Tired of Peeling Paint from the Wall? Read for Ways to Repair it in Easy Way!!!


Painting is one of the best ways to instantly improve the look of your house without putting too much of effort. It can completely change the aura of your house and can make interior of your house more brighter. However, if proper care is not taken during the painting, it may end up in various defects like chalking, patchiness, peeling, sagging, etc. These type of paint defects may arises due to poor quality paint and faulty workmanship.
Peeling paint is very common defect amongst one of the most observed defects. It can affect the, exterior as well as interior of your house. So, before this paint defect ruins the beauty of your house, take the required precautions and find the best ways to repair peeling paint defect.

What is Peeling Paint Defect?

Peeling paint is defined as the “loss of adhesion where the paint film peels away from the surface like wall, wooden, metal, etc.” It is mainly caused due to the moisture on the surface and poor surface preparation. In most of the cases, due to poor surface preparation by the previous painter causing the peel off paint. We have already written an article regarding causes of peeling paint recently.

Repair Peeling Paint

Here in this article, we have written certain precautions and repair of peeling paint to prevent this paint defect.

Precautions to Prevent Peeling Paint Defect

Following are the certain precautions to be taken to prevent peeling paint on the painted surface

  • Ensure that walls are dry and properly clean before painting.
  • Try to identify and completely eliminate the cause of moisture.
  • Execute proper waterproofing system before painting.
  • Use correct coating system and specification to get clean and uncontaminated surfaces.
  • Use suitable primer on porous surfaces prior to top coat.

Repair Peeling Paint

Tips for How to Repair Peeling Paint:

01. For Plaster Surface

Paint Peeling on Plastered Surface

To repair peeling paint from the plaster surface, first, remove the peeling paint from affected area with scraper or putty knife.  Then start sanding with fine-medium sandpaper to remove any remaining peel off paint. Sand the entire area until the wall is clean and fairly even. Use oil-based primer and when the primer gets dry, you are now ready to repaint the wall.

02 . For Wooden Surface

Paint Peeling on Wooden Surface

Before you start the procedure to repair peeling paint, first remove all loose or peel off paint using wire brush from the wooden surface. Sand the rough edges and apply appropriate primer. Repaint the wooden surface with good quality latex paint.

03. For Metal Surface

Paint Peeling on Metal Surface

First remove any particle from the metal of any contaminants, such as dirt, oil, etc., and treat them with an etching liquid. Then apply a suitable primer after cleaning the surface. Repaint the metal surface with good quality paint.
By following the above mentioned precautions and repair, it may be very easy to repair peeling paint. You may also use your DIY tools & above described proper techniques to eliminate this paint defect. Properly painted surface will survive till its desired life if due care is taken during & before painting any surface!

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