corner to design the entire structure. Here, the corner will act as a pivot from where two branches of the kitchen countertop will extend perpendicularly from each other. One area of the countertop can be used to install the sink, preparations, and storage, while the other area is perfect for cooking. Ensure both countertops are of equal length and size to create perfect balance and symmetry.

To add more depth to your L-shaped kitchen layout, add a kitchen chimney with a sleek design and a backsplash under it. Do not extend the wall-mounted kitchen cabinets the entire length. Instead, make the corner pivot and extend the cabinets until halfway through the kitchen countertop’s length. This will give a balanced look to the entire area. One can also include a seating area by providing an island/dining set, which can also divide the space in attractive ways, divert traffic and provide convenient storage. Below are some amazing L-shaped kitchen layout designs from Gharpedia’s exclusive best home design section.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout Design
L Shaped Kitchen Layout Idea

06. G Shaped Kitchen Layout

G Shaped Kitchen Layout

The G-shaped kitchen layout is a modified version of the U-shaped kitchen. It’s best suited to those who want to pack every square inch/foot of kitchen possible into their space. The G-shaped kitchen arrangement will increase the storage options that surround the cook from three sides. This arrangement makes the room feel more spacious and opens the wall to the nearby room, and creates a pass-through or breakfast bar for the family. This kitchen expands the room area by opening up the wall to the adjacent room, creating a pass-through. The addition of a peninsula space enhances the “G” shape of the kitchen. This sort of kitchen enhances the kitchen area by storing appliances and serving as an additional workplace.

The G-shaped kitchen provides extra space for storage of kitchen appliances such as under-counter fridges and freezers or even a dishwasher, as well as wall space. The G-shaped kitchen layout can appear crowded at times due to the over storage units that hang on the walls.

G Shaped Kitchen Layout Design

07. Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

The peninsula kitchen layout is almost like the island layout, with the only difference being the island structure. Instead of having a freestanding countertop right in the middle of the entire kitchen, you will have an additional counter as an extension from a wall or piece of furniture. For example, if your kitchen has a rectangular shape and a cabinet at the entrance, you can design an extended countertop from this wall-mounted furniture. This counter can have storage space below, adding more room to your small kitchen.

In addition, you must ensure the peninsula kitchen island and the furniture from where it has extended has the same colour tone and design. If you want to add some vibrant colour, choose uniquely designed stools or chairs according to your convenience. Small pendant lights or a central chandelier will be enough to eliminate the entire peninsula kitchen. When planning, ensure you have enough space to move in and out of the kitchen.

Some more peninsula kitchen layout designs are below:

Peninsula Kitchen Layout Design
Peninsula Kitchen Layout Idea

08. Open Kitchen Layout

Open Kitchen Layout

The open kitchen layout is a traditional design, with no wall or island separating it from the living or dining space. You need to have a huge space for designing this layout because the open kitchen includes many elements, from display cabinets to in-built appliance storage. This type of kitchen is seen in professional areas, like bars and restaurants. Apart from this, the kitchen should have ample open windows so that natural light and air can flood the room. Since half the area will be lit up by the dining or living room lights, make sure you keep the lighting simple.

Another crucial factor that you should consider for the open kitchen layout is colour tone. Most designs have neutral colours or a combination of wood, beige, and black. All structures should be big enough to cover the entire space and eliminate negative areas. You can easily add volume with hanging pendant lights, bar stools, ceiling-to-floor cabinets, a crockery display unit, and so on.

Some more open kitchen layout deigns are below:

Open Kitchen Layout Design
Open Kitchen Layout Idea

If you want to know more about open kitchen design ideas, click on the link below:


Designing a kitchen requires a lot of care and attention to minute details. Understand your requirements, and design the kitchen keeping in mind the available kitchen space, your budget, and your chosen style. For example, a modular kitchen is usually based on an L-shaped or U-shaped design. In contrast, for a contemporary kitchen, the perfect layout will be an island or peninsula kitchen. No matter what layout you choose, ensure to form a strategic plan with all details about space utilization, storage, cabinet and shelf designs and positions, appliances, etc.

To determine the best kitchen layout or design for you, you must first assess the available space. The second aspect to consider when selecting kitchen types is utilization and how many people will be working in the kitchen at the same time. Finally, consider your financial situation. If you have a small area, go for a straight kitchen, as it is the most functional kitchen design for a small space. If, on the other hand, your kitchen is large and you have children, an island kitchen is the best alternative. Decide on a galley for a small space, although a U-shaped one may be the most versatile if you want to do it the old-fashioned way.

We hope that you have a clear idea about the types of kitchen layouts and arrangements. Now you can choose an efficient kitchen design layout for your home!

Before you leave this page, please check out some key factors to consider when planning your kitchen; they will assist you in making an informed decision.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Kitchen for Your House!

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