How To Do A Color Block Wall With Vibrant Contrast Colors?


How about adding contrasting blocks of colours to your wall and making it a conversational piece? Trust us, the final outcome is going to be absolutely out-of-this-world! Have we got you intrigued? Then go through this blog to learn the nitty-gritty of how to do a colour block wall.

Why Wall Block Design?

Colour blocking art is an intense colour play where two or three combinations are used to signal out a bold statement. This project shows the power of intense colour contrasts. Still, it softens the impact using a more creative and artistic approach. The paint is applied with a brush to feather the edges of the blocks to avoid hard edges to create an exciting block painting on the wall.

Art Educationist Ellis A. D.[398] acknowledges the role of contrasting colour combinations in creating playful yet elegant block painting ideas in his book ‘A Practical Manual of House Painting, Graining, Marbling and Sign Writing’. The orange and blue contrast is sharp and funky. Other vibrant coolers are yellow and violet, red and green, and lime and purple. An excellent point to remember here is that – cool coolers retreat and; warm ones advance. This can be inferred as cool colours can be used in the background while warm colours generate wall highlight design ideas.

The colour wheel would be the right guide for you to understand colour theory and more combinations in depth.

Interesting Stencil Patterns on the Wall

How to do a Color Block Wall? Read it in a Nutshell

First, paint the wall with the background colour and then draw outlines for the colour blocks using a template. There you go! The colour block painting will be right in front of you. A colour block wall paint idea to make the patterns look floating on a wall is by filling the colour template block with a vibrantly contrasting colour. A lighter and darker version could also create a stunning contrast, as editor ‘Fiona B’[386] suggested in ‘The House Book’.

Stencil Pattern

Things Required to Create Wall Block Painting Designs

Here we will use sky blue and burnt orange combinations to create colour blocking art.

Use the following list to ensure you are not missing anything before you start working.

  • Background colour (sky blue)
  • Block colour (burnt orange)
  • Cardboard template of the block shape
  • Pencil
  • Roller and paint tray
  • Softener brush from paint-effects store
  • 7.5 cm household paintbrush
Tools Required

The Step-By-Step Process to Do a Block Painting Design on a Wall

A template can be of any shape or size to create a colour block painting. Have fun designing your own. The dazzling effect is sure to be a real talking point.

01. Paint the wall the background colour. Leave it to dry.

Base Coat

02. Hold the template against the wall and draw outlines for the colour blocks.

Stencil outline

03. Paint the blocks burnt orange with the help of a brush or a roller, depending on the design. Finish the drawn edges using a brush.

Painting Stencil

04. Feather the edges of the blocks before the paint has a chance to dry. Do this by running the softener brush lightly over the paint edge so that it spreads and fades.

Smoothening Edges

Pro tip: Housekeeping experts ‘Cassandra K et al’[399] in ‘10,001 Hints and Tricks for the Home’ suggests using a stippling brush for intricate designs and corner area. Make sure that it has enough colour to allow smooth colour flow.

The Final Product!

Final Product

The labour of love of the coolers is going to turn out well. Use block painting ideas with your choice of colour and stencil. But, trust me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it.

Give yourself a pat and enjoy the feast for the eyes!

To add extra thematic flair to your house, a colourful makeover could be of great help.

We have also created an infographic, which compiles this article and is easy for you to save. Please click on the link below:

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