20 Smart Ways to Get Rid of Kitchen Odours!

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The kitchen should be adequately ventilated to get rid of kitchen odors, by allowing your kitchen’s doors and windows open for required amount of time. By doing this, it will allow needed air changes per hour and the fresh air to circulate which help to prevent the bad smells lingering in your kitchen!

There are many things in your kitchen that can cause odors! From microwaves/ovens to refrigerators, cutting boards (Chopping garlic, seafood, or any other strong-smelling food can leave a bad smell for hours), garbage cans, garbage disposals, the odor can be anywhere. Every cook knows that the cooking involves all of the five human senses and it is therefore just as important as you know how to eliminate food smells as you know how to conjure aroma and create great taste and flavour!

Before you begin cooking, make sure to prepare your workspaces by opening up the kitchen windows and switching on your oven’s extractor fan. Once you have finished making and eating your meal, wipe down your kitchen surfaces. A clean and well-ventilated workspace is the first step to ensuring an odour-free kitchen. We have listed some crafty and natural methods to get rid of the kitchen odors. All of our odor removal methods use completely natural items to combat bad smells.

Fortunately, there are some few household items to get rid of kitchen odor, that can prevent or solve this problem, and you probably have the most of them lying around in your kitchen’s itself!

01. Clean the area well to ensure that all of the grease and food splatters has been cleaned-up.

02. Use a degreasing dish liquid to wipe the area surrounding your stove, especially if the odor is caused from fried foods. As the old grease splatters remain longer, the bad smell will stay strong.

03. Wipe down the kitchen cabinets, stovetop and floor in front of the stove to remove any residue from the cooking process. Remember, to clean the vents-chimney above the stove collect the grease and bits of food, which can lead to bad smell or odors.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

04. Open all the windows and allow the air to circulate freely through the house. If weather permits, place an exhaust fan in the window to either pull fresh air in or push the odor-filled air out!

Door-windows open in Kitchen-air circulation

05. Get a good exhaust fan. Positioned correctly a good exhaust fan into your kitchen or an electric chimney as it also collects the fumes from cooking in a more efficient way. This is your first line of defense to get rid of kitchen odors.

06. You can fill a shallow pan with one part vinegar and one part water. Add a few pieces of citrus peel (lemon/orange peels) or some lemon juice to the water for a more pleasant scent. Heat this mixture to simmering and allow it to simmer (not to boil it) for a couple of hours. Restock the vinegar and water as needed. The vinegar vapours will counteract the odors that are still present to help remove them from the air. After several hours, turn the pan off and allow the vinegar and water to sit in the open pan for the rest of the day to absorb any remaining kitchen odors.

Citrus-lemon peel

07. Take a saucepan of water, boil (or grind) some cloves, the simplest way to get rid of kitchen odor!

Boil Cloves

08. To get rid of kitchen odor, you can also bake a small quantity of cinnamon (dalchini), brown sugar and butter for a few hours. This will make your kitchen smell like freshly baked cookies!


09. You can also roast coffee beans or freshly ground coffee until the aroma permeates your kitchen to get rid of kitchen odor

Roast Coffee Beans

10. To remove the food odor, you can place the bowls of white vinegar at different locations in your kitchen.

Place bowl of White vinegar at different location in kitchen

11. You can also use vanilla-soaked cotton swabs around your kitchen, to remove kitchen smell.

vanilla-soaked cotton swabs in kitchen

12. Place bowls of baking soda around your kitchen. You can also boil the baking soda and let it simmer for some time to get rid of kitchen odor!

Place bowls of baking soda around your kitchen-also boil it

13. To get rid of kitchen odors, the appliances which we often use like-


To get rid of dishwasher smell, the food bits in the machine can lead to the bad smells, therefore clean the filter (below the bottom rack) by whisking out the particles with a paper towel.

Fridge & Freezer:-

Remove the past-prime leftovers and dump old ice cubes, which hold odours, into the sink. Clean the spills. Pour a thin (1/4-inch) layer of fresh baking soda into a few small, shallow dishes. Cover it with plastic wrap and punch holes so air can circulate, and place the dishes on shelves to keep the fridge fresh for up-to three months.
Ensure that you clean out your refrigerator at least once a week, to avoid accumulating the stagnant kitchen smells. Once it is clean and empty, use either ground coffee, imitation vanilla extract, or activated charcoal to pull the last remaining odours out of the refrigerator.

Microwave Ovens:-

Remove the food odors from your microwave using a simple natural cleaning solution. Use a homemade solution of one cup of warm water and one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix this solution together using a warm cloth; wipe the complete inside of the microwave. After you have cleaned every corner, wipe it to get dry with paper towels or a dry dish cloth. To make the microwave smell even more fresh, you can mix 3 parts water to 1 part lemon juice in a microwave safe bowl. Place the bowl in your microwave and heat it for 5 minutes. Let the dish cool when done. Remove dish and wipe down the inside of the microwave once again to remove any excess moisture.

14. De-stink the sink by removing food scraps in the garbage disposer or pipes. And if you don’t have a disposer, then pour in 1/2 cup of baking soda while running warm tap water to get rid of kitchen odor.

Remove food scraps from sinks

15. If you are going out and you probably don’t want your hands smelling of the onions you chopped an hour ago, rub your hands vigorously on any stainless-steel utensil. This will considerably reduce the smell from your hands.

16. Get thebest kitchen air purifier for odors and smells you can afford, and let it work its magic! A side benefit is that the best kitchen air purifiers will get rid of kitchen odors as well as smoke smells, pet odours, mold, among others.

Air Purifier in kitchen

17. An air-conditioned kitchen can be costly, but some kitchens are equipped with air conditioners, especially if you live in a place with really hot summers. An efficient air conditioner is a good way to dissipate your kitchen odors. But it must be properly designed for needed air changes per hour. It must exhaust foul air and infuse fresh air.

18. After you are done with your cooking, you can lit a scented candle or incense in your kitchen. These candles are readily available in stores, and you can choose fragrances which are soothing to you as well. Over time, you will be able to overcome the food odor from your kitchen with the pleasant fragrance of candles-incense, which will help you to relax as well!

lit scented candle

19. Your kitchen cutting boards, especially of wooden variety, tend to pick up food odor, especially from onions and garlic. The very good idea is to leave your cutting board underwater overnight, to get rid of such smell. Remember to dry it out after!

Keep cutting-board underwater overnight -to get rid of cooking smells

20. To remove odours from the plastic food containers that once held stinky items, add balled up newspapers into them. Put the top on the container and let sit for 24 hours. After 24 hours remove the top and throw the newspaper away. The kitchen smell should be completely removed from the container. This works as the newspaper acts as an absorber and actually pulls the bad smell from the container leaving it smelling fresh!

Add balled up newspapers in grain container to remove cooking smell
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