7 Tips to Create an Inviting Veranda for your House!


The veranda of the house is an inviting place where you can entertain and relax with your family and friends. It is a semi open space which is usually attached to home entrance. Generally, it is the first place where the guests are welcomed & stayed on arrival at home. So there is a need to make this place beautiful by decorating it with flowers, painting,  pieces of scenery, artwork, etc. How do you decorate this place will also depend on your life style, taste and of course the resource that you have!

Here are some veranda design ideas &  tips that will help you to make your veranda attractive and inviting:

01. Shape & Size:

Over the period of time, veranda design has taken various sizes & shapes. Generally, the veranda is higher than the ground level. Minimum height provided is 450 mm from ground level and we call this as “plinth height”.
From curved dome shaped to rectangular structure, a veranda can add extra value to your home. The shape of this will depend on many factors, some of that factors are:

  • Size of your house
  • How large you want the space to be
  • How you are going to use the veranda space.

Once you decide on these, choose the space that best suits your needs. To construct the veranda there are many veranda design ideas given below:

(a) Curved Veranda Design:

The curved shape will give elegance look to your home and create an entertaining place to have dinner parties or special day celebrations with your family & friends.

(b) Flat Veranda Design:

If your home is in traditional style or you want to give a traditional look with clean and polished lines, a space with a flat veranda roof will add the beauty to your home for a long time. If your house is small, designing a flat veranda roof can make your home look larger. A flat veranda roof is perfect for square or rectangular shaped home.

(c) Sunroof  Veranda Design:

If you want to allow sunlight into your veranda, the veranda roof design with an adjustable roof is a perfect choice. Let the light breeze and cool night air come into your space as well. Louvers with remote control will be easy to open and close whenever you want.

(d) Other Veranda Designs:

Other than designs mentioned above; you can also design your veranda in the gazebo style, pergola style or hip style to match your home.

02. Budget:

First, decide how much you want to spend on your veranda. After deciding the budget, choose design, materials and other decor elements which fit into your budget. Of course, a good designer is one who combines all your needs and budget both.

03. Maintaining Your Veranda:

Whichever style you choose, you will need to maintain this space by cleaning, protecting the furniture from weather and keeping plants trimmed periodically. If you live in an area that experiences seasonal weather, storing chair & lounge cushions, covering wood or metal furniture and keeping the space clear of snow and other debris is very important if you want to enjoy your space for a longer period.

04. Beauty:

The furniture you select for the veranda should be comfortable and easy to maintain. For example, furniture in teak is beautiful; it is durable in most weather conditions and very comfortable for sitting. Your furniture will always look warm and appealing. Teak is a strong wood that will survive nicks; dents or scratches if you have to remove it to another location or if children/guests accidently damage it. Because of its fine finish, teak is also easy to clean.

05. Seating of your Veranda:

Seating arrangement in your veranda should be according to the anthropometry so that it is comfortable. Big cushions stuffed with goose down or thick cotton is the best for cosy space. Make sure that your cushions have removable covers for easy cleaning. Always store the cushions in a dry area.

06. Add Colours to your Veranda:

Use an appropriate colour scheme to add extra charm and elegance. Choose a colour scheme, which can give a comfortable and warm place to have a conversation or relax reading a book you love or listening music that you enjoy the most.  Remember that colour scheme should be consistent throughout,  as it ties and knits the spaces together.

07. Use Plants:

Plants like large palm, flowering plants and vines can help to make veranda look even more beautiful. Choosing the plants which can survive the changing seasons are the best. But if you want to use more delicate plants, you will have to bring them indoors once the temperature drops. Don’t overcrowd the space, place the plants creatively.
We hope these tips are helpful to visualise before planning for your home. By following these tips, you will achieve many veranda design ideas for creating an inviting and attractive veranda!

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