House Renovation: 8 Signs That Your Home Needs a Revamp!

Home renovation is not just about your love for your home or about taking care of your family property. In fact, many renovations are all about increasing safety or privacy, adding more space, or improving workflow efficiencies in the home. Some use some relatively inexpensive renovation ideas such as replacing old wallpaper, updating exterior accents, cleaning vinyl sidings, refreshing cabinets and repainting exteriors and trims.

While a number of homeowners also renovate to increase real property value or improve the aesthetics, many others choose to ignore structural problems that, eventually, lead to more unavoidable and more expensive repairs.

Although most house renovation can be expensive, there comes a time when it becomes absolutely necessary. If you think that this is where you might be headed, try and see if your house requires the help of renovation builders or not.

Clear Signs shows that Your Home Needs Renovation

To help you with that, this article summarizes eight renovation signs that strongly indicate a need for home renovation.

Renovation Sign 1: Dilapidated Flooring

One part of your home that constantly endures stress is your flooring. Your floor can indicate that your house needs a professional home renovation. For instance, bathroom and kitchen floors are usually the first to show signs of deterioration with stains, cracks, and dents. Since such rooms are deal-breakers for any house, you must fix them quickly, most particularly if you’re planning to sell.

Dilapidated Flooring

Renovating your floors is an opportunity for you to change the vibe as well as the total ambiance of your interiors or to better match it with your home décor. When changing the flooring, try and consider these four factors.

  • When deciding on floor materials, consider the room’s usage and its occupants. Carpet, laminate flooring, and ceramic tiles will work in children’s rooms. If the room is for senior citizens, use flooring that gives more traction to prevent sliding, slippage, and falls.
  • If you’re living in areas with extreme temperatures, avoid carpet and wood flooring.
  • The most constantly occupied room must have flooring that can withstand the constant wear and tear.
  • Lower-level floors such as in basements are exposed more to moisture. When selecting materials to replace flooring in such areas, consider water-resistant vinyl or tile.

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Renovation Sign 2: Crumbling Roofing or Damaged Roof

Checking your roofing is hard. You can’t just go outside and walk several steps away from your home to check your roof for damage. You have to climb and check it. On the other hand, you may also hire somebody to do it for you. Since your home’s roof is your first layer of protection from the elements, it’s essential to take action once leaking starts.

Crumbling Roofing

There are some reasons why roofs get damaged. The roofing system may be worn out over time, the initial job was subpar, or your home is old. If you have an asphalt shingle roof that is older than 20 years or so, you should check for deterioration even if it looks good. You also have to hire a professional to check if your roof shingles start to crack, curl, get stuck in the gutter or go missing.

Renovation Sign 3: Outdated House Design

Outdated Home

If your house looks like an old building from the 1950s, you might want to consider a home revamp. With today’s innovation and trends in housing, it’s fine to keep your home looking trendy. This will not just give you ease to sell it in the future, but also it can provide your home a full makeover. On the other hand, preserving the historic elements of your home is another option in home renovation. Doing this may even increase your real estate value.

Renovation Sign 4: Need for More Space Indicates Home Revamp   

Small House

It’s time to renovate if you feel that your house is shrinking because your family is getting bigger or you bought bigger appliances and furniture. If you want to maximize space in your home, the best solution is a total revamp that reallocates the floor areas and repositions wall divisions in your home. Seeking professional assistance from an architect is highly recommended. However, if you have free space on your lot, try and see if you can construct an annex.

Renovation Sign 5: Termite Infestation

Termite Infestation

When your home starts harboring pests including termites, never hesitate. Start investigating which areas to take care of and act as soon as possible. Usually, termite infestation means that the materials used in your home are substandard. Moreover, it may indicate that your home is very untidy and prone to moisture.

Renovation Sign 6: Signs of Deterioration and Aging

Leaky Roof Damage
Tiles Detaching from Floor

When structural problems as a rotting floorboard or a leaking roof cause deterioration, or when your carpets show a decade or more of weathering and wear, or your tiles are detaching in a bathroom or kitchen, then home renovation is unavoidable and must be done.

Signs of home deterioration such as repairs of windows, foundation, and roof must be addressed immediately to prevent more expensive concerns down the road. Moreover, these also affect your well-being. As well, you may lower the maximum resale value of your property.

Renovation Sign 7: Utility Bills Continue to Increase

Utility Bills Increasing

If your monthly energy bills seem to be increasing despite your best efforts, your home might require a remodel to increase energy efficiency. Old or flimsy windows, old HVAC machinery, or insufficient caulk seals around your doors may contribute to high bills and inefficient climate control. If you see these signs, consider a revamp to create an energy-efficient home.

Renovation Sign 8: Worn-Out Wall Paint  

Worn Out Wall Paint

While worn-out wall paint is an inevitable problem of an aged home, constant exposure to different external substances including sunlight, chemicals, and dirt may affect wall paint. If you notice wall paint chipping, repainting them is a good solution. Moreover, a new paint coating on your walls will help reduce the need for a pre-painting job that normally requires scraping the walls.


Hire Professional Renovation Contractor

If you see the summarised home remodeling signs in this article, it is strongly suggested that you consider a revamp of your home as soon as possible. If you don’t know where to start, call a professional for help. You do not want to get too far into your projects to find out a revamp is cost-prohibitive. An experienced renovation professional can help you with good ideas, estimates, and even with the best contractors.

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