10 Trendy Interior Colour Combinations For Walls

Colour scheme is one of the most important aspects of interior decor. It largely affects the look and feel of any room, as well as the mood of the people in it. Colour combinations can easily manipulate the shape or size of a space. For instance, lighter colours with cool tones make a room look much larger and brighter, while darker colours make it look more closed off and smaller to the eye. With so many colours and shades available, selecting interior colour combinations for walls can be confusing task!

Colour scheme

Colours can be used to elicit various emotions, tell a story within a home, and even change how someone feels in a space. As a result, deciding on a wall colour combination for bedroom can be a high-stakes and a difficult task. Depending on the colour combinations you prefer, colour can make or break a space. Some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to choosing paint combinations for walls are that they select the worst home interior colour combinations.

However, we want the best colour combination for the interior of your home. We, at GharPedia have brought a list of trendy interior colour combinations for walls. So let’s take a look at the 10 best wall colour combinations for the interior of your home in 2022.

10 Trendy Interior Colour Combination For Walls

Here are some of the best wall colour combination ideas that will spruce up any room in your house.

01. Off-White and Lavender Colour Ideas for Home Interior:

Off-White and Lavender

Lavender has the richness of pink, the strength of purple, and the calmness of blue. Purple and lavender are frequently used interchangeably. However, it is important to note that these two are not synonymous. Lavender is only a lighter shade of purple or a medium purple with a more bluish undertone. Lavender is a soothing colour that makes the room feel more relaxing and inviting. When paired with off-white, the room looks bright and gives off serene and calming vibes. Lavender can transform the off-white’s depressing and muted appearance. Its subtle beauty also conveys a sense of royalty and plush opulence. This home interior colour combination can be incorporated in bedrooms and offices to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

02. Pale Grey with Mint Green Wall Colour Combination for Living Room:

Pale Grey with Mint Green

Nature has the power to calm chaotic minds in simple ways. A few exhilarating colours, such as mint green, do the job admirably. The soft, refreshing mint green colour is one of the most popular and well-liked choices for home interiors. Both mint green and pale grey are muted tones that go great in open spaces such as kitchens and living rooms. Mint green cabinets and countertops complement the subtle tones of pale grey walls and floors. Mint green furniture with pale grey walls create an ambient wall colour combination for living room.

03. Cream and Coral Wall Colour Combination Ideas:

Cream and Coral

Coral is one of those gorgeous colours that work great with a wide range of decor styles. The shade, which has an orange tint, ranges from soft pink to bright red. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to add comfort and warmth to any room, whether traditional or modern. Coral accents with cream walls provide the hint of colours needed to liven up boring corners of a room. Corals in decor can be added as an accent wall, pillows, curtains and even bedcovers.

04. Fuchsia and Sage Green Colour Ideas For Home Interior:

Fuchsia and Sage Green

As neutral interiors are in vogue all over the world, there is a renewed interest in accent shades and striking wall colour combinations.  One such house inside colour idea is sage green and fuchsia. Sage green walls can be accompanied by splashes of fuchsia or oversaturated pink in lobbies and living rooms. Sage green, the colour of dried sage leaves, is a quaternary colour derived from lemon and slate. The fuchsia is a natural floral shade. As for a bright pigment in the composition of paints, it is obtained by mixing red, pink, blue, purple and lilac colours in different proportions. Fuchsia stimulates the nervous system and hence can be used successfully for depressed adolescents as a distraction from gloomy thoughts. Since fuchsia can often be daunting to put on walls, it can be incorporated into the furniture of a room. A small fuchsia side table, by the sofa or dark pink loveseat placed with the main sitting area will do the trick.

05. Radiant Yellow and Sky Blue Paint Combinations For Walls:

Radiant Yellow and Sky Blue

The blue and yellow paint colour combination for walls looks peaceful, warm, and balanced. The blue colour is versatile and perfect for modern interior design in any season. Yellow colour adds warmth to the mix, making them ideal choices for fall and winter weather. A radiant and bright shade of yellow paired with an equally radiant, but more subtle hue of sky blue gives the walls a fresh and sunny look. This wall colour combination idea works best in dining rooms or small cafe nooks to ensure a refreshing and bright start to the day. Radiant yellow and sky blue is a perfect interior paint colour combination for your kid’s room.

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06. Different Shades of Grey:

Different Shades of Grey

When one thinks of grey colour, it is often associated with depression and monotone, but such is not the case. Grey is a colour that is frequently misunderstood. Grey paint creates a calm, soft, and moody atmosphere in a bedroom. Grey is quite a versatile colour that can be mixed to make the perfect shade of your choice. Be it a warm and cozy shade or a cold blue-toned shade, the colour can be incorporated in multiple shades. Grey is a safe colour for almost any room in the house, but it is especially useful in the bedroom. If your room gets little natural light, a soft, shimmering grey can trick the eye into seeing it as airier and lighter. If you want a sophisticated, elegant look, go for darker, cool tones of grey.

07. Burnt Orange with Brown Home Interior Colour Combinations:

Burnt Orange with Brown

According to Edith Feisner and Ronald Reed, (Authors of the book – Colour Studies) orange colour brings warmth, brightness and cheerfulness and fades out the boredom which brown colour brings in. Chocolate brown colour tones are combined with elegant and juicy orange colours in modern interior design, resulting in stunning wall colour combination for living room. Dark brown shades, along with splatters of burnt orange, make a room absolutely pop.

08. Shades of Violet:

Shades of Violet

Violet is a calming colour as it is. Integrating different shades of this colour will give your room a calming and serene vibe. Violet is the result of the combination of two colours: blue and red. The proportions of the mix determine the colour. Cool shades of violet are created by adding more blue. When red dominates, a warmer tone is formed.  According to Nurcan Gökçakan Çiçek and Kaan Gökçakan (authors of the article – Characteristics Of Colours, Interior Design And Their Psychological And Physiological Effects), when light shades of the violet colour are associated with magic and joy, dark shades are associated with nobility. With the right shade, violet can be used in any room in your house.

09. Green with Mahogany:

Green with Mahogany

Mahogany has a timeless and remarkable aesthetics, and investing in a statement piece of furniture of this shade makes an excellent addition to your home, but matching the rest of the room with this distinctive hardwood is not always easy. The green walls provide an additional backdrop to the mahogany furniture. While they are opposite in the colour wheel, these two hues attract each other to form a sweet concoction of a beautiful room. Mahogany and oak furniture can be paired with green shades of walls. Green with Mahogany makes a perfect house inside colour ideas.

10.  Shades of Cream and Brown:

Shades of Cream and Brown

Cream and brown is a classic wall colour combination for bedroom that looks impressive. All the different shades of cream look great with brown tones and make a charming cream brown colour combination for a warm and bright home decor. The interior paint colour combination of cream walls with light or dark brown is perfect for a cozy and welcoming decor. Whether you’re preparing to buy a home, or are planning to sell your property or creating a peaceful getaway for yourself, the soothing cream and brown home interior colour combinations are appealing choices for elegant bedroom design.

Summing up, the perspective of a room can be changed to make it seem taller, wider, or highlight a specific element or space by strategically arranging different colours and textures. These were some of the best interior colour combinations for walls you should try for your home to feast your eyes with some colour splashes this year. Do try these amazing colour ideas for home interior.

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