How to Make Your Garage Look Fabulous?

A garage is not only a place for your car. It’s also a storage room, a tool room, a workshop, and even a hobby space sometimes. It’s only natural that things pile up there until you no longer know what to do with them. And throwing everything out is rarely an option – after all, you never know when what’s buried under a mountain of castaway odds and ends will come in handy.

Garage Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

In this article, you’ll find a short guide to taking care of your garage. Before you find out how to install an EPDM rubber roof, you’ll need to do some garage upgrades like renovate your garage, clean it, and reorganize everything so that you can enjoy your fabulous garage and have it looking even better than a new one.

01. First Cleaning Your Garage

Garbage disposal from Garage

Before you start any renovation, you should deal with the old stuff. It’s not an easy task, but it’s a necessary one. The first step is to remove all the junk that’s been piling up for years – without any second thought.

Don’t forget to dispose of everything in a proper way in accordance with your local rules and regulation on garbage disposal. If you need some help, local waste management authorities can provide it. You might even be able to sell some of your junk – one person’s trash is another’s treasure i.e. smart recycling, a green initiative.

Cleaning Your Garage

But if you have nothing worth selling and nothing that can be used again, then go ahead and throw everything out. Your garage will look much better this way.

02. Deep Cleaning Your Garage Properly

Deep Cleaning Your Garage

With all the trash gone, you can finally clean the garage and get rid of any unwanted debris. You’ll need some cleaning supplies – mop, broom, dustpan, and vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to wear cleaning clothes. You don’t want the dirt and dust from your garage to end up on your good shirt and slacks.

Make sure to remove all loose dust and dirt first – a good broom can help with this job. Next, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust and debris from cracks and corners. Make sure to pay special attention to high places.

As for cleaning the floor, first use a broom to sweep up all the loose dirt and dust then use a cleaning cloth or a wet mop for the more stubborn stains. You can use cleaning products or diluted baking soda or white vinegar. Baking soda is an effective disinfectant should you come across any build up of mold.

The next step involves cleaning. Take some time and start cleaning every part of your garage – top to bottom. Vacuum the floor thoroughly, clean all windows, and make sure the walls are dust-free.

03. Organize Everything in Your Garage (the Fun Part)

Organize Everything in Your Garage

Now that your garage is clean, you can finally organize everything properly. Make sure that everything has its place – otherwise, your garage will only become messy again. So take a look at everything you have in there – you can use everything from shelves and racks to hooks and cabinets. Use your imagination – after all, it’s your garage.

Organize Items in Garage

When it comes to storing things, it’s best to think about what you want to store instead of thinking about how much space you have. The best solution is to organize your stuff into labelled storage boxes or bins. Labelled bins will allow you to find things easily and quickly.

Once you’ve cleaned your garage, you might want to build a new storage rack. They’re great for storing larger items that otherwise don’t fit into boxes. You could even think of a new storage rack as your reward for doing such a bang-up job with the cleaning!

Finally, make sure you have enough space for a workbench or table. It’s very useful if you want to do some maintenance on your car or organize some other projects.

And keep in mind that storage is just as important as organization. Make sure that your garage has enough storage space for everything, including tools and spare parts, bicycles and lawnmowers, yard tools, sports equipment, camping gear and other things that may come in handy when going out. And if your garage is big enough, then build some shelves or cabinets there – they’ll help you stay organized even better.

04. The Final Touch to Your Garage

Painting your garage Walls

You’re almost done! It’s time to add the final touch. You can do it by painting your garage walls or hanging some nice wall art.

It will make a huge difference and make your garage look even more amazing. It’s up to you what type of wall art to choose, but remember – it should reflect your personality.

After all, a garage is a place where you show who you really are.

Final Takeaway

On a final note, garages are not only meant for cars and piling up things and storing them.  Garage upgrades help you in making them look like a new one. We hope our article on garage upgrades might have helped you in taking care of your garage.

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