Painting Bands of Harmonious Colours… Towards the Urban Natural Look

The Urban Natural Look is minimalism with a soft edge, so choose your accessories and furniture, and make a statement on the walls. As the Urban Natural style is inspired by the industrial style and loft living, it features large walls and open spaces. Horizontal colour bands work best in medium-to-large rooms, so this is a good look for the living room. In this project, we paint the wall in three equal colour bands of harmonious shades. The chalky finish of the paint enhances the subtle colours.

Useful Tip: The depth of the colour bands can be altered to make the most of your room’s proportions. If the room is tall and you want to bring the focus down, make the two lower bands the same size with a much wider one above.

Things Required To Paint Wall For Urban Natural Interior

Things required
  • Chalk/pencil
  • Decorator’s masking tape
  • Paint brushes/roller and tray
  • Straight-edge with a spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Three harmonious paint colours – sage green, pale coffee and light beige (chalk finish paints are recommended)

The Step-By-Step Process

The secret of success here is the decorator’s masking tape, but patience is needed as the wall must be bone dry before you apply the tape to outline the middle band of colour.

1. Divide the height of the wall by three to get three equal-sized bands. Measure and mark the divisions using the tape measure, then check the horizontal with the straight edge and level and draw soft lines with chalk/pencil. This gives us two lines and three divisions. The upper and lower lines are separated by three divisions: top, middle, and bottom. It is critical to be clear with the sections and parts so that there are no colour glitches.

2. Run masking tape below the upper line and above the lower line.

Run masking tape

3. Paint the top section of the wall with light beige. Then, paint the lower section of the wall sage green, slightly overlapping the masking tape so that you get a straight line when it is peeled away. Leave both to dry overnight. The paint must be bone dry.

Painting lower section sage

4. Run a strip of masking tape across the top of the sage green section (if the paint is not bone dry the tape will lift the new paint). Do the same along the edge of the light beige, then paint the mid-section pale coffee. When the paint is dry, peel off the masking tape.

Painting middle section pale coffee

On a parting note… as you’ve painted the wall of your reasonably sized living room in three harmonious colours please be extra careful while selecting the accessories to ensure that you do not spoil the dramatic effect of the stripes.

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