How is Ambient Intelligent System Different From Context Awareness?

Imagine if your door opens itself the moment it senses it is you! These intelligent systems are surely going to revolutionize the way we are going to lead our lives in the future. Artificial intelligence has captured a major portion of our lives and taken the market by storm! On one hand we have the ambient intelligent system which is touted as the fourth industrial revolution, capable of complex operations and on the other hand, we have the context awareness which might be quite similar to the ambient systems.So, the basic difference between the intelligent systems that exist now and the ones that will follow suit like the ambient intelligent systems is that they are more complex and has more sense infused in them. If for instance you are watching your favourite program and you realize that you need to increase the brightness of the set, having given the command to your intelligent system, it realizes that the brightness is at its peak but to ensure that the brightness suits your eye, it will reduce the brightness of the lights to balance it for you. Such is the power of the future intelligent systems making way into your homes.

Ambient intelligent systems and the context awareness are two of the most talked-about technology transitions and we have to see if they are any different from each other and how proficient one is.

Ambient Intelligent System – The Ubiquitous Computing Device

Ambient Intelligent System

As mentioned by Colyn Emer (Published in The Awakening of Ambient Intelligence), “Ambient Intelligence is quickly finding its legs in the modern digital economy. Ambient Intelligence refers to the electronic network technology which penetrates the physical environment to the extent that they become responsive and user interactive.”The versatility of the ambient intelligent system is not to be doubted upon because it can be applied in homes, offices, schools, hospitals, colleges, sports arenas and even tourists’ spots. It was a concept that was developed and initiated by the ISTAG which wanted the human intelligence system to take a holistic perspective rather than bits and pieces.

Smart Watch as an Example of Ambient intelligent system
Smart Speaker as an Example of Ambient intelligent system

The Ambient intelligent system is all-pervasive and is a well-integrated system that collects the entire smart device and fine-tunes it so that we do not have to indulge in controlling, syncing and computing. With this technology, the concept of a device is shattered and the systems can be controlled with any button, screen or mike. The devices in the environment are embedded within this system and seamlessly integrate to produce the desired effect. The system is also smart enough to recognize the users and change the environment based on the preferences of the user. It also anticipates the needs of the user even without the user having to intervene in the entire process. Such a smart system is all you need to pamper you and treat you like a king…!

Context Awareness – Established Ubiquitous Computing Device

Context-Awareness as Navigator

As the name suggests the context awareness system gathers all the requisite information from the environment and at any given point of time adjusts and changes it based on behaviour and requirement. The use of both hardware and software is important for the system to estimate the obligation and according to that information, it will act in saving you the trouble of remembering to do it. The context here is relevant information about the person and this can be further stratified into location, device, user, role, process etc. So, the system picks its data from various sources like GPS receivers, web browsers, cameras etc. to collate it and to keep it for future action. The response will be in sync with some pre-established protocols and sometimes also base their decisions based on assumptions of the context.

Are There Any Differences?

Futuristic technology

The ambient system is a challenging area for further research and so is context awareness chiefly because both are ubiquitous systems. Ambient systems are practically aware of their surroundings and also know and can sense the presence of people. Context awareness can have location awareness and time of day awareness. There is no clear distinction because they sometimes seem identical in their usages but we can say that ambient systems are far more complex and more inclusive as compared to its half indistinguishable brother context awareness.

Both the systems use machine learning systems but also can do without the usage of the same. So contextually they are alike although ambient has more fodder in its remaining to be explored and investigated. They may be one step ahead or the routine promotion of the context awareness. The ambient has in-built context-awareness but a smarter one at that. Context awareness is indispensable to run and install these ubiquitous systems. The software is well-equipped to accept command process the new inputs and the existing inputs from the user as well as take cues from the environment outside which guides its functions accordingly.

As technologies improve and become more advanced this equipment will become much cheaper and proficient to use. When the demand sets in the production of these equipment also will stabilize especially in the long run thereby giving evenness to the pricing strategy thereby making it affordable for people to buy.

Connecting the Dots with Ambient Intelligent Systems & Context Awareness

Connecting the Dots
  • It will go a long way in providing convenience of operations,
  • Data will make decision making far simpler,
  • Seamless integration and operation of the entire system,
  • Extremely adaptive to changing environments,
  • The systems will leverage data to the best possible use.

These machines embedded artificial intelligence are on their way to become our best pals and their role in our lives are about to expand. It will process information, make intelligent guesses for us, reason out, learn from experiences and act accordingly for the future and a lot more. That was hard to imagine even 20 years ago but look at where human evolution is taking us! It will not be long when technology makes us more isolated and when these machines and systems become equipped to talk to us and become our friends! We are waiting for them.I hope that you like our article on the differences on ambient intelligent system and context awareness. Well, we have some interesting articles on smart homes. Have a look at them:

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