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Due to the COVID-19 virus, most of us are falling bored with the lack of things to do. The coronavirus pandemic has been spreading rapidly all over the world and lockdown is imposed. Millions of people are taking precautions and maintaining social distancing as per government directives. Unfortunately, it means we’re all stuck inside the home.  Fortunately, one task is always we can we can do that is updating our homes. Here are a few home improvement projects to get ahead start on while you’re in lockdown.Have a look at home improvement tips.

Improvement Tip 1: Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinet

Painting your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to improve the quality of your kitchen. There are many steps, and it takes a few days, but maybe you can invite the rest of the family to give you a hand with it. Hopefully, you have wood to work. If not, that’s perfectly fine as you can sand down any material and then paint it. Remove all objects from cabinets then extract drawers and doors. Then you can begin priming your cabinets, usually sticking to oil-based primers is the best option as it helps retain the colour. Apply the paint coat working it into the back and then out, and let dry, then sand your cabinets again.

Improvement Tip 2: Update Bathroom Sinks

Updating Your Bathroom Sinks

Sometimes bathrooms need spruce. Changing out the sink is an easy way to give your bathroom a look you’ve wanted, and it may be especially important if you have kids. This isn’t the most straightforward job, but it can save a lot of money, and now is the time to do it because you have plenty of time on your hands. First, you will need to buy a new sink; then, you will need to turn off your water valve in your home. Dispose of all materials under or around your sink, for the time being, to allow easy access and then clean it. To remove your sink, you will need pliers or a wrench to uninstall the sink. You may experience leakage, prepare a bucket to catch loose water droplets. Your new sink will have instructions on how to install it. You will need to seal and hold it in place with caulking. Connect the sink to water pipes underneath the sink. Lastly, you can position the drain pipe using caulking. Do not use the sink for 24 hours to allow it the caulking to set. Now you have a new sink!

During this lockdown period, you can also clean your bathroom. Here are the bathroom cleaning tips,

Improvement Tip 3: Light Up Your Bedroom

Light Up Your Bedroom

Light truly makes a difference, especially when you’re spending so much time inside. Adding some extra lighting to your bedroom may be a great way to kill time and improve the aesthetic of your space. You can add extra lamps; if you want to get fancy, you can install a new ceiling light. You can begin by using a ladder to get to your light. Remove the large circle or canopy connecting your light to the ceiling. Remove the black white and copper wires. Those are the last things connecting your ceiling light to the roof. Then you can set it down and replace it with a new ceiling light. Connect the new light to the wires and then screw the canopy in place. Test it by using your switch; then, you’re done! Now you can say you do truly light up the room.

Improvement Tip 4: Clean Up Attic

Clean Up Attic of Your Home

So many people ignore their attic or hardly attempt to clean it. Now with all the extra time you have, you can finally get down to business. First things first, since you likely have neglected your attic for many months, you may want to make sure no animal has claimed the attic as their home. When entering the attic, if you notice droppings, chewed up wires, or dirty trail marks, you could be dealing with rodent damage. You may be inclined to ignore the issue, but that is a mistake. Many pests have wastes that are considered toxic to humans, so if you believe you have a pest problem, contact a professional. Bring surface cleaner, a duster, or any other cleaning supplies you may need to clean up your attic. Once you wipe down surfaces and have extracted the dust that has piled up for a while, you can use the attic as storage space. Put old phone books or newspapers that you need to hang onto but hardly look at anymore. Using your attic as storage space is a perfect way to clean up your household.

Improvement Tip 5: Silence Squeaky Wood Floor

Silence Squeaky Wood Floor

Doors are not the only elements in your home that creak. Wood floors also begin to squeak typically because of the boards rubbing against each other or the sub-floor. However, you do not have to bear the noise. You can silence it within 10 minutes by sprinkling talcum powder, soapstone powder or powdered graphite in the gaps between the boards in the squeaky portion of the floor.

Improvement Tip 6: Tighten Up Loose Drawer/Cabinet Hardware

Tighten Up Loose Drawer/Cabinet Hardware

The one thing you can do during lockdown is tightened up loose drawer/cabinet hardware. It is the easiest and fastest home improvement task. You only need a screwdriver for doing this task.

Hopefully, you have some time to tackle these home improvement projects and make your home look as neat as possible. Now is the time to do so because then once the virus subsides, you have an excuse to invite your family and friends over and show off all your completed projects.

Thanks us later, share these home improvement tips with your friends, colleagues and relatives and keep yourself busy during the lockdown.

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