Latex Paint: All You Need To Know

Latex is a white milky liquid exuding from the rubber tree. The word “latex” originally refers to the use of rubber in one form or another as the resin, or solid, in paint.

The binder in a latex paint is a solid, plastic like synthetic material that is dispersed as microscopic particles in water. This dispersion is white milky liquid called “latex” because it is reminiscent of natural latex from the rubber tree. This latex is then mixed with pigments and other ingredients to produce “latex paint.”Two types of binders are used such as acrylic and vinyl-acrylic.

Latex paint is water based paint. In latex paint, water is used as solvent and latex is used as a resin which is known as a binder.


  • Latex paints are easy to apply. They dry quickly than other oil based and water based paint. It can be applied by spray, brush and roller. If you are planning to paint your house on your own than follow the “DIY” instructions on the manufacturer’s brochures.
  • Latex paints are applied on new as well as old plastered surfaces. It is also applied on wood, concrete, stucco brick, galvanized metal, vinyl siding, aluminium siding, etc.
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Properties of Latex Paint:

Latex paint is easier to work and dries more quickly than other paint. Latex paints are water-soluble and when it dries, it becomes water-resistant. These paints can be easily cleaned with water.It has good adhesion to most substrates. It has superior resistance to chalking and fading, especially when exposed to bright sun. Latex paint has fewer odors. Latex paints have a less inherent tendency to grow mildew. Mildewcide additives discourage mildew growth and help to maintain a fresh appearance. Latex paint is available in the market with several different finishes such as matt, semi-glossy, and stain finish.

There are various products available for interior as well as the exterior surface in different ranges and under different brands. Some of the typical products of few known companies are listed below.





01. Valspar Pro Interior Latex Paint Interior
Latex Porch & Floor Paint Concrete, Brick, Wood Floors, Porches and Laundry Rooms.
Exterior Latex Flat Paint Exterior Wood, Metal Siding, Hardboard, fiber Cement Board, Brick
02. Shivam Industrial Products Exterior Latex Paint Exterior






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